USC Will Not Allow On-Campus Tailgating At San Jose State Game

Mike Bohn sent out a statement this afternoon: “At the recommendation of our medical experts, we have made the difficult decision not to host on-campus tailgating and other gameday activities for the USC vs. San Jose State game on September 4.”

“Please note this change has only been made for the first game as we manage the substantial increases in campus density and in-person activities resulting from move-in week. There are no changes to pre-game activities at the Coliseum at this time. We will assess the public health situation on campus and consult with public health authorities before making decisions about future games.

“If you plan to park on or walk through campus on your way to the Coliseum on September 4, you will need to display your completed Trojan Check badge to members of our Care Crew. You can access Trojan Check here.”

10 thoughts on “USC Will Not Allow On-Campus Tailgating At San Jose State Game

  1. Wolfman was sporting some “wood” when he heard Krispy Kreme was giving away free donuts before the San Jose game….. (bark @the moon!!!!!)


  2. My goodness why he even attend the games once you arrive it’s like your entering Outer Mongolia, and then you get ripped off for parking, beer, peanuts, and who knows what else perhaps using the bathroom. A USC football ticket is not worth more than $20 at the current time.

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  3. I am endorsing Mike Bohn to be the next governor of California. Reason: We need to get him as far away from USC as possible. The guy is as phony as they come. The environment he is creating at USC is not fan friendly, and I am sure the athletes and coaches will fill the same way very soon.

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    1. Trump said covid would go away in 15 days.

      Trump screwed the pooch on that one. For as many times that Trump screwed the pooch he should be arrested for beastiality…


      1. Are you charging Trump for all the space he’s taking up in that pea brain of yours? You voted for a senile, fragile old man because he was supposed to be so much better than Trump. Guess since that’s not working out for you, you’ve got to reach desperately for some way to feel good about it.


  4. Scooter,
    After this, I think ticket sales will drop even further. With the inept administration and it’s head football coach, I hope no one shows up. Hopefully, that would drive SC to make changes.


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