USC To Play LSU In 2024

USC will play LSU to open the 2024 season on Labor Day weekend at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated.

I credit Ed Orgeron for this game because he has been pretty gracious to USC in recent years by giving good job appraisals to his employees when USC called him and I’m sure he would love to play the Trojans.

It is a rare schedule upgrade and gives USC a real schedule, at least in 2024.

16 thoughts on “USC To Play LSU In 2024

  1. Will this game be called the 2003 National Championship Game?




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    1. Go get help for your TDS Tebowobama. You stupid fool, moron calling it the Trump virus when China spread it too the world. You are as senile as Biden. Wake the fuc up already. What a total jackass. I don’t know who’s worse you are that lush owns when it comes politics both of you are clueless.


    1. Combine that with a couple games against Big 10 opponents and you have a real schedule. Maybe Michigan and Indiana as the two Big 10 games? Reduce the Pac-12 games to 8.


  2. These two teams hav played each other twice and are tied in their win loss record. If things don’t change Helton will get another ass whooping, but hopefully Helton will not be around when they meet.
    Maybe this is a sign that things are going to change. Bohn is playing the long game.


  3. I thought Pac12 had a scheduling alliance with BigTen and ACC!? Those 3 can’t even agree on whether they want to expand the CFP. Weak just like Mike Bohn keeping Charles Clay Helton around.

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    1. Paul Finebaum was saying despite the recent struggles (Clay Helton) that USC still is and will forever be one of the few “brands” in all of college sports and won’t have to worry about where to join or who to play like the rest of the schools. He did say he thinks that if USC goes elsewhere that USC and Oregon should join the Big10.


  4. Way to go USC this game is like 20 years too late after that bcs stiff job. Way to be aware of your place in college football lol.


  5. This statement or personal opinion from Scottie is just flat out the Golden POS journalism that you consistently spray but can you f*****g be any more of a poor sport?
    I think Petros would probably tell you to wait until he confirms everything before you start taking shots at USC’s Football schedule.
    It almost looks like someone at USC personally went out of their way to make this game happen so you could look like you aren’t in the loop of “Inside” information regarding the team.

    👊👊👊Down goes W0lf❗

    “OutsideUSC with Scott W0lf” is more like it.

    For your information even Ed Orgeron knows that you don’t turn down an opener vs USC.

    “OutsideUSC with Scott W0lf”……..🤔


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