No Charges Against Bru McCoy

Good news for Bru McCoy as the L.A. County District Attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges against him after he was arrested in July and temporarily removed from USC team activities.

The other news, however, is his status is unchanged according to a statement from USC tonight.

“USC’s Office for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX is handling this matter, and the student’s status with the team is unchanged.”

22 thoughts on “No Charges Against Bru McCoy

  1. I’m willing to bet that all the Feminazi’s in the OEEO and Title IX offices will never let him play for SC again. It doesn’t matter whether he is guilty or not. It doesn’t matter whether she may have been a jilted girl friend who is getting revenge by destroying his career. None of that matters to the Feminazi’s. The Me-Too crowd has only one final solution for any man who is accused of abusing a woman(whether he did or not) and that’s crucifixtion. He must be made an example of . That’s why we never got Urban Meyer. I’m betting that he’ll never play at USC again.

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  2. Just because McCoy isn’t subject to criminal chg’s, he’s still subject to a nasty, expensive, civil lawsuit; just ask OJ.


  3. Maybe this time the school will fear a lawsuit and not put words in the girl’s mouth the way they did with the kicker. They are adults and what happened is between them.

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  4. No! It’s a bad climate for even looking at a girl the wrong way. You need to be careful. It happened to me. I was having a friendly conversation with a girl I was an acquaintance with and we were talking about the struggles we were having dating and I said jokingly maybe we should date and she went off on me. She said in no way was she interested in dating me and my comment was totally out of line and made her feel uncomfortable. I said I was sorry. I didn’t even defend myself. I absolutely was joking but I had been convicted. I was guilty. I crossed the line. I would have thanked her for not calling the police but I didn’t want to give her any ideas. So there you go, guys, this is real. Never, under no circumstances, tell a girl she even looks pretty or you like her hair, it could get you in trouble. I wouldn’t even tell them they’re smart because then you’re saying most girls are dumb. Just run! Run far, far away! Don’t make eye contact or you will be accused of being a leering, smecking, pervert. Seriously! Still, we don’t know the story about Bru. I guess the hope is that they even give him a chance to tell his story and they do it before it ruins his career in football 🏈. I mean, just between us, what if he’s innocent? Please, whatever you do, do not quote me on that!

    Fight on!

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  5. to put it nicely if sc title nine is involved ? wait, he is not a ‘white dude’ so sc being a blm /commie proponent…all bets are off.


    1. Never thought of that. He’s a minority. That means he’s a victim especially if his girl friend was white. Maybe we ought to convict his girlfriend. I mean….haven’t you ever heard of Critical Race Theory?


  6. If you want an idea on how USC handles students who had charges dropped, watch this video. As a follow up, I’m told that even though charges were dropped, Title IX still kicked him out. Only after he sued was he reinstated.

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      1. Due process is such a bitch. Notice, hearing, right to present a defense. I’m glad Title Nine sidesteps all this.

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      2. New game attendance requirement….

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      3. Ha!
        [This just in: Carol Folt has announced exemption from new policy can be obtained if one can prove current membership in ISIS].

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  7. hi folks, keep in mind Marshall u be real humble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, E ps fragmemtation in the ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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