USC Morning Buzz: What’s Next For Bru McCoy Case?

The Bru McCoy case now seems to be right where some at USC prefer it not be: In the hands of Carol Folt and her team.

With the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declining to file charges, it’s now up to the university to decide McCoy’s fate. The D.A. did not do USC any favors with this quick decision. Some at the university would have preferred a more drawn-out case, which would relieve them of making a decision before or during football season.

What will Folt do?

On one hand, if McCoy is not being prosecuted, that could be Folt’s justification for reinstating him. On the other hand, USC will have details of the case that might make it reluctant to reinstate McCoy.

Remember how Folt refused to hire Urban Meyer because of his ties to a domestic-violence case?

Also remember how safety Bubba Bolden was never charged by authorities but suspended 28 months because he was deemed a threat by party hosts despite the fact the Title IX office declined to open an investigation into his case. USC’s chief threat assessment officer did not find him to be a threat, Bolden said.

So McCoy’s case could go either way. But it’s too hot politically to be handled without crossing Folt’s desk.

  • What is the status of Alabama-transfer defensive tackle Ishmael Sopsher, who has been limited following compartment surgery?

“To be seen,” defensive coorinator Todd Orlando said.

At least one dining hall (Parkside) ran out of food Monday. And food establishments at the popular Tutor Center (California Pizza Kitchen, Lemonade, the Habit, Coffee Bean) never re-opened for school. The huge Starbucks at Cafe 84 is closed too.

In the past day or so, the Habit was converted to a generic burger place and the CPK is now called, “the Kitchen.” The Coffee Bean is now a generic juice bar.

Here is what USC sent students in the wake of the problems.

Dining dollars!

43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: What’s Next For Bru McCoy Case?

  1. I don’t know what happened in the case of Bru the woman beater, but he beat the rap. My impression is his family has enough money to lawyer up to the point that future earnings will be affected if he isn’t allowed to play by the non judicial title IX office. Until the kicker got kicked to the curb, I thought that title IX was a nonsensical movie by Ed Wood or the name of a rap artist from the lower east side of Westwood.
    Now, it or they,- however you want to describe the entity takes pleasure in pruning jocks from the rolls of the University. It should be a week before we will know what is happening in this circus.


    1. Unforseen problems related to reopening restaurants?

      I bet the faculty dining room is open and that at the BOD meetings they were fed.

      What were the administrator’s doing the past 18 months? This is not so complicated. There are many food establishments that could be brought in. Did any fast food establishment on Figueroa close? Nope

      This university is out of control.
      The UCSB graduate is out of her league.

      Caruso/ Folt and the Cypriot need to be escorted out immediately.

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    2. Let Bru McCoy date and beat one of your daughters.


      Maybe for good measure he’ll sexually assault her.

      That guy is the biggest piece of shit!


  2. LOL Pisley, you chronic nasal-drip:

    “Is USC Running Out Of Food?”

    By Scott Wolf
    Aug 25

    Imagine paying more than $60,000 just for tuition at USC and on Day 1 of classes, you get a call from your kid telling you the dining hall ran out of food.

    I heard from several students Monday who said the Parkside dining hall ran out of food.

    There are also cafes on campus that never re-opened for school.

    Additionally, some of the food establishments at the popular Tutor Center (California Pizza Kitchen, Lemonade, the Habit, Coffee Bean) never re-opened.

    The huge Starbucks at Cafe 84 is closed too.

    The on-campus restaurant (Moreton Fig) is closed. The Lab, next to the Galen Center, is closed.

    It’s a helluva way to start the school year.

    In the past day or so, the Habit was converted to a generic burger place and the CPK is now called, “the Kitchen.” The Coffee Bean is now a generic juice bar.

    This doesn’t sound like an optimal campus experience.

    #Clown U: the soup kitchen college.


    1. Hungry USC student: “It’s okay. I’ll just skip dinner and have an extra big breakfast tomorrow at the cafeteria ….at least I won’t have to walk thru raw sewage like they had to at UCLA to get there….”

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  3. USC ran out of food?

    That’s one way to keep those polynesian pussies who can’t stay healthy if their life depended on it, away from USC.

    They’ll have to get a free all you can eat meal ticket from somewhere else.

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  4. Well I guess tbone and mud and FU won’t be in the Coli this year…

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    1. Biden jumped the shark when he smirked and laughed about leaving Americans behind…..
      Mounting calls for him (and his whole cabinet) to resign. Of course, they won’t — but that’ll be the stake in the DNC’s coffin in 2022….

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      1. F**k MG, I guess it slips your limited vision that Trump, who negotiated the deal with the Taliban terrorist, didn’t evacuate US civilians or Afghan employees. He also claimed he had the Pandemic under control, how did that lie work out?

        #Yet Trump, the greatest POTUS ever in his own words, lost the election to “Sleepy Joe.” Trump, just like Clown U, is a Loser/SUCCer.


      2. We seem to have run short of everything except stupid … so lucky for us, we get to read your comments FU troll.


      1. How many Benghazi investigations did those trumpli-tards hold…16?

        For 4 people killed because a republican C.I.A. Director, yes General Petraeus is a republican, was too busy watching movies with his mistress, then falling asleep, to deal with the situation that led to the Benghazi attack.


    1. Napoleana Dolt doesn’t need facts. She is a feminazi. She condemned Meyers without all the information. I still wonder how it was Urban’s responsiblity to call the police when the accuser was a woman who had the ability to do that for herself. If she was able to tell Urban’s wife, she certainly had the ability to tell the authorities. The problem was she wanted Urban to control her husband so she could continue to have the status of the wife of a coach without the alleged beatings. I’m not condoning violence. I, however, believe the first time she was beaten, she should have called the police and had him removed. It was her responsibility not Urban’s.

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      1. Urban’s wife wasn’t a percipient witness (she SAW nothing….only heard about it from the only actual witness). Urban didn’t see anything either—he only heard about it from his wife (who wasn’t percipient). If he reported it, Urban’s statement would’ve constituted hearsay ON hearsay….which, of course, is inadmissible evidence.

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      2. He was required by Ohio law, and so was she as an employee of the school, to report it to the school. Not try and delete texts from Ms Smith like he tried to do…


      3. I’m not taking sides or making moral judgments, but at the time he was being considered, #MeToo would’ve had a field day with his hire and that made it seem a very long shot to me at the time. Especially considering the med school and women’s health scandals that were still front and center.

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      4. Those are (sincerely) great points…. but I still would have fired Helton and hired Meyer after the Holiday Bowl…

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  5. McCoy will never play for USC again Woke Folt will never allow it.

    Wow, no food establishments open ? How can that be ? I mean, you shut everything down so people won’t get sick and then you expect business to be open even though they haven’t made any money for months ? You pay people not to work and you expect these places to be staffed ? And yet people still live in California and other blue states, please stay there.

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      1. Chip: “Everyone dies eventually —As for me, I’d much rather die in a heart exploding sugar surge than die of covid….

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  6. No food, huh? Just another sign of our descent into Idiocracy. The thing is, that move was set 500 years in the future, and it was supposed to be a spoof, not a documentary. Looks like it’s about 485 years ahead of schedule.

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  7. USC should make a quick decision on Bru McCoy to be perfectly fair to him, the team, and the university. There is no need to prolong a decision like they have on some many cases before. If and a big if allowed to return to the team he should be given a fair shot to receive playing time.

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  8. Absolutely, McCoy will need to earn NLI $$$ to cover his “intimate partner violence with injury,” civil litigation fees.

    Unless of course, mommy and daddy plan the cover young Bruski’s litigation expenses.

    ##Cue: Osa Messina’s “Bruski’s” podcast, brought to you by P.C.


  9. Just look at the Comments This Proves that College students Teachers and Professors Brainwash wash there Students with HATRED and More HATRED thinking every thing is Racism this is EVIL SOCIALISM trying to destroy America. … The news Media Controls You and people are Brainwashed followers…… IF America TAkES AWAY your Freedom. AMERICA will be. Taken Over by Evil HATRED


  10. I still say that the Femi-Nazi’s will never let him play at SC again. It doesn’t matter whether he is guilty or innocent. Scott is right that It is a setback to them that the D.A. came down with such a quick decision. That tells me that there was absolutely no evidence for these accusations. They would have loved it if the D.A. would have taken a year or more to make this decision. But the Femi-Nazi’s still have to make their decision and they will just take a year or two to make it and McCoy will be forced to transfer out. McCoy should be re-instated without any punishment. He was not found guilty of anything. Just charges. Any woman could make charges against any of us. What you accuse a person of doesn’t mean diddly squat in our system of justice. It’s what you can prove that counts.


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