USC Morning Buzz: Another Attempt To Get Straight Answer On Football

I said last week’s press conference with Mike Bohn was mainly a rehash of old information about staff hires within the football program.

Well, here’s another stab to pin Bohn down on football, this time from the Daily Trojan.

DAILY TROJAN: Football head coach Clay Helton has been adamant that he loves USC because it’s a place where you’re expected to compete for championships. First, do you share that expectation? Second, what would you consider satisfactory progression this year in terms of the program?

MIKE BOHN: I certainly embrace that exact vision. I mean, that’s why I came here. I know that that’s why we were able to hire coaches like Coach (Lindsay) Gottlieb. All of our head coaches understand the stature here. We won three national championships last year. I didn’t get a chance in our opening statement to talk about how awesome that was. All three of them were in women’s sports, but we clearly embrace the high expectations for Trojan football here. I’m looking forward to an exciting season. I know how hard these young men are working.

REACTION: A reference to women’s basketball coach Lindsay Gottlieb and NCAA titles in three women’s sports is the go-to response for a football question.

No, it’s just not in the cards to get a direct answer regarding football. Everyone is supposed to go with the flow and trust Bohn to do the right thing, even if he won’t say this is a make-or-break year for Helton. It’s the non-answer, answer.

Meanwhile, here are some team updates:

  • Helton said 119 USC players have been vaccinated.
  • Linebacker Jordan Iosefa (knee) is not ready to play and might not play this season. Helton referred to him as “Coach Iosefa” on Tuesday.

“He’s going to have an unbelievable career coaching,” Helton said.

  • Linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu wore a yellow non-contact jersey Tuesday. He has yet to play since he enrolled in 2018.

50 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Another Attempt To Get Straight Answer On Football

  1. What stands out to me is the end of the Bohn interview, where he acknowledges that college today is about “creating a special experience” for each student. Back in the day, we did that for ourselves. But perhaps this is the expectation today for what $80,000 (full freight, including housing), along with the 24/7 world of social media has created among kids and their families.

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      1. But look at how far (down) the world has come since then?
        As someone who has a strong desire to balance bad news with positive news (which I find refreshing), how do you honestly feel when Bohn starts talking about “embracing” “awesome” “visions”? Personally, whenever I heard an administrator talking like that I just stopped listening….cuz I knew I was speaking to a phony.

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      2. I feel like anyone who has somebody’s job in his control, knows what they can share and what they can’t. How many times have we heard the dreaded “I support him” and watched as they replace them. I’ll just let the season play out and reserve judgement. It’s not like there aren’t enough others to weigh in…

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      3. I don’t worry about things out of my control. If Clay falters and isn’t let go, then he most likely is.
        Football starts next week, and scottie still is working in the margins trying to find relevance. Talk about tone deaf.

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      4. Yes, Scottie is so stretched for material outside of the great historical stuff he does that the site is only worth visiting for the old-school stories and seeing what the posters write. When it comes to the year 2021, Scottie seems to be just picking up whatever is in the LA Times or the wire services (a day late). And as if Bohn would ever say to reporters “Hell yes this is a make-or-break year, Helton has the hottest seat in college football!”

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      5. Michael, I think he has adopted the “west coast offense” of what it means to be a west coast university in 2021. And all that goes with that. Now, whether he is totally invested in the “special experience”, or he is doing it just because that is the job description, and he can’t wait to move to a midwestern university or an SEC university, well, that seems to be the open question.

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      6. My pal, 67 —
        Here’s what we get from Scott —(and why he’s always worth reading): Since Scott’s actual presence at any USC function would be met with armed resistance — he combs the other blogs and checks in with his “insider’ friends, digests what he’s hearing and seeing and gives us his “take.” We all know in advance that his take will be dripping with sarcasm. The odd and wonderful part is that, operating within these constraints, he nevertheless nails so many situations before they happen (coaches who are over their heads, players who are being over-hyped, University pronouncements that will prove disastrous, etc.). I can name at least 3 other bloggers who are given unrestricted access to all things USC — and provide their readers with absolutely nothing of value (cuz they can’t see past their noses)…….

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      7. I completely agree that the best world would be one in which he can visit practice. I’d like to think that he isn’t on double secret probation forever, or that he could ask for a re-do. I see the energy he has when he is talking about all that is USC back in the day. He is a one-off for that stuff, nobody comes close to him. But I don’t see the same energy from him when it comes to reporting/opining on stuff today. I really thought he would turn up the energy when camp opened, but I just am not seeing it. But if you guys are seeing it, then I need to look harder.

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    1. Alabama Gumps Boo Trump

      Trump Apologist Tin Foil Hat Wearer Conspiracy Nutjob Alex Jones Calls Trump A Dumbass…




      Trojanbooger about to have a meltdown…wait for it

      “But, but, but…Afghanistan”

      – Trojanbooger


      1. I fail to understand how a person who went to Fordham University is germane to the University of Southern California. Wicked pee dia has Trump listed as a media personality, who was the President of the United States. As far as I could discern from the all knowing article he didn’t play football, or any sport covered by the blog.
        Tell me again why we are even being presented with this information? Although I do understand there are those low brow individuals who will do a jig the day Trump’s obituary appears, I do not care to read a rehash of your juvenile hatred for the man.

        Please stick to dissing Helton, it really is what you are good at.

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    2. Another pineapple express polynesian pipeline bust, Jordan Iosefa is done, she gone.

      Crossing Jordan Iosefa hurt herself and is finished, what a waste of a scholarship.

      When will USC learn and move on from those injury prone grass skirt wearing girls?


  2. Coach Iosefa? Is Helton conceding the possibility that Iosefa will never play again? The injury happened in 2019, maybe he should skip Keck medicine and go to UCLA medical center. I hear the doctors there are fine/

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    1. He is considering a med retirement, he has had several surgeries on his knee, just not able to get back to where he needs to be in order to play.

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      1. Why have you failed to mention that since she (Jordan Iosefa) hurt her knee, she has blown up as big as a house and has had to switch from wearing a grass skirt to a pup tent?

        Quit trying to give those hula skirt wearing polynesian girls a pass and tell the fucking truth. That’s how seriously she took her rehab, she couldn’t stop eating.

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    2. Coach what, coconut and pineapple picking?

      What football player in their right mind would listen to some polynesian girl who skinned her knee about playing football?

      What the fuck is wrong with you people?

      Stop handling those polynesian pussies with kid gloves, they’re never going to toughen up if you don’t.

      Jesus H. Fucking Christ! Just stop recruiting those girls altogether, seriously!

      God Fucking Damn It they’re just a waste of a scholarship.

      Son Of A Bitch I get tired of repeating myself and of trying to drive the point into your thick fucking skulls, those polynesian pussies ain’t worth a fucking shit!


  3. Charles Clay Helton’s make or break year was 2019 and BYU, Oregon, and Iowa. Lindsay Gottlieb peaked in Year 2 at Cal. Note to USC Media, Mike Bohn loves to piss down your back and tell you it’s raining.

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      1. Correct. {I was wrong when I said L.A. reporters “don’t need to be told it’s raining cuz they like it anyway”…..]

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      1. Michael, there is still time for the Warriors to pick up some walk-on RBs. They would do just fine against a Clancy-inspired defense.

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    1. Clown U BB hasn’t been to a Final Four since 1954.

      Pisley, kindly take that slide rule out of your (not you’re) kazoo and tell us how many years and days it’s been since 1954. SUCC BB, still OOOOOO ferever and proud of it.

      #Pisley, queen of the hop
      #Cue: The Jean Genie


  4. we will really only know something in late Sept. If they are undefeated and winning by large margins, maybe they are for real in the south division only of course.The last time they beat anybody was when Sam was q/b and ND came in with a 4 win 7 loss record;
    even the rose bowl win was questionable as there was a lot of conflict on whether Penn St was really worthy,and the better team got screwed.

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    1. Tim, I went back to 2018 and 2019 (post-Sam) for the kinds of wins you are talking about. Maybe 2019 Stanford, maybe 2019 Utah. I can imagine that reasonable people could debate whether those wins were really the kinds of wins you are referencing. Any others?

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    2. If we stay healthy & don’t get to October 23rd (Notre Dame) undefeated, something is wrong.
      In my opinion USC beat a REAL good Penn State team in the Rose Bowl. Penn State had to beat REAL good Big 10 teams to get there — Ohio State and Wisconsin.

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      1. Yes! And the reason? We have vocal leaders in every unit who kept us fighting when we fell behind. HOPE we have that this year …cuz without it we’re sunk…..

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      2. The RB win was all Darnold, what has Clay Dough done since then ? Every single time he plays a physical team he gets prison raped

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      1. If USC doesn’t beat up on San Jose State we’re in for trouble —not cuz San Jose State is a bad team (believe me, it’s NOT) …but that game has to be a statement game for this team in order for them to believe in themselves and get past Helton’s defeatist “Pac 12 South Champ” talk….

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      2. Added Bonus: It won’t have to be on tarmac — it can be done on campus (home game) in front of thousands of fans headed to their cars….

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  5. Hi, Scott. I am new to your website. What is Solomon T’s medical problem? Thank you. Greg Polito

    On Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 9:45 AM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” I said last week’s press conference with Mike Bohn > was mainly a rehash of old information about staff hires within the > football program. Well, here’s another stab to pin Bohn down on football, > this time from the Daily Trojan. DAILY TROJAN: Football” >

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