USC Offers Bonus For Season-Ticket Holders

USC is keeping tabs on UCLA ticket promotions for the LSU game.

But today, a donor sent me an email from the USC ticket office with this message.

Initially, the ticket buyer thought it was a mistake and his football tickets were incorrectly labeled “USC vs. Denver.”

It turns out they got free tickets to the USC-Denver women’s volleyball game as a bonus for buying football season tickets. Who said USC is not getting creative?

30 thoughts on “USC Offers Bonus For Season-Ticket Holders

  1. You know what would put asses in the seats at USC football games…firing that clown Helton and hiring Chris Petersen.

    But that’s too easy, makes too much sense.

    The Greek Euro-Trash Corrupt Overlord C.L. Max Nikias would never go for that.


    1. There’s 124 players on the roster. Don’t trust State TV. There are still 5 unvaccinated players with some sort of exemption.


      1. Lol Clay Helton caught lying and selling bull shyt just like our current commander and chief. Talibiden.


    2. LOL Pisley, buy a SUCC FB ticket and get a free ticket to a chick, ripple & puke, volleyball game – f**k’g huge!

      #SUCC FB Program: Tough as week old kittens.
      #Cue “Disco Duck”


      1. Let me see, sow can’t GIVE AWAY enough tickets to the LSU game ( their premium OOC game this season) so they try enticing high schoolers to attend and pretend they’re ruin fans and you yuk about a volleyball giveaway that was an add on? Wasn’t 2019 the worst attendance since sow moved to the Rose Bowl? Yes, yes it was and now they’ll be out numbered at home by a team from half way across the country.

        sow, where football goes to die.


  2. I’m surprised you own a rat’s ass. That’s kinda weird dude. You’re mad at math? 119/124 doesn’t equal 100%. You’re wildly myopic on here but you’ve definitely in the last couple days snapped. Wow!


  3. LMFAO!

    Trump’s border wall falls apart when hit by a monsoon.





    1. Are your sides hurting about Afghanistan Tebowobama, you fucin clown? You are just a senile as Talibiden and believe everything is going smooth over there. Wake the fuc up already your content about President Trump sucks and only makes you look like a fool. Just like our current President you support with delusion.


  4. Memo to: “s”

    “s” responds to my post comments:

    “You and the ‘ruins are a pair of total nothings. Just suck yourself dry.”

    Sh*it, what vicious literary repartee. “Mr. Vidol” would appreciate “s'”turn of a phrase.


    1. You on the night train or mad dog 20/20 today owns/Trojan stalker. You sound like a rambling lush with your usual drunk diatribe. You suck it out off the bottle. Just like the ruins suck on the football field.


  5. Pudgy76 aggregates social media post on a website were you can get premium access for exactly one dollar. I now get why he gets butthurt about the “State TV” joke.


    1. Nobody’s butthurt, just cause I don’t give a fuck about what you think. And I still don’t. Hahahahaha
      I notice too that you spent a buck to see what’s going on too. But don’t let the truth sway you, it’s nice to get reports from someone who’s actually on campus, rather than the washroom attendant’s cousin.

      I’m sure Marc and Schrader appreciate the exposure and would thank you for this.


      1. Hey Pisley, you filthy cockroach, get a free ticket to a bozo chick Volleyball game, when you purchase a bozo FB ticket to the SJSt. game.

        When that fails to move ticket sales SUCC will sweeten their (Not there or they’re) FB ticket offer with a free, $29.99, Pac-12, So. Conf. FB chumps T-shirt.

        #Cue “Stink on”
        #UC Davis FB program to Clown U: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”


      2. Nope, just Googled your name and you were listed as someone who can make a tread on a pay-site. Don’t flatter yourself.


      3. Ah wow. Somebody’s spending too much headspace on things that don’t matter again. No wonder you can’t get that job at the drive thru window…


    1. If you look hard enough you can find something offensive everywhere except Harrell’s playbook. It’s funny you mentioned ND. I remember an early televised game against the Fighting Irish, asking my dad which player was the hunchback (an offensive term I guess). Dad laughed and explained my mistake. He was able to grab a 16mm film from Cal State LA where worked and we watched it. Mom said, “I love this movie the protagonist has such a twisted backstory.” I didn’t get the remark until I saw it again in reader’s digest.


    2. Wait a minute! You worried about ND? I think you should be more concerned with how USC has a Heisman Trophy candidate at Quarterback yet he isn’t a team captain?? I’m sure it’s all roses in that locker room 😂😂😂


      1. What a fucin lame jock sniffer, talking shyt because USCs starting QB isn’t a team captain. Get a life. Go worry about your own sorry program you root for. Pathetic!


      2. FU, how’s that Cal State Northridge paperwork working out?
        When MG gets here he will esplain 2 U.



    3. Lol the wok leftiest are now going after the leprechaun mascot of Notre lame. What a fucin joke. Give them an inch, fuc the mile, they want to take over the whole entire country on the premises of victim hood and racism. You got brain dead liberals falling for it because they still suffer from TDS. Even though Trump is currently, not the President. Hypocrites and double standards for all of them, but the orange man is still bad. Way to go at helping destroy the country and pointing fingers. Fucin Pathetic!


  6. Who wants to down load the tickets? I want the tickets in my hands. I hope there is a computer crash and they can’t read the tickets and 30,000 are outside wanting to get in and the ball just kicked off. That would be hilarious, to see empty seats and to see 30,000 pissed off fans. Do tickets decrease since they aren’t using paper? What about the killing of bytes and bandwidth? Where is the complaint about that?


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