Drake Performing At Coliseum?

USC sent an email to all students titled “Come See Drake at the Coliseum.”

Drake (the musician) coming to the Coliseum? Not quite. Here is what was inside the email.

26 thoughts on “Drake Performing At Coliseum?

      1. Scott (as well as the rest of us) needs to ponder this question: What happens to USC’s offense if Drake London is out for a game? I dread the idea of Kedon having to go a game without London. It’s NOT that I don’t think the offense could adjust —I don’t think the play callers could adjust.

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    1. I’d like to know if practices have been physical (surely info is getting leaked). Are we tackling? I’d also (really) like to know if Kedon’s arm strength or lack thereof is the reason so many practices were closed.

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      1. Michael,

        the reason the practices are closed is because Helton knows he is incomptent and he knows he would be booed at practice. He just is waiting for the wheels to fall off on the first game. I hope he is booed mercilessly tomorrow.


  1. Marketing 101- Requirement. High quality product needed to secure consumer entertainment dollars. Is the USC football product worth spending money on or are there better options for your buck in Southern California. It surely is not if your playing San Jose St.

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  2. What a bunch of lames marketing a name instead of the USC football brand for the season home opener. That’s what happens when you have a football coach that’s lost most of the fan base. Folt and Bohn both of you suck and this marketing crap department sucks!

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    1. Unfortunately, the marketing people have never played or watched a football game….


  3. Notre Dame is thinking of taking USC over the schedule in the future- REASON: HARD TO SELL TICKETS for a Pac 12 team, and USC is not the brand it once was so they are evaluating about adding Iowa, or another Big 10 team for future schedules. Can you blame them ND is waiting just like us for USC to become a national factor again, and IT’S TAKING TOO LONG.

    By the way Helton and Bohn would be very happy if Notre Dame dropped us since it would be more job security.

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    1. LOL!

      Cal barely escaped with a win over UC Davis in 2010 and castro district hippie is talking smack.

      Hippies alma mater, Pasadena City College, before he flunked out, is a 9 pt. underdog to Harbor City College.



  4. Sorry folks but nobody outside of the boardroom thinks USC is worth playing anymore. You gutty little toe jams should keep fighting though, you just might win a pac12 championship someday.


  5. USC’s going to be a very exciting team to watch this season. They are a really good team. I still think that they will finish 3rd in the Pac-12 South.


    1. Can’t wait for the $29.99, SUCC Pac-12 So. Conf., 3rd place finish Tee Shirts.

      You by the Tees at close out prices, $0.03 a shirt, and resell in Honduras as toilet paper, for $0.35ea


  6. On the back of pudly’s underwesr it says, “Exact change please, I can’t break change for a nickel”…I saw his mom ironing them, shit stains and all.


  7. I don’t know who Drake the Musician is, but sounds like Mike Bohn is getting desperate that he is willing to resort to these bait and switch tactics. Not much integrity Bohner … Carol Folt’s going to have something to say about this after you serve her breakfast in the morning.


  8. hi fans,heres news from the stupid qb front fields sacked 9 times with 6 completed passes ouch!!!!1 baker stayed with qb program developed himself in college theres no shortcuts to qb development did the right way of things that pays dividends the smart way!!! sincerely, Edward


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