USC Finally Releases Depth Chart

Here we are on Thursday afternoon and Clay Helton decides to release a depth chart. What changed from last Sunday when USC used to always release it? Maybe our criticism earlier this week played a part.

Besides the offensive line, my concern is the back seven defensively. I think USC is vulnerable at linebacker and in the secondary. Specifically, the Rover spot, strong safety and both corner spots.


26 thoughts on “USC Finally Releases Depth Chart

    1. Guarantee you the first player hurt and who will have to come off the field for the Trojans will be polynesian.

      I guaranfuckintee it!


      1. Stupid Phuckque is that you? Or does Tebow have (make up) several emails.
        So juvenile, but one can easily the imposter. Give it up you’ll never be as clever as Me. However maybe if you read Reader’s Digest you can copy a joke the way I do. In the mean time: Go ye forth and osculate the gluteal region of my person. I’ll give you an hour to gather a crowd.(loosely translated Shakespeare.)


      2. I get the feeling Folt and Helton play the “Me” game in her office with the lights out….


      3. this is superb – reminds me of the late, great Chris Cornell’s publishing company name: YouMakeMeSickIMakeMusic
        Guess in The Age of Ruin But Still Not (B)Ruin this could be restated as: YouMakeMeSickIDon’tBuyTickets


  1. Offensive line looks inexperienced, and defensive line awfully thin … We need DT Transfer from Alabama. Ok looking lineup for the Pac 12, but not enough there when stacked up against the traditional power of Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, and Alabama.

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  2. Opening night of college football … excitement tonight with #4 Ohio State playing on national TV. USC football used to be a headliner, but no more … they don’t compare anymore to Ohio State or other Top 5 programs and haven’t in 13 years. Mike Bohn has had 2 years to address the Clay Helton situation, but hasn’t done a damn thing. 2 years wasted time. Bohner is worthless!

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    1. Urban Meyer, waited for two years to hear from USC. You could only wait for so long ,he finally gave up and went to the NFL. Thank you Bohn and Folt for letting all the Trojan fans know that you could care less about them. Like you said Charles two wasted years maybe 3 or until they get rid of Helton.

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  3. Utah losing to Weber St.


    Utah has more polynesian pussies than USC




  4. Stepping aside of the parade of moronic imposter Me’s (insulting morons everywhere by including them) I would like to point out that the depth chart basically reads like a list of ingredients for Grocery Outlet or Aldi Potato Chips. “Vegetable oil (may be partially sunflower or cauliflower or corn or carrot or palm kernel or peanut oils) Potatoes (from Idaho or Indio or Bakersfield or Ohio or Nebraska.) Salt, natural and artificial flavors, may contain .002% insect parts or rodent feces or Helton platitudes or sawdust from imposter Me craniums.”


  5. hello fans, the browns lose as arkansas punter who needs a haircut ,chokes costing them the kc contest !!!!!!!!!! coaches franklin a bald headed pimp! meyers a known junkie!? fickel a kidnapper!!!! garbage??????????????????? Sincerely,Edward


  6. hi fans, usc looks at crook from miami for coach insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! a toodler in pittsburgh wounded today by a what pig????? these are days of evil!? coach carroll struggles with wilson declining and with running back and defensive problems !!!!! coach needs to someone to step up in seattle!!!!!!! sincerely, edward


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