USC Morning Buzz: Finally Some Ticket Information

If you think this blog (and its readers) don’t make an impact, think again.

Here’s some new ticket information announced by USC athletic director Mike Bohn: “We’ve sold 4,177 new season tickets for 2021. Of those sales, 2,527 were purchased by former season ticket holders who dropped their tickets and decided to return this season, while 1,650 reflect first-time season ticket sales.”

Now all ticket numbers are unverified because we have to take USC’s word for it. But at least they have announced some figures.

So let’s say we believe the above statement: It still shows the paltry interest in USC football.

The marquee program west of the Mississippi River coming off a Pac-12 South title with a Heisman Trophy candidate at QB barely sold 4,000 new tickets?

Also, does the 2,527 who dropped their tickets include people who asked for refunds last season and merely renewed as expected this season?

The fact is there are a lot of people who simply dropped and did not renew the past 2 seasons. That’s the biggest number.

  • Meanwhile, some media are mocking that USC is giving the basketball team rings for making the Elite Eight.

I’m old enough to remember USC gave rings to its 2001 team for making the Elite Eight.

53 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Finally Some Ticket Information

  1. I think it’s the field of dreams scenario, if you win they will come. Fans aren’t stupid they know what’s going on. The twenty or so people here regularly aren’t the only ones who do not think Helton would make a pimple on a real coach’s ass. The people who paid for a plane to fly a banner over the coliseum knew what was going on.
    The problem lies with Bohn how can he think Helton is anything but incompetent? Would Saban tolerate 10 men on an extra point? Would Chip tolerate three false start penalties in a row? Would the Covina High School coach run the same play at the goal line without success? (maybe)
    If you want to sell tickets to see a singing frog, you need to have the frog sing. (selling beer at a high price might not cut it)
    I still haven’t convinced my family to join me at a home game. Maybe the lot of us (including Owns and other Bruins) can meet at the annual crosstown rivalry (Burbank Burroughs vs. Pasadena) and agree that the refs cheated us again (both sides and the fans)

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    1. The Folt tweet earlier this week about the season opener generated hundreds of responses, about 15-1 negative, nearly all the negatives mentioning Helton. It is right in front of her face and she can’t really deflect much longer. 11-2 record saves him, 10-3 probably saves him unless there are blowout losses or the team obviously collapses because of lack of leadership. 8-5, I would say he for sure is gone. If he goes 9-4 with no more than one blowout loss, then what will she do? (I am assuming she has as much or more of a say in firing Helton as Bohn does).

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      1. Referring to Carter’s inability to act, Reagan once said “he wants to appear as though he’s done something, preferably as little as possible…consistent with the idea of doing nothing.”
        [There have always been administrators who want to do as little as possible –but this idea of doing nothing is a whole new deal]……

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      1. Trumplican Trash In The Gulf Red States Taking All The F.E.M.A. Socialism They Can Get Their Grubby Hands On…Thanks To Ida!


  2. “The problem lies with Bohn how can he think Helton is anything but incompetent?”

    Notice there have been zero rumors about other teams being interested in Helton, college or NFL. When Pete Carroll was coaching USC, the L.A. Times tried stirring the pot on a couple of occasions with stories that went something like “well, he has nothing more to prove here, it’s time to leave for the NFL.” (I think those started after the 2003 season.) I left So Cal for Idaho two years ago so I don’t read the LAT anymore, but I’ll bet they’re not running any stories like that about Gomer.

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    1. Sgt. Joe,
      I’ve heard rumors that this year’s NFL is only interested in coaches who can coach. As of this year, they don’t really need bullshit artists who spin bad results or profess a love for the teachings of the gospel as a way of avoiding criticism.

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  3. Stop supporting Clay Helton by going to the games, revenue goes to pay his salary.

    It’s that simple.

    And don’t give me this shit about how you’re supporting the players because you’re actually doing them a disservice the longer Helton is around.


  4. The attendance this season will play a major role in deciding Helton’s future. It’s about time they take a look at how far attendance has dipped in recent years. USC has to pay bills, and they need us badly to do that. The power of the people must continue to be heard. Stay away this season loyal Trojan fans we must continue to let our voices be heard silently by not attending games this year until the change we all want is made. Mike Bohn, and staff can spend all the money they want on marketing, but it will not work to get us back until the change is made with a committment to winning a national championship once again.

    Pac 12 South Championship is not exciting for USC fans, but I am sure it does sell more season tickets at a place like Colorado, Utah, Washington State. USC is an elite program the problem Mike Bohn, Clay Helton, and Carol Folt don’t know the true meaning of USC football, or how to construct an elite program because they came from small market programs- Houston, Kansas, Colorado, San Diego St., and in Carol Folt’s case – UC Santa Barbara Gaucho who eliminate football in the 70’s.

    Wins, College Playoffs, and National Championships is what the fans want in a competitive market like Los Angeles especially now that we once again have two NFL teams.

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    1. Colin Cowherd is the biggest blow hard out there in sports radio but he even gets that point. You want change as a sports fan with the team’s you support and root for; when they are mediocre or suck. Then Hit them in their wallets. Smart fans are the ones who stop going to the games until change is made. Common sense which most people do not possess now a days like that moron we have as commander and chief right now ruining things. Now back to the subject at hand, hopefully the boycott is so big this year because Helton sucks! That the roaming gnome, Bohner and clueless Clay are all shown the door for their utter fucin incompetence to the Athletic program and an embarrassment to everything at USC since they’ve been there. What a fucin disgrace!


  5. So USC basically sold 1650 ” new ” tickets and the others just decided that their Saturdays were so empty that they wanted to be tortured by Gomer for 3+ hours.

    What Bohn doesn’t say is, how many people dropped their tickets and didn’t come back

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  6. Mike Bohn………good job on the rings for our USC Basketball program. What they accomplished is truely amazing based on the poor history of winning with the USC Basketball program. You should now take care of our coaches so they stick around during the strong building process.

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      1. You get it buddah that’s the first thing that came across my mind right after I read Scotty’s comment about the elite 8 rings. That’s why Folt and Bohn got to go it’s about nattys when you work for USC. Not participation trophies or rings. Enfield can go with them after his contract expires for allowing this crap. Where’s the alumni and former athletes in all of this? They should be banging the monkey as Jim Rome would say and put a stop to this woke mediocre nonsense that’s destroying and become USC.


  7. IF YOU ALL THINK SEASON TICKET SALES ARE BAD. Please take a look on Stub Hub at how many tickets are available for each home game, and the same with the Stanford game. I have never seen such little interest in USC football. The USC -ND game in South Bend is usually impossible to find any tickets well there are plenty of tickets available at the moment.

    Something must be done quickly. The USC football brand image is slowly decaying away, and will be hard to restore unless we find another Caesar like the great Pete Carroll.

    Trust me even though tickets prices are very reasonable at the moment USC will stick it to you in parking fees, and surely concessions. Bottom line the USC Athletic department thought there is an inelastic demand for USC football that we cannot live without which “might” be true if the product on the field is good which it is not.


    1. I will give you 2 names that can be the next Pete Caroll at USC Jack del Rio or Chris Peterson. To bad the AD Bohn can’t figure that out. Those 2 would put that fence around so call again in recruiting. Coach Orgeron also but I don’t think he would ever come back that’s why I mentioned the first 2.


  8. Folt has told Bohn to do whatever he needs to pump up the program, but Helton stays!!!! I’m convinced that he will live out the remainder of his contract. There will be no pay out. Bohn has done everything possible but the one thing that we all know what he needs to do…

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    1. Current rumor: Helton will be allowed to live out the remainder of his life as USC’s coach —and then be followed as head coach by his first born…..

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  9. Word on the street is if there isn’t a tremendous victory on Saturday the winds of change might start to blow a bit harder. There might be a checkbook out there that can help facilitate it too.

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    1. Good news!
      [Sad but true: According to the CDC , “word on the street” is a racist phrase. They’ve requested it be altered to “word on the boulevard”] …

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    1. Yeah that was sad and pathetic! Just like the ruin fans that stalk the Trojans and their fans on this blog. They can’t even support their team. By the way for the snowflakes out there with the wu flu excuses, there was plenty of space in the Rose Bowl for social distancing.


  10. Only 2 more days until a once proud football program trots out another overrated and overhyped team! I will have my hoagie and soda pop ready 😂😂😂. I love it!!! Does anyone know what Clay Helton’s record against the spread is?? Asking for a friend.


    1. As you’ve probably guessed, Clay’s record against the spread is not exactly “what we’d like it to be.”


  11. More like incompetent morons in charge out of motion with reality! MG
    What a fucin disgrace SF is to Cali. We need Newscum out asap. So stupid moronic democratic liberal money grab programs can stop. Enough of this bureaucratic nonsense.


  12. Mike Bohn, USC fans aren’t buying Charles Clay Helton. Your stupid boss can’t get through her head and you couldn’t deliver a quality replacement if she did.


  13. SJS has a fairly large enrollment. I thought it was around 30k but I probably am mistaken.
    Since the Bay Area is under a draconian set of covid rules, my guess is a fairly large chunk of alums might make a road trip if no last minute lockdown measures happen at the game. SJS fans are pretty loud, remember Crazy George got his start there.

    Good test for the SC O line because the Spartans D will pin their ears back. Really the only way they can stay close.


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