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I’ll be on the Petros and Money show (570-AM) around 3:30 p.m. to discuss USC football, of course!

47 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

    1. Anyone have a good movie recommendation on Netflix or Hulu?

      A movie that you may have stumbled upon, not really anything mainstream or popular

      “Dig” on Netflix is pretty good

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      1. 67 —agree on all but House of Cards (the fact Clintons enjoyed it was the killer for me).
        [Check out the original BBC House of Cards —brilliant].

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      2. Carey Mulligan got Gatsby killed. ’nuff said.
        It’s not on Netflix —but you should see “The Guard” with Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle. I bet ya anything you’d like it —about a maverick who hates hypocrites.

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      3. Never been a fan of Kevin Spacey and not just because he’s a lowlife pedophile pervert.

        People keep telling me, “Oh, you have to watch House of Cards”…nah, I’ll pass.

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      4. Why are a large majority of posters such pathetic imbeciles on this board? Now that Trump is gone from ruining the country they would
        hopefully think straight. You may enjoy the movie “Best of Enemies”
        with Sam Rockwell.


      1. I’m sorry but adults should not cry either. 18 days until I need to give you my address for my tricycle. I have a huge teaser- San Jose State +23 & UCLA + 10 1/2. I am hoping that a good coach with inferior talent would “show- up” that MORON in the Coliseum. GO SPARTANS!!!!!!! I’m perplexed by only one thing is who I want out quicker Newsom or Moron.


      2. Bobby, irrespective of the recall outcome, Newsom still might be the quicker exit, as ’22 is an election year. And he is damaging more lives.

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    1. Tebobuma,

      Mannequins shold not be insulted with that comment. They are smarter.

      Helton looks like he has strings attached to him and his nose grows at press conferences after th games. Pinnochio maybe?


      1. But who is controlling the strings? I say Folt. she wants things to be “nice” and not upsetting. She will settle for medicority since UCSB doesnt have the drive to be a great program. They just settle for medicority.

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  1. So. Bend – IN / It’s 33 years and counting
    Whitebread Village – CA 57 years and who cares.
    A used car salesman aka Governor of CA 12 days and welcome to libtardiaville where everyone’s a ‘he/she’ especially your own kids
    University Park – CA 2nd January 2022 Heltonska Chevrolet is gone

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  2. Back to who’s going to the game. Bohn sent out a letter tonight the Campus is now closed for the game and the band isn’t performing as originally planned. Just another over the top reaction to Covid. It seems Biden’s solution is worse than Trump’s solution. I ain’t gonna be there.

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    1. Me,

      I am not up to speed on this. Are you serious that the campus is closed to fans who want to go to the game? What did you mean that the band isn’t performing as originally planned? Did you mean on campus, the game, or both?

      If the band doesn’t perform at the game, then it time to get the pitch forks, tar, and feathers and get down to SC to let them know what it is important.


    1. My ol man preferred .357mag revolver. Tried to tell him that’s at least 4 less pops, and if you’re in the hooch, you might need those extras, but he didn’t listen. Goddamn hardhead.

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      1. Always my favorite too. Smith & Wesson. [And if you use 38 caliber bullets they last forever].

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      2. Box is fabulous.
        I believe one of my remarks caused Soviet to stroke out and fall into the Cutty a yr or two. It was clear that he needed rehab at the time.


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    2. Cal75, good to make your acquaintance. As far as whatever makes another man a sumbitch, i blame Helton. Earlier I made the mistake of listening to his presser and theres a chance it messed up any sense of good judgement that jack d hadn’t already… cheers

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  3. Money: What does Clay Helton have to do to keep his job? The correct answer is “Clay just needs to be able to fog a mirror.”


  4. Mike Bohn needs a smarter communications person to write his letters.

    What USC fans want to hear is that USC is committed to excellence and winning in football. There was not a single mention of the standards of excellence that we expect from the team and the coaches.

    He could have also mentioned what an exciting time it is with a new Pac-12 commissioner and media rights negotiations in the coming years and how those will open up opportunities to get USC more exposure and back into the upper echelon of collegiate football programs, competing for national titles.

    Instead, he focused on all the wrong things. A bunch of rules that make fans unhappy and then he tried to fabricate a bunch of BS about how USC fans are excited about the upcoming season.

    So get us all excited by reinforcing the rules we dont like and then telling us we are all happy about the direction of the program, which is just untrue.

    Whoever is in charge of USC marketing and communications for the athletic department is just lame. Wake up! There IS a way to communicate with fans that builds hope, but doesnt insult our intelligence with fabrications.

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    1. Hard enough to read that pr release once, let alone a second time, so I’m working off memory here, but pretty sure they were crowing about 4,100 non-student (i.e. full freight) season seat holders as a sign of “overwhelming” fan support… got me wondering how that stacked up to some others. Before they went on strike, my crack research dept was able to nail down 2021 full-freight season sales for two programs:
      LSU – 71,000
      AHIO/OHIO St – 43,000
      Guess that’d be considered “super-duper overwhelming” fan support by compare.


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