USC-San Jose Game Day Underway

Some injury developments today: Safety Isaiah Pola-Mao is in health and safety protocols and out ( Transfers Chris Thompson and Xavion Alford are expected to fill in.

Meanwhile, super recruit Domani Jackson of Mater Dei, who is committed to USC, has a knee injury that may require surgery ( His status the rest of the season is in question. Mater Dei did not say where or when Jackson was injured. He is also the state champion in the 100 meters.

29 thoughts on “USC-San Jose Game Day Underway

  1. I don’t think “Inside Clemson” has a photo of a Georgia player highlighting today’s blog, or that “Inside Oklahoma” has a photo of a Tulane player, or…

    Best wishes to Domani for a fast and complete recovery.

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    1. DJ was practicing 2nd story balcony jump heroics under the tutelage of Josh Shaw when the knee injury occurred.

      “Best wishes to Domani for a fast and complete recovery.”



  2. That polynesian girl Isabelle Pola-Mao hurt before the game even started…what a shocker.

    She probably strained her toenail


  3. SJSU has been a member of the Mountain West conference since 2013.

    Yet, the blogger’s photo of the SJSU jersey has the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) logo of the school’s prior conference.

    Eight years ago, man. I’ll never understand this blogger.


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      1. btw, apparently even U.S. Supreme Court interns don’t know the first thing about “Sheperdizing”…. so I guess we have to take it easy on Scott…

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  4. Clay Helton’s triple-compression undershirt cutting off the blood flow to his brain.


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