Coach Bohn Has New Problem

Coach Bohn has a new problem he didn’t have before Saturday night.

He has to feel heat from Bill Plasckhe’s column calling for the firing of Clay Helton.

It’s not that it is a great column or anything.

But Los Angeles is so soft from a media perspective that when when one does it, let alone the biggst paper in L.A., it’s an event.

Bohn can no longer hide behind all the other papers and pay sites.

16 thoughts on “Coach Bohn Has New Problem

    1. Hey, the bozo official cockroach is back. Missed your weanie SUCC loser/SUCCer excuses on Wolf’s “Discuss the Game” thread – you pathetic pussy; all mouth and thin skin.

      Now here you are, mouth breathing, two (2) day after SUCC’s wretched debacle, pimping other people’s tweets on Wolf’s blog.

      #Stanford @ SUCC paid attendance: 8350


      1. Dufus. sow gives away tickets not only to their students who wouldn’t buy em, they had to reach into the high schoolers.

        But then don’t let the truth bother ya little buddy..

        mud, dumb as dirt only wetter


  1. Donte Williams will be the first black head coach at SC. This is not a race issue, just an observation. I hope he does well. he is from Culver City and his dad still lives there. I hope he does very well. I will support him. Give him the year and just be positive. Hopefully he can win out and get into the Rose Bowl let alone the playoff bowl.


  2. Christmas came early no more game ball give out ass kissing, don’t Let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. Get out we don’t love you no more.

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  3. hello fans, well we wish coach helton the best!!! hes profootball bound!!!!i would say!!! this guy lawrence hes just about like darnold careless with the ball will have many turnovers !!!!!! sincerely, Edward


  4. hi sports fans, well the Drake is best football player in all football college or pro !!!!!sincerely ,E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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