USC Friday Buzz: Another Tradition Under Attack?

When Marv Goux was a USC assistant coach in the 1960’s, the “jock rally” was created on Fridays before the game.

After five decades, it looks like USC has turned the jock rally into a marketing tool and renamed it the “Sunset Rally.”

Is any tradition sacred?

  • It will be interesting to see how the whole DJ vs. band issues plays out Saturday. I hear Carol Folt and the athletic dept. have heard a lot of complaints the past three weeks. And people are mad about the bad not playing Tribute to Troy too!
  • Here’s a funny thing I’ve been meaning to mention. USC forgot to put a Pac-12 patch on Kedon Slovis’ jersey for the San Jose State game. Quality control isn’t what it used to be, especially with an interim equipment manager.
  • Why did wide receiver K.D. Nixon transfer from Colorado? He’s been practically invisible the first three games.
  • Wide receiver Tahj Washington has done more, but media reports basically said he was uncoverable in training camp. That has not been the case.

64 thoughts on “USC Friday Buzz: Another Tradition Under Attack?

  1. Scott:

    What in the world are they doing to Bru McCoy. Did they ship him to Vacaville, San Quintin, or Alcatrez???????My goodness make a decision, and announce it so the kid can move on with his life.

    Kenon Christian——-The Texas Assistant Coach Mafia Unit we brought in really smothered this guys chances of ever playing for USC which is a shame. It appears he left the team after zero playing time in the opener. I guess we should sadly expect this at USC after what they did to Marquis Stepp, and Stephan Carr. I full expect Kenon to enter the transfer portal, and would not be surprised if he transferred to Oregon,UCLA or Georgia where they have decent track programs.

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      1. My thoughts on the video.
        “Wow what monkey business was this? I hope the big guy didn’t bite off more than he could chew. If you watch closely at the beginning you see the sign for blow me being given. And the mom turned away so the kid could view over her shoulder, but that’s okay because she explained to the kid that sometimes the animals eat the bugs off their friends. We call it grooming. “


  2. For what little it’s worth department:
    A friend told me that, the moment it became official Slovis was starting, MGM Grand shaved a point off USC, from 12 to 11point favorite….

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  3. Is it not odd how even the posters that put-down Scott seemed relieved when he returned? Of course, since Scott never retorts or strikes back, he is an easy punching bag.

    Oh, and Scott, sorry if some of us tried to recruit your best “players” in your absence.

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    1. He was too lazy to post anything before his “planned” procedure, or during his “convalescence”, but had the time and energy to tweet, every f’n day.
      All I did was give some an option that cost them nothing.

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      1. Since Pisley has his pinhead up his kazoo, he can’t take his self-congratulating bow.

        Pisley claims Wolf is lazy, yet Wolf is the spoon the stirs this blog. Pisley, on the other hand, just clutter’s the blog with whiny retweets and fake, contrived BS.


      1. No one and I repeat N.O. O.N.E. have ever seen Scotty and Fu in a room together at the same time.
        Same for ‘s’, (so named by mommy to conserve braincells)

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  4. Maybe the “Sunset Rally” in the late afternoon might mean that Bovard is getting ready to retire the Trojan Marching Band. Double meanings afoot? This is Carol Folt’s administration.



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  5. I will be attending tomorrow night’s game.
    I went to Helton’s last game and was part of the mob leaving after “lighting of the torch.”
    I expect to leave again after flame is lit as well since it will be 10:30pm and I hate driving in So. Central that late. Hopefully, the new AD will realize that some of us leave due to horrific start time of 7:45pm.

    Glad you are back Wolf as I am not a fan of Wallace’s site or the WeRSC site.

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    1. ESPN and Fox select the games they want to show and the times. Love to criticize Mike Bohn and Larry Scott, but it’s not on them. On Bohn to the extent USC’s not more competitive and networks don’t want to carry their games at earlier times.


      1. Bohn fired Clay in part because he saw fans leaving in mass around lighting of torch. Of course, I know he did not sign TV deal that Larry unfortunately agreed to. My point is the game time sucks and it contributed to folks leaving early. There are 4 games tomorrow starting at 6:30pm or later. That is on Larry!

        I am still confused why Bohn did not fire Clay during the summer.

        Also, I heard much more booing during the Hackett era. We were all numb there watching the debacle.

        FYI – I am a 40 year season ticket holder!

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      2. It’s on Heritage Hall for agreeing to the TV contract and not fighting hard enough to drop the late games.


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      3. Burrow is correct if you ride the train on the San Bernardino line, the last one out is too early to see the 4th quarter. But that’s why god invented radio


    1. Maybe it’s time to stop relying on the “draft report”…..
      Maybe post the Final Report…in it’s entirety..


      1. MG, the typical attorney, splitting hairs so the truth is obscured or better yet, judicially sealed from review.


      2. My friend Owns,
        Anticipating what’s surely coming for ALL your “teams”, political and athletic, I am reminded of Javiar Bardem’s words in No Country for Old Men: “Don’t you think you should admit your position? Wouldn’t that be more dignified?”

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  6. The Friday rally is a good idea.
    Don’t do it 1960’s/70’s/80’s style.
    Make it a multimedia event that appeals to these young students.

    As for a late start time Saturday…
    Start winning big and the 5pm game time slot is ours.

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  7. Dear Wolf,

    I forgot you don’t pay attention to the games and at home you aren’t allowed sometimes into the Coliseum (i’m guessing).
    But we don’t block and we’ve already seen the starter and backup go down.
    Not the kids fault and/or the Qbs. Who’s fault is it?
    Woody Harrelson. I mean Clay Helton for recruiting 3-star OT’S and starting them as freshman.
    These were 3 star players not ranked anywhere the world of recruiting services.

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      1. Yeah right Pisley, you barking, rapid chihuahua, it wasn’t UCLA FB but the any team, anywhere, anytime, 5 – 1 bozo FB team that pussied out of a bowl bid after its humiliating, Pac-12 championship game loss to Oregon at the crumbling mausoleum. Here pussy, pussy.

        #SUCC’s $29.99, Pac-12 Championship runner-up tee’s are now on sale – 2 for $0.05 + tx. Still not cheap enough to move 25,000 tee’s.

        #SUCC FB: So foul, the cesspool Clown U campus can’t mitigate its cat piss stench.

        #Cue: Manfred Mann’s “Ha! Ha! Said the Clown”


  8. The late starts are an another embarrassment … be Michigan and tell them ‘ we are not playing at these times, we will play at our times’

    The decade of shitty coaches has lowered the expectations so far down, it’s hard getting that old feeling back.

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    1. Dart brought them back for 50 minutes….
      By the way:
      The surest way of starting a fire under Slovis (and ending his overthinking inside the 10 yard line) is for Donte to tell him before kickoff, “Get out there and score more points than Dart –I don’t give a shit how many interceptions you throw –I want more TD’s than Dart.”

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      1. He CAN do it, too. Just think of what happened at the the end of last year’s games against Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA. He needs to play like THAT for 60 minutes.

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  9. I’d feel so much better about UCLA getting beat today if only they were playing at the Rose Bowl (where most of the fans hate them). Unfortunately, it being played at Stanford (where most of the fans hate Stanford)…

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  10. Pick the Score:

    Trojans 38, Beavers 16

    Slovis gets some confidence back, he doesn’t hold the ball for an eternity, and he finds some targets other than the Drake.

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    1. That’s the ticket to winning this game: throw to same targets Dart threw to …on the same patterns… with the same lack of hesitation….


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