Former USC All-American Steve Riley Passes Away

I missed this when I was away but former USC All-American Steve Riley died on Sept. 16 from cardiac arrest. He was 68.

Riley was an offensive tackle on the 1972 national championship team that went undefeated and named an All-American in 1973.

Riley was a first-round pick in 1974 and spent 11 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, where he started 128 of the 138 games he played. He also played in Super Bowls IX and XI.

He came to USC from Castle Park High School in Chula Vista.

A memorial service for Riley was held on Sept. 24 in San Clemente.

19 thoughts on “Former USC All-American Steve Riley Passes Away

    1. Nice thought, 67. I just had a friend pass who was a huge USC football fan …and I had been wishing the same thing for him for the past 3 years.
      It wasn’t to be.
      And thanks, Scott. Good pickup.

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    2. Feel the same watching parents’ generation passing away in the wake of what modernity has wrought…

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      1. Michael makes a really good point – bringing in an NFL person means they have to accept what colleges have become today.

        BTW, it has been over 5 weeks since prosecutors declined the McCoy case. How long is USC going to take since that decision? Obviously all the information has been compiled. Who is dragging their feet on this?

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      2. 67 –Remember how “W” called himself the “decider”? Well, Folt is the “non-decider” ….

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      3. …but, this way, Folt gets to say “I didn’t do anything wrong…I just did what I always do…. not move things forward ONE inch…”

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      4. Funny story (which bears some relation to current state of affairs at USC): As a young prosecutor I wanted to file against a corrupt public figure but was told by my supervisor, “I’m smarter than you and I telling you to drop the subject.” Trying to be diplomatic I said “You are smarter but I use what little intelligence I have to take on challenge and you use your considerable intelligence to shield yourself from challenge.”
        He came back the next day to ask me tell him what I said about him again. He thought it was a compliment.

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      5. Your story from back in the day is now on steroids. The CA employment department has lost as much as $31 billion (yes, that is a “b”) due to fraudulent unemployment claims because they dropped their contract for fraud protection software.

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      6. Sometimes I think California would be better off without a government — citizens fixing their own potholes, putting out their own fires, etc.

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    1. The dude was barely above .500 with the Chargers. Lynn won’t transition well to the college game, let some other school take a chance on him.



    Did they ship out all these guys. Why is everything so hush hush……..AT USC………..DO YOU HEAR ME CAROL FOLT AND MIKE BOHN.

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