USC Is Too Small Now?

As great as it is for Donte Williams to get to be interim head coach, the downside is you no longer get to hide behind Clay Helton as an excuse.

The coaching staff can blame Helton for the culture, but they haven’t shown any capacity to change the mindset and they had plenty of freedom under Helton.

Now all of a sudden USC’s defense is undersized. I never heard that in training camp but I hear it now. It’s the gutty little Trojans. So that’s an excuse. Who ever expected USC to be viewed that way?

The ridiculous part is USC now has to bounceback against Colorado.

When does USC play a legitimate first-class opponent?

This season really is insane. USC has an incredibly easy schedule and is self-destructing on a weekly basis.

39 thoughts on “USC Is Too Small Now?

  1. USC is very small on defense. The defensive lineman are all slow, and look like linebackers in size. The linebackers all look like defensive backs in size. If your smaller in size you better be exceptionally fast, and have the ability to fight off blocks. USC has none of those qualities. Small in size, but not gutty that is for sure.

    Offensive coordinators must be licking their chops at this defense especially up the middle where we have no nose tackle or linebackers.
    Big holes in recruiting the last 5 years except for QB’s, receivers, and defensive backs.

    Where is Sophster the stud transfer from Alabama. There appears to be no rush to get him on the field. Has he been shipped off to Alcatraz like Bru McCoy without an explanation????

    I sure hope USC saved the cardboard cutouts from last season. If this continues they are going to need them. Perhaps they should make 60,000 Clay Helton cardboard images holding dollar bills for the next home game.

    The reason question is whether Bohn will have the guts to give Pete Carroll (Caeser) a call for a head coach recommendation.

    Colorado is not that bad of a team. I would not be surprised if they give USC a very good game especially in Boulder.

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      1. Of course it is! Clay identifies with the Dennis Hopper jumping up and down in the psycho ward scene ….

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    1. That just doesn’t add up in actual height and weight of players, nor does it in speed from camps measured again and again in recruiting. The coaching and schemes are as bad as many of us have been saying for a long time.

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    2. Tommyd, I agree with you. However, I want to add my fear of the altitude. If the team was laboring at sea level last Saturday, how will they stay “fresh” for 4 quarters at MILE HIGH plus (5,328). There were high praises for the new conditioning coach all off season, but I did not see good results of a quality conditioning program on Saturday. I think their running game with Broussard will wear them out. I admire Donte and would like him to find a way too be successful, but he has been given a broken car to drive in the Indianapolis 500. He’s facing too many problems including associate coaches with a myriad of problems. He is a warrior to take on this mess.


    3. Overthinking it. Can’t practice against the run if your offense doesn’t run. Can’t practice against Jumbo Package if your team has no TEs. None of this is complicated.


  2. Mr. Snark is back all the way, with his “gutty little trojans” remark. That one hurts, brother! And the self-destruction you say is occurring every week is only occurring every other week. So far. Still several games left.

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      1. SUCC FB + bozo rah-rah’s: Blowhard fat heads; pea brained; wimpy bodies.

        #Cue: “It’s Howdy Doody Time”


  3. The USC defensive line is small, and slow. The poor recruiting on the defensive line, and at linebackers are showing up big time.

    Offensive coordinators must be licking their chops at this defensive which has no size and speed at nose tackle, and all the linebackers. Basically, the middle of our defense looks like a high school team.

    Where is Sophster the stud DT from Alabama. There appears to be no rush to get him back on the field. Has he been shipped out to Alcatraz with Bru McCoy?? Speaking of disappearing players where has Drake Jackson been all year. I truely believe he is the most overrated defensive player USC has had in a long time. If you watch him play he’s fine as long as he does not get blocked, and if he does he stops playing hard.

    The way things are going I hope USC saved all the cardboard cutouts from last season. Attendance is going to keep declining until USC puts a good product on the field. Perhaps, USC should purchase 60,000 Clay Helton cut outs with dollar signs, and the words “Thank you Clay for the Air Raid”.

    Colorado, just might give USC quite a game on Saturday especially with a mobile QB. The fact the game is in Boulder gives Colorado a good chance to win this game.

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  4. We have JUCO level coaches so what’s expected?

    No matter this year. Just get the right head coach. The right guy changes everything.

    Not saying he is coming but Urban changed Bowling Green around in a year.

    USC needs a big figure. Please no second rate coaches like Fickell or Franklin. Guys that have won titles at the college level or in the NFL.

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    1. Hate to break it to you, my friend, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Fickell is gonna look real good compared to the guy Bohn eventually chooses……
      P. S.
      Come back, Pudly. It’s safe! Our side doesn’t owe anybody any excuses for the rest of this misbegotten season..

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      1. pudly can’t show his face, he’s been singing the praise of all the crap coaches over the years. That idiot pudly went all in and was all over Harrell and Orlando’s nutsack, saying how great of a job they were going to do this year.

        Constantly hyping those girls Foreman and Jackson, talking about how great they were going to be. I kept telling that idiot pudly and the rest of you clowns that those two girls were going to be busts. During the Nike camps those girls were getting handled and tossed around like rag dolls.

        pudly isn’t showing his face around here, the idiot should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself.


      2. I’ll come back if Clay Helton agrees to cum in my posterior, and sing USC’s fight song when he’s finished….. Cockadoodledoo!! 😀


  5. Too many slow fat polynesians that get hurt everytime they try and make a tackle.

    Too many supposed 4 & 5 star DB’s that haven’t been developed, they play undisciplined, they can’t tackle for shit, they’re too small.

    Again, all those 4 star WR’s and the only one that can get separation is London. The others can’t get off the line of scrimnage because they’re not strong enough to fight through opposing DB’s who push them around in press coverage.

    Helton really did a number on the program, it’s going to take a few years to straighten this mess out.


  6. No wonder pos Hellton is popular. Opposing coaches loves him as a bumbling opponent. Players love him as they are getting scholarships in effect free money even though they are not capable and can’t get on the field (eg Martin). Even coaches who don’t face him loves him as he sets such a low bar for comparison and he helps them get rid of their damaged goods (eg Sophster, Jake Smith) thus freeing up spots. Isn’t life good when he can use other people’s money and then claim he is getting these 4/5 stars transfers (never mind they may never play one down).

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    1. “USC players loved Helton cuz he gave them scholarships for doing nothing.”
      Maybe Helton -recruited players should spend 5 minutes thinking about what they’re gonna do for a living after college….

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      1. Amen Michael Guarino!!!! They should look at the poor NFL drafts in the helton era/error. The gifted players like Pittman are succeeding, not because of USC, but despite USC. Pittman’s dad taught him the right discipline and goal setting. And, let’s not forget helton had Pittman sitting on the bench until Pittman’s dad met with him. Helton’s failures are too numerous to list. In two years, bohn & folt should have seen the university was depriving the student athletes of player development. If the unqualified, ill-informed, self-centered folt had allowed bohn to hire Urban, we’d likely be in the National Championship chatter today. She needs to be replaced.


  7. USC is 2-2 and they have been blown out twice. They still have to play Utah, ND, ASU, UCLA and BYU. I can’t see them winning more than 2 games of those 5…..maybe only 1 and maybe none. That means the best that I can see them going this year is 7-5 and possibly 5-7. It’s not a real happy time for Trojan fans. But, believe it or not, USC has the best opportunity that they have had in years to straighten this mess out this year. If they go 6-6, the fans will be unbelievably angry. Under those conditions, I can’t see Bohn going out and hiring another CH and there will be a lot of good candidates out there because this is USC not Weber State. This is just one persons opinion but I really do think that we will get a good coach.

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    1. Sorry to say this parcelman —but I CAN see Bohn going out and hiring another Clay Helton.


      1. No, they’re going to have to spend the money to hire a quality head coach and staff. USC is losing too much money with the low attendance and donors not contributing to the program.

        Folt and Bohn know that if they screw up the hire they’re going to be pushed out the door. Where are they going to get another gig that overpays them and basically doesn’t expect much production from either of them?

        Folt doesn’t do anything but tweet and Bohn, he doesn’t do much of anything either, seeing how he has time to leave mid-day in order to go pick up his nephew from baseball camp down in Manhattan Beach.

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      2. tebow –in all the years I’ve known you I’ve never seen you display such a lack of insight into the psychology of the tin horn administrator (up till now, it’s always been your strong point). Folt and Bohn WILL commit career suicide to get somebody weak they can push around. It won’t actually be their considered choice… it will be their instinctive choice. ..


      3. I disagree but if you turn out to be right then my advice to all the USC football fans is to just find another team to follow or accept the fact that you will have to follow a mediocre team for the rest of your life. If they go 6-6 and he goes out and hires another CH, then this problem is simply not going to be fixed ever because the administration doesn’t want it fixed. But I do think that they will get a good coach. But if you are right, I’ll be the first to admit it.


  8. One of the things that really stands out to me in the box score is that SC got no sacks, no TFL and no hurries. SC is 49th in the NCAA in offense and 83rd in defense.

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      1. That motherfucker is drunk as a skunk.

        He forgot to mention the fact that Roethlisberger is a known rapist POS.


  9. Here is a sobering caveat about USC coaching choices: in roughly the last 40 years, USC has gotten it right only once, with Pete, and that was a bit of dumb luck. I hope that Bohn does his due diligence, and doesn’t pull a Pat Haden and rely on some human resources consulting firm to do his work for him.

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    1. My fear is we’ve already seen the best we’re gonna see from Mike (“Its all about the seed!”) Bohn….

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    1. Smith was a great practice & gameday coach….who couldn’t recruit cuz he was such a hard ass….


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