USC-Colorado Live Blog

It’s an early kickoff in Boulder and it’s on the Pac-12 Network. Does that mean the game exists?

USC still doesn’t run the ball enough but gets a TD from Vavae Malepeai and leads 30-7. All is well!

USC leads 23-7 after another Parker Lewis FG.

What are the USC recruiting sites that have built up defensive-line recruit Hero Kanu going to do now that he doesn’t list the Trojans in his final five?

Yogi Roth is doing the game on Pac-12 Network. Remember this horrible take Roth had on Clay Helton? How much better off would USC be today if Helton had been fired two years ago?

Are you a radio listener? How do you manage? I heard more on the American League wild-card race than the game a couple minutes ago.

Someone other than Drake London catches a pass and it’s Michael Trigg, who has a 53-yard TD. USC leads, 17-0.

Drake London catches a TD pass. Is the rout on? USC leads 10-0.

USC takes a 3-0 lead on a 30-yard FG by Parker Lewis.


26 thoughts on “USC-Colorado Live Blog

    1. Oregon looks like crap losing to Stanford 3-0.

      Ducks can’t do anything, just threw a pick.

      TD Stanford 10-0 over Cristobal’s Ducks.

      Cristobal is crap, big time over-rated and a lot of you want that idiot as the Trojans head coach…LMFAO!

      The only way USC gets back to being a legit contender is if they hire Chris Petersen, he’s the only coach out there other than Urban Meyer who has a long history of winning.


  1. There is no coaching. No blocking. No running game.
    There’s only Drake London.
    Everyone pray nothing happens to London.


  2. How stupid is Karl Dorrel? Let’s see, I’m going to try to cover Drake Jackson with one on one coverage, when the recipe has always been a 3-5-3 zone defense. But then again, Karl did go to UCLA, so you really cannot blame him.


    1. “I’m in the processing of correcting some things, and we’ll play a lot better next week” Wait… didn’t I say that after every loss at UCLA, as if I were a broken record? 🤔


  3. Two sorry ass teams , especially Colorado. I’m watching the Georgia vs Arkansas game, and the physical difference between those two teams, and USC is unbelievable!! The Trojans new coach will have his work cut out for him in a big way!

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  4. Let This Sink In: A team with the 12th best offensive line in the Pac 12, and the 12th best QB in the Pac 12, and the 12th best Running Backs in the Pac 12 and the 12th best Receivers in the Pac 12 —just easily scored on USC’s defense.
    Maybe last team Colorado scores against all season.

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  5. hi football fans, well its a problem in sports college football that they tolerate well retarded coaches in there ranks! lou holtz,tollner,helton etc. there a burden for sure you know assistant coach should be it for them ?????? Sincerely, Edward


  6. hello football fans, as a hobbie football is hilarious !colleges time has passed them by there just not productive !? USELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerely. E


  7. hi sports fans, baseball st louis manager thats mr peepers with glasses here little boy check out mr dingaling !!!!!! that cardinal pitcher grooved that pitch right down the middle of the plate????last night!!!!!!! sincerely, Edward ps should not pitch anymore in this series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. hi sports fans, looks alike with forhead injury is struggling at seattle,adams really had lousey game! lack running game and pass rush not consistent at all? that phony coach carroll not convincing at all!!!!!1 sincerely, E


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