Who’s Up And Down In USC Coaching Search

One of the criticisms of Oregon coach Mario Cristobal is his clock management.

Do you think yesterday’s game will influence USC?

On the other end, Cincinnati coach Luke Fickell is riding so high that he might get too big for USC. He might be fielding NFL offers after the season. Or SEC offers.

Iowa State coach Matt Campbell is under the radar but still in the mix too and has to wonder if he can go any farther with the Cyclones.

If I’m USC, I still spend a weekend trying to meet with Chris Petersen even though he has made it clear he is not interested. Maybe his opinion of L.A. has changed since he spends weekends here working for Fox Sports.

41 thoughts on “Who’s Up And Down In USC Coaching Search

  1. It’s Luke Fickel job- if he wants it no doubt about. Bohn, likes to hire his buddies. If this is the case we won’t get a coaching decision news until January at best since his team will be in the playoffs. One has to wonder how this will effect recruiting since signing day is now December.

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  2. I suspect Peterson navigates LA traffic in the backseat of a Fox provided, luxury car service. It’s not the same as wasting 2 hours on a two mile trip driving your own ride.

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    1. I traveled to Boise on business quite often and had the opportunity to watch Coach Petersen at Boise St. He is a REAL gentleman who is a great teacher. He trains 0 stars athletes to become NFL draftees. He had annual winning seasons and won his bowl games including the Fiesta Bowl against Bob Stoops Sooners. IF, he came to USC he could change the culture and help develop young athletes. He helped the Huskies, then retired. I think the Pac12 got to him. He was one of the few coaches vocalizing the unfairness of “Pac12 After Dark”. Like Shaw, he said it didn’t give the West Coast teams a chance to be seen and recognized for their talent. With a new commissioner, this will hopefully soon be changed. After having a fraud as a head coach that was neither a quality coach or a quality person, Coach Petersen would bring real integrity to the school and a coach who understands and knows real football, not the gimmick air raid foolishness.

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      1. Carra,
        Agree with ALL except the implicit premise that Peterson would be happy working under Carol Folt and Mike Bohn just cuz the Pac 12 changed Commissioners….

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      2. We all like Peterson, but I believe he TRULY no longer wishes to coach.
        He is a bright, principled guy and was an innovative coach.
        I suspect he has burned out and enjoys providing some TV commentary for
        a nice cash retirement supplement.

        The coaches for the next generation are all in their 30’s to early 40’s right now.
        They need to recruit 24/7 every day (allowed) AND develop players.
        The energy required for CFB coaching is extraordinary.
        Once a guy has banked enough cash to comfortably retire, why would he
        1. A bunch of snowflake narcissistic teenagers mostly interested in their social
        media profile and N/I/L
        2. A diffident fan base who expect a natty in 2 years and excoriate the coach otherwise
        3. A demanding administration who expect a pristine clean program with high
        grad rates for a bunch of kids who were likely not educated adequately by their
        public high school
        4. A hypocritical, feckless NCAA that allows pedophiles and sexual assaulters
        off with nary a wrist slap but punishes otherwise clean programs with a single dirty
        privateer (yes, the Bush family) with a death penalty
        5. A media-industrial complex (ESPN, CFB playoff committee) which continues to lavish cash and attention primarily to the SEC.

        My hope is that we focus on the young HC talent who is a relentless and enthusiastic recruiter who embraces the fundamentals of football (blocking/tackling/position on the field) and has proven these skill sets REPEATEDLY in a P5 WINNING program.

        Matt Campbell, Dave Aranda, maybe Bill O’brien (he’s 50, and spent a long time in the NFL)

        Bob Stoops? Fer cripesakes.
        Urban? Maybe back in 2018. Too late now. Too old.

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      3. Bourbon –The fact that all 5 bullet points are “true and accurate”, as they say in court, doesn’t make them less depressing to read…

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  3. Yes, since Petersen has spent weekends in L.A. working for FOX, his opinion HAS, in fact, changed: He dislikes L.A. even more, having spent more time in L.A. I love USC, but L.A. is a shithole in a commie state with high taxes, and that is going to chase off a number of coaching candidates. Fickell is my top pick, and all I hear about is that his “midwestern wife” and five kids like where they are and that Fickell likes living in the state of Ohio. I hope Fickell comes. I can’t see Petersen taking the job.

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    1. Los Angeles is the same place it’s always been –a city which politicians have been promising to save for the last 50 years…. which still has all the same blighted areas and all the same crime problems and all the same housing problems it had 50 years ago..

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  4. The more I see and hear about Urban, the more I think he’s exactly what Carol is secretly looking for.

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      1. It would break long held ratings record set by Beverly Hillbillies finale… .

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  5. Urban’s lack of success so far may scare off the NFL from Fickell. Fickell said no to Tennessee and no other jobs in the SEC coming up rise to even that level. Cristobal still a candidate, though not in my Top 4. He could still rise up.

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    1. LSU not going to fire Orgeron yet. Vandy and Mizzou suck, but all other SEC schools are either good or have new coaches.


    2. The SEC is a bloodbath for coaches (ask the $100 million man Jimbo Fisher). For a first-rate coach, the Pac12 can be a cakewalk to the CFP.

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    3. Texas A&M, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas will rue the day that they joined the SEC. More money, but they will become punching bags with a 8-4 ceiling.

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  6. Urban Meyer video with young woman “dancing” has put Meyer out of the running for Head Coach of USC. I am not judging him for his morality. However, I want a coach that will help young men make good decisions. This action shows Meyer is not capable of making a good decision when his desire overcomes his brain.

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    1. Looks like “All’s well that ends well.” Mrs. Meyer tweeted her enthusiastic support of Urban’s decision to have a “fun” night out….

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  7. After beating the Princess in South Bend, I gotta think Fickell might look at the USC job as a step in the wrong direction for himself. I gotta wonder if Fickell is not a great choice for USC.

    I’m switching to Matt Campell at Iowa State or Dave Aranda at Baylor.
    I’ve always favored bringing in Dave Aranda.
    Sitake at BYU is not high on my list, but he is winning a lot of games.

    Though Wisconsin has done poorly in the peri-Covid world, Jim Leonhard is still a bright defensive mind, though I see him as a DC and not as a HC at this time.
    I still like Justin Wilcox as a bright defensive mind–a DC and not a HC.
    The fact that Helton summarily fired Wilcox and then hired Clancy proves what a great D coach is Wilcox.*

    Hoping that Mario loses a few more games and decides to move on to U Miami.

    *I chose not to end a sentence with a verb, out of respect for Cal75.

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  8. So if Fickell doesnt take the job, then who is the next best candidate?

    Not Cristobal. Just no.

    Not Meyer. Not Franklin.

    So we are going to have to go down a tier.

    I think we want a winner. How about Dan Lanning, the DC for Georgia? He owns one side of the field. Could he be pared up with a really solid offensive coordinator, who can use USC as a springboard to a head coaching job?

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  9. Oh, and to all the PJ Fleck advocates…
    A loss to Bowling Green and near losses to Miami of Ohio and Purdue?
    Rowing the boat without paddles.

    Tsk. Tsk.

    Success as a HC in the Sun Belt or AAC or CUSA has not translated to success in the top 20 programs. Fickell’s eminent move out of the G5 will be a test case. Much like Scott Frost at Nebraska, Fickell is about to see how tough coaching is when you are tested 10 weeks out of 12. Mediocrity sets in.

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  10. Fickell’s former coach at OSU, John Cooper, says he should take the USC job if it’s offered to him. We’ll see. Whoever gets hired, Bohn better hit it out of the park.

    Slightly O/T, the other 11 teams in conference may hate USC with a passion, but they also know that when USC does well, everybody else does, financially speaking. USC is the only Pac 12 team that “travels,” i.e. has a national following. The Pac 12 Network is going to be stuck on Sling bringing in no ratings and no money unless and until USC starts winning in Pete Carroll style again.

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    1. The exodus of So Cal HIGH QUALITY HS FB talent to the SEC, “Big10”, and ACC is truly alarming. If the hemorrhage is not stanched, the Pac12 very well may descend into CFB obscurity.

      The results of the 2021 season for the Pac12 so far seem to support its further decline.


  11. James Franklin, at age 49 and with proven success at the P5 level, is a great hire for USC also. Here’s to hoping he loses a few games this season and sees his trajectory in the Big 10 as “topped out.”


  12. 1. James Franklin … his teams play hard and tough. Nice balanced offense and he can recruit. Seems like a natural fit for LA. Easy buy out but will he leave 10 mil a year already and #1 recruiting class ?

    2. Chris Petersen … burnout ? doubt it. Doesn’t hurt a big time coach to take some time off. Even if he forgot 1/2 the football he knew, Pete still knows 99% more than the last 3 shitbags USC has hired. Disciplined, sound, solid. Imagine that at USC! The timing is perfect.

    3. Luke Fuckell … beat ND now everyone wants him. Good coach that has been Bohned.
    What happens when he loses to Houston or someone ? still want him. Seems a natural for Ohio St. gig when it comes open. Guy there isn’t going to last.

    4. This Lynn guy and Bienemy … agent ploy, not happening. Bohn canned Bienemy at CU, he knows he is worthless.

    5. Matt Campbell. Guy is a superb coach that can build a program. Seems like a Midwest guy.

    6. Goat Kiffin ….. hahahaha nice game vs Bama lol typical Goatboy all talk all BS. Ass clown

    7. Suckisian …. see above. Loses to this shit Okie team and Horn fans will go after his fat stupid ass.


    1. Wait a cotton picking minute, why wasn’t my name mentioned? I’ll be unemployed at the end of the season, and will be looking for work.


  13. There should be plenty of outstanding coaches available. This is USC and the sanctions are long over. You don’t have to re-build. There is already plenty of talent. It’s the best chance they have had in a long time to get back to the glory days…….even Max Nakias is gone, as is his incompetent AD’s. It’s an opportunity that we can’t miss.


  14. Based on insider knowledge, the current top five list of USC Coaching Candidates is as follows: 1.Luke Fickell. 2.James Franklin. 3.Jeff Hafley. 4. Dave Aranda. 5.Dave Clawson.


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