Morning Buzz: Pick USC-Utah Score Plus My Pick

Utah has never won at the Coliseum, where USC is 0-2 this season in Pac-12 games.

Whatever happened to the Coliseum being a fortress?

I thought it was interesting I did an interview with a Utah radio station this week and they never asked about the game. Kyle Whittingham doesn’t even get mentioned for the USC job.

Meanwhile, I think USC is gaining confidence it can beat bad teams but still would not handle a physical team that isn’t beating itself.

I’m still not convinced by Kedon Slovis or the offensive line.

USC is ripe to lose a game like this but I don’t know if Whittingham and Co. have it in them to take advantage.

My pick: USC 34, Utah 20.

On a lighter note, I missed this last month:

31 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick USC-Utah Score Plus My Pick

  1. “Not convinced by our offensive line”? Sometimes I just don’t know where you’re coming from, Scott.

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    1. I misread your post on the “Next Coach Must do no Harm” article. [Actually, I got confused with your saying you favored the “former” fighter over the “latter” — by which you mean Fury, not Wilder]. So when I said “Fury seems to sense that too” I meant, judging by his body language all week, it looks like Fury expects to get beat.
      What sayest thou, James?

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    1. I believe the only way to get past the Helton/Graham effect (which is palpable) is to bring in Dart as soon as he’s healthy. With all due respect to the talented Slovis, it’s the only way of saying, “The Helton tenure is officially over!”

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      1. I’ve never seen anyone eat pineapple pizza here, 67 —- I’ve seen Ono Pizza, Maui Onion Pizza —but, thankfully, never pineapple pizza.
        [I have seen lots of fast food pineapple hamburgers, though — like the one Brad was eating in Pulp Fiction right before he got offed. Maybe, after stealing from Marcellus, those guys should have changed apartments]…….

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      2. Grilled Ono, two kinds of cheese (which I can’t make out) and spinach.
        Really good with the local beer, Lava. [Crap –I’m making myself hungry & thirsty].
        Do you think Arizona’s new coach, Jedd Fisch, hurt himself when he said, “I didn’t realize what shitty athletes I had to work with?” Is it an even worse insult given the fact he comes from UCLA? And nothing should seem shitty in comparison? Do you think Scott is close to saying the same thing about tebow and F.U. as posters?

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  2. “USC Bruins”
    Reminds me of my high school, which has USC colors and Bruin nickname. Back in the 70s the football uniforms were exactly like USC’s.

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  3. hi folks, gee poor steve loses to oklahoma who uses a new qb!!!!!!1 with seconds on the clock okla runs sweep play for a td???? sark defense important?????? sincerely, Edward

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    1. Eddie, that was a heck of a game. OU within spitting distance of 700 yards of total offense. Looks like OU found their own Jaxon Dart – and the leading pre-season Heisman candidate is benched…quite a season, my friend.

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