Morning Buzz: Can USC Conjure Magic Vs. Irish?

Notre Dame is really a beatable team this year with average quarterback play and weaker offensive line than usual.

So it really is a shame that USC is in no position to beat the Irish in South Bend, barring a magical performance that hasn’t been shown.

It reminds of when Paul Hackett took the Trojans to South Bend in 1999 and USC blew a game it easily could have won, 25-24. That team found ways to fall short in games and went 6-6.

But it never lost a game by more than 10 points. You can’t say that about this year’s team.

  • Five-star defensive end Mykel Williams of Columbus, Ga., flipped from USC to Georgia today.

That must kill the fanboys who spent a few months raving about Williams and his commitment. I never understood why they thought a kid from Georgia would come to USC? Who has USC developed? Drake Jackson isn’t even dominating this year? And what has Korey Foreman done?

48 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Can USC Conjure Magic Vs. Irish?

  1. Scottie, you are in fine form today! Not all gloom and doom in terms of USC recent grads in the NFL, there is Pittman, Austin Jackson now starting, the 49ers are excited about Hufanga, Amon Ra is having a good rookie season.

    Any “Inside USC” updates on the coaching search?


    1. The last time a Trojan team that was led by an incompetent head coach conjured up magic vs the Irish at South Bend and won on talent alone was in 2011.

      USC RB Curtis McNeal came off the bench to rush for 118 yards on 24 carries.

      McNeal abused Irish LB Manti Te’o all game long, running over and through him while also dishing out some crushing blocks.

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      1. That game was shocking … only because SC didn’t play like a Lame crap Kiffin team usually did. Of course, most the stars were Pete recruits. We saw what happen to Kiffy when they were done. Matt Kalil made himself a 1st round pick this game, he dominated that game as did Robert Woods ( the best player a Kiffin tried to ruin) and Nick Perry.
        Of course, that idiot Brian Kelly changed qbs at 1 yd line going in for the tying score. Only to watch a 90 TD scoop and score.
        Don’t expect a shocker this week … unless ND dicks around and doesn’t win by 20 or more. That would be shocking.


      2. Yeah, but Kiff was a real FB coach and was loaded with talent.
        Kiff was weighed down by his DC dad who knew nothing about defense.
        Lead to Kiff’s demise at USC.


  2. NO CHANCE IN SOUTH BEND THIS SATURDAY- NOTRE DAME MIGHT BE WEAKER AT QB, but still as strong as evr on the offensive and defensive lines. It will be the men of ND vs. the kids playing their air raid toy on Saturday.


    1. Good.
      It’d be nice if a court put one of these horseshit institutions to the test of proving their restrictions on first amendment freedoms are “NECESSARY in the service of a compelling state interest” (the long respected formula used by courts to scrutinize statutes and quasi-governmental orders interfering with First Amendment rights before the 2020 election results)…..


      1. Regardless of where you fall on vaccine mandates, Rolo applied for an exemption based on his religious beliefs. He’s a catholic, and catholic leaders–including the Pope–have urged catholics to get vaccinated. So if the Catholic Church is pro-vaccine, how could Rolo use that as an excuse for exemption? And let’s be clear, his attorney stated Rolo was being persecuted for being a devout Catholic. This does not appear to hold water.

        As to putting institutions to the test, this country has a long history of vaccine mandates, from smallpox to polio to measles, etc. And the Supreme Court resolved this over a hundred years ago in Jacobson v. Massachusetts. Vaccine mandates are constitutional. As for first amendment freedoms, the Constitution does not give citizens an absolute right to be wholly freed from restraint at all times and in all circumstances. And specifically with regard to vaccination, one person’s liberty cannot deprive his neighbors of their own liberty, in this case by allowing the spread of disease. Personal liberties outlined in the Constitution do not give you the right to determine that your own liberty is greater than the that of the community.

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      2. Oaktown — Nice history lesson. You left out the PRESENT Supreme Court’s analysis of the constitutional necessity of THESE shots. You need to share their analysis of what experts (outside of the population of those becoming billionaires off this “vaccine”) said about the vaccinated population’s vulnerability to covid upon exposure to the unvaccinated….and what they said regarding the effectiveness of this “vaccine” (it’s really experimental gene therapy) to past vaccines. Is that because the present Court hasn’t addressed these issues?


      3. Michael, I figured you would ask about the present Court! 🙂 The present Supreme Court has not done any analysis of the constitutional necessity of the Covid vaccines because AFAIK they have not heard any cases on the subject. Having said that, as you’re well aware courts evaluate standing legal precedents when making decisions, so one assumes that vaccine mandates would hold up due to the Supreme Court’s Jacobson ruling. However, challenges could certainly make their way to this current Supreme Court and, absolutely, this Court could reinterpret the law with respect to Covid and strike down mandates, especially given the Court’s current conservative makeup.

        A lot depends on the arguments made before the Court, e.g., does the government have the right to enforce mandates, or is the vaccine safe, effective, or necessary? A new vaccine mandate case argued before today’s Court could be a modern update to the Jacobson case. How they would rule today is anybody’s guess, though the Jacobson case was decided 7-2, so not really close or controversial. My bet is that they would choose not to hear any case that was argued on a fairly straightforward basis.

        As to your comment about “the vaccines,” the Covid vaccines are not some “experimental gene therapy.” Gene therapy modifies your genes in order to treat disease or repair genes. But the vaccines do not alter your genes at all.

        The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use messenger RNA to trigger the body’s immune system to battle the virus. The mRNA molecule “teaches” our cells how to make a spike protein like the one the coronavirus has, and your immune system then begins to attack that spike protein. By triggering an immune response, your body produces antibodies to the virus. And this is not some risky new technology–it actually mimics a natural process that occurs in the body everyday. Our bodies are full of mRNA molecules. And the mRNA does not alter your genes: it does not enter your cell nucleus and does not alter your DNA.


      4. Lots of useful [and other kinds of info], Oaktown. I’m not a doctor so I rely on what I hear from the “experts” –here’s what I gather: past vaccines have gone through WAY more vigorous testing for WAY longer periods of time, this “vaccine” (and I use quotes cuz I’ve heard several “experts” allege this is not a traditional vaccine and shouldn’t be referred to as such) doesn’t come close to the effectiveness of past vaccines which have upwards of 96% effectiveness —and, finally, we can expect in, say, 3 more years to see tv ads saying “if you or someone you love has suffered brain tumors or heart inflammation as a result of being forced to take the covid vaccine by your employer or your university, call the number on the screen –you may be entitled to compensation.”
        I think the Supreme Court OWES it to the American people to fully explore the arguments being made in lower courts regarding the impressive fraction of people who suffer a wide range of medical concerns directly after vaccination —as well as the position of the feds that the vaccination is so effective (yet mysterious) that unvaccinated people hold the power of life or death over the vaccinated.
        Let’s leave the abstract for a moment and look at how these enlightened vaccine policies are actually working out on the ground. Unvaccinated teachers in several California school districts interact all day long with unvaccinated parents (with zero cases arising in those schools —I don’t rely on “experts” here –I’m talking to the teachers themselves) —and then, once a week, go into a special “germ free” room for testing wherein a team of folks in Hazmat suits administer covid tests —then walk back out to mingle with the unvaccinated students and parents. It’s a fricking Monte Python movie.


    2. The dummy (Rolo) flatly refuses to comply with a Wash. St. State health mandate designed to curb covid-19, so the fool sues. It’s not like vaccinated US citizens are dying from Covid-19 like unvaccinated citizens. Sh*t, vaccinations are free at your local CVS.

      I bet Rolo hired one of Trump’s “Stop the steal” Loser/SUCCer attorneys.


    1. Mr. Wolf forgot to mention USC OT Courtland “Courtney” Ford alongside the other two disappointments Jackson and Foreman.

      pudly dumbass raved about and hyped all three of those aforementioned girls and just as expected, all three are well on their way to being the sure fire busts I knew they would be.

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    2. No doubt, the Piglet. But he steadily declined in performance from his freshman FB season. He’s now a D++ or a C— NFL QB.


  3. Scooter,

    Nd’s line will handle SC’s oline like a rag doll. Do not be suprised if Slovis is knocked out the game because of the oline. You put Moss in. Don’t put Dart in. SC’s oline will fold like a cheap tent. They do not have the physicality, intensity, no big brass balls like when Munoz, Budde, Pete Adams, Yary played, and no will to destroy the opponent. Game is done already. Slovis is knocked out and SC loses to nd by the score of 42-17.

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  4. This awful USC team created by a decade of incompetence will get drubbed by a mediocre ND team. Take the -6 and run. If it’s even close then ND is a lot worse than anyone thought. ND 30 SC 10


  5. When I have to look at Wikipedia to see when was the last time USC beat Notre Dame, it doesn’t look good. Some are saying that Donte is in over his head and I might agree but I could counter with the fact that he has recalcitrant coordinators. These are coaches who don’t care about making a case for their resume’ and allowing the team to look as sloppy as it has this season. But again a seasoned veteran coach would not have this problem. Instead of being on the same page I see one of them asking, “page what page?” and the other saying, “I like turtles.”
    Anyway there must be 5 guys on the team who could hold the line (without holding the Irish) long enough to spring a good play or two. I’ll take the Trojans for the coin flip after that it’s same old same old.

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  6. USC is now #41 in the national recruiting rankings. But none of that will matter if they get the right coach. Get Luke Fickell or even James Franklin and they will finish high this year.

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  7. Rolovich is going to sue Wazzu over his firing. Good for him. Probably has a very good case. I hope he cleans them out.

    At what point did we lose our freedom to make our own healthcare decisions?

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    1. Terri Shiavo ring a bell?

      And how about this one, you trumplicans constantly trying to overturn Roe v. Wade.

      You’re fine with your trumplican party passing legislation telling a woman what she can or can’t do with her own body, huh?

      And you’re crying over a shot? You were vaccinated before you entered elementary school…multiple times.

      Quit bitching

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      1. well you like freedom of choice to murder a baby ? but not the freedom to not take an unapproved shot that kills many injected? u r the bitch

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      2. Big difference. I’m just saying “it’s my body… has risks….I’ll take my chances without the vax”.
        The woman is saying it’s my body and if I don’t want part of it in there I have the right to take it out. But that infant is not her body. It’s a separate body with different DNA, fingerprints, blood type. Does she have the right to slaughter it? And is that the same as refusing to take the vax? If you refuse to take the vax, more than likely, nothing will happen to your health. If you decide to have an abortion, a baby gets slaughtered. There is no comparison.


    2. So if I have a contagious STD, that I refuse treatment for based on my 1st Amendment rights, you TV, won’t mind if I do your daughter w/o protection or warning her?


    3. The 42-year-old Rolovich was the highest-paid state employee with an annual salary of more than $3 million in a contract that runs through 2025.

      So the idiot trumplican threw away $3 million a year so he can show everyone he’s an ignorant trumpster.

      Religious exemption, huh? I guarantee you that clown doesn’t attend church on a regular basis.

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    4. I think that we started to lose freedom when they first came out with seatbelt laws. That’s when I first started noticing it. It’s one thing to say that every vehicle must have seatbelts. I would never have argued with that. But when you start fining people $100-200 for not wearing your seatbelts and even hauling people off to jail in some states, that definitely a loss of freedom. I am not endangering anyone else if I don’t wear my seatbelts. They say “well, we are just trying to protect you”. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t need the governments protection. Life has it’s risks. What’s next… can’t eat hamburgers and Mexican food because it is bad for your health and “we’re just trying to protect you”. The government has been whittling away at our freedoms little by little for a long time. Now they are starting to get bold.


  8. Damn ’86, coming from you, your belittling s*x remark is laughable.

    I have it on good authority you were 36 before you realized sheep were easier to hustle/do than pigs and chickens.


  9. come to think most, if not all, sc players and coaches have never been to ND stadium,let alone won anything there. It takes a coach like Howard Jones to take a team,a very fine sc team and walk in there a play ND , and Knute Rockne,& win …or beeven a few points down. ND was like Yankee stadium, just try and stay alive.
    This ND team is struggling no real 1st rate q/b,and all is that way…but to ND this is THE RIVALRY…to sc ‘still the hellton boys’…who knows.

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    1. Note to our team: It’s never too late to learn the meaning of the word “pride.”

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      1. I thought about something similar…when do SC athletes ,many 4-5 star ones and 3 is a decent rating, get tired of getting pushed around? in high school they didn’t like it,that’s why their teams won. They were going to be the ones blocking and tackling…what happened? Is it the hellton flu? WHAT? I think it was pride in their work/practices,etc…so where has it gone since coming to SC, one of the all time football powerhouses. THAT IS WHY COACHES ARE IMPORTANT. DID YOU READ WHAT SABAN SAID AFTER THE CLOSE LOSS TO A&M ? ’nuff said,I’m done

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      2. 100%. It’s hard to imagine a program so toxic and destructive it can transform winners into losers [thereby ruining their careers].

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  10. Hard to imagine either side of USC– O or D–improving enough to challenge the Domers.

    Kelly is a real FB coach and will run the FB repeatedly at Orlando until TO comes up with a solution. When TO stacks the box–which he routinely will not do–then Coan or the younger QB will take advantage of our CB’s (whose play has declined immensely from last year and since Donte took over as HC). I think ND–with horrible QB play–put up a solid 38, including that inexorable TD right before half time (which we give up in every loss). Kelly goes game control in the second half and the leprechauns slog away to an unimpressive victory.

    On O, I don’t see this staff of WR’s getting open, so London will have another superstar game and work his way seriously into the Biletnikoff conversation. Slovis will hold the ball too long and get painfully sacked repeatedly. Ingraham will gain some tough yards, esp after Moss comes in for a beaten up Slovis. I do think we’ll put 10 on the board in the first half and score a few garbage TD’s at the end of game.

    Something like 38 to 24 and no Bourbon for me Saturday night.
    I did have a nice nipper of Bourbon after this past Saturday’s “victory.”

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    1. …parenthetically, I don’t advise playing poor Jaxson Dart. But if he does play, we show some spark and lose by 7 points fewer. Still, no bourbon for me.

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      1. My concern is our Defense vs Brian Kelly’s power football. Stanford, Oregon State, and Utah have exposed our D.

        Anyway, I’d love to pour a nice tipple of Bourbon Saturday night!

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      2. The following isn’t what most people would think of (including me) as great football strategy …but it’s the best I got: Stop the run. Our front 7 are rested — they should be able to stand up to anything Notre Dame throws at them [it’s only one game — they can go back to arm tackling next week —it’ll be okay]. The corners just need to keep Notre Dame receivers in front of them —don’t even think of tackling them until after they’ve caught the ball (doing more is too much for our guys). Then…open up the offense and bomb the shit outta ’em.


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