A USC Recruiting Oddity

You probably saw USC got a commitment from Johnny Thompson, a tailback from Oaks Christian.

According to 247Sports, USC is the only school that offered Thompson a scholarship. Is that possible? Oaks Christian is a pretty big school so I doubt he is unknown to other colleges. Can anyone remember USC being the only school to offer a player?

With a 3-4 record, I’m sure USC wants to create any buzz it can right now, so I guess this commitment should not be too surprising.

22 thoughts on “A USC Recruiting Oddity

  1. Relax, it’s not uncommon for example Trojans were 1 if only 2 teams to offer a scholarship to QB Devin Brown entering his Junior year. I guess iyou to always see the glass half empty when it comes to SC football.


  2. Oaks Christian is currently 4-5 so Thompson should feel right at home at USC.

    Thompson has a 4.9 yard rushing average which will translate to a 0.9 yard average at USC.

    That Donte is some great recruiter.



  3. I saw films of this guy. He looked pretty good to me. But the new coach doesn’t have to hold on to all the recruits under the old administration.


  4. Will the USC coach recruiting this guy, call up the fansite’s recruiting expert and have the recruit upgraded from a 2- to a 4-star!? According to Bruce Feldman, this isn’t uncommon at USC. Maybe why USC usually has such highly-ranked recruiting classes. Sell some more of those subscriptions and get the HC an extension.


      1. Funny, sort of. The glass half cracked view is USC ain’t alone on this one. Lots fingerprints on that knife. Bad shit though.

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      2. Optimism Lesson Part 2:
        I guess if the USC glass is filled with bad shit it’s good news that it’s cracked….


      3. 1) MG – It’s cracked in that perversely worst case scenario imaginable way – not so much to let the bad out, but visible to all except those in a drunken stupor of whatever type, and the flaw constantly causing cuts when trying to pick it up and cradle it and love it…The Grapes of Wrath did have something to do with bad times and dislocation involving California, yes, oh font of literary wisdom?
        2) Scott-Darn it, fix the bugs – want to like and post without logging in each time! haha


      4. James, my philosophical friend, you know I’m not a conspiracy guy —but I don’t like the fact you keep having to sign in. That’s not Scott. That’s something further up the chain. I’m trying to think back –did you recently say anything critical of Kamala Harris? Or Garland, perhaps?


  5. USC has been working very hard this season to evade the ever watchful eye of the Minion, and they have finally succeeded. They have set odd times and stayed away from network channels as much as possible, but I have managed to collect (and erase) recordings of every game until now.
    ESPN U is a premium channel, which requires extra money to obtain. Since I convinced Mrs. Minion to pay for the PAC 12, I am not entitled to any other useless channels. One of these days I hope a media provider comes up with a true cafeteria plan wherein I don’t have to pay for twenty foreign language spewing news channels or syrupy nostalgia channels. If I didn’t watch a show when it was “popular or topical” why would I watch it now?
    -Did Gilligan ever get off that Island? Lord knows I wrote to the coast guard enough trying to help. But I progress.-
    I am paying for the sports package, which gives me three ESPNs three Foxes and two PAC 12, a Big10 and SEC why do I need to pay for ESPN U?

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    1. It’s touching that you’re sticking with the Pac 12 Network, M. T.
      [That’s gonna be my first bit of economizing if Bohn doesn’t get a current —not distant past —winner to take over as Head Coach]….


  6. hi folks fans, tomlin is a phony holy man in the sleazy pro football whoes this clown fooling? those problems showing up in the river on the north side of pgh. he no doubt had a hand in those! along with the pittsburgh post gazette also located near by ????? sincerely, Edward


  7. hi trojan fans, well londons all right he just wanted to leave the field fast! the game was el stinko!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, E


  8. hello fans, coach carroll back on the sideline after double takes a head blow! such is pro football sleazy!!!!! the jackass goes down with a thud as carroll uses geno smith as qb. to drake these problems at usc will make you just a better player in the long run!! stay with it all the way into next season!? sincerely, E


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