Drake London Out For Season With Fractured Ankle

As expected, junior wide receiver Drake London suffered a fractured ankle in Saturday’s victory over Arizona, Donte Williams said Sunday night. London is out for the season.

Williams was less forthcoming about the quarterback rotation.

“I don’t know if we’ll rotate going forward,” he said. “It’s a chance that we could keep rotating going forward. We’re actually the ones that are lucky. We have two really, really good quarterbacks that probably could start anywhere, any team right now.”

Asked if the defense can improve this late in the season: “Hell yeah, I think we can improve, We have to continue to grow, no matter how much time is left.”

36 thoughts on “Drake London Out For Season With Fractured Ankle

  1. It was bound to happen. There’s only so many targets the body can survive. It’s the same thing that happened with Marquis Lee. Kiffin used him up, he got hurt, fell to the 2nd round and I have no idea if he’s even still in the NFL. But it’s all about the kids, right?

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  2. Personally I’m not a fan of “the Drake.” I don’t like his habit of taunting opposing players and teams. However, I can’t deny he’s an outstanding receiver. The young man has magnetic hands.

    It’s to bad “the Drake,” was rode hard and put away wet.

    Let’s hope his surgery, rehab, and full recovery are all positive.


    1. JO,
      Wow you’re human. And you actually know football talent when you see it??? Thank you Drake London for all your contributions to Trojan football. Hopefully you have a speedy recovery and are ready for the combine to earn your rightful place on an NFL team.

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      1. So London has torn ligaments in her ankle as well. No amount of rehab will be able to strengthen that ankle to where she won’t have problems with it.

        London is going to have problems with rolling that ankle pretty frequently, she’ll never be the same. That’s the breaks when you throw to only one receiver on 85% of the pass plays, they’re bound to get hurt. She can kiss being a 1st round draft pick goodbye.


    2. I see where you are coming from Owns. I do think he should just focus more on his job and not so much trash talk. However, I do think the other teams start the talking and I do think London takes a lot of cheap shots from DB’s. It’s like they giving him the “light skinned” treatment. If he looked like DK Metcalf they wouldn’t fuck with him like that.

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  3. If I were paranoid, which I am, I’d say that Drake had been targeted for some time. I have noticed that teams had been hitting him at or below the knees for the past few games. The tackle that took his ankle was unnecessary. The ball had crossed the goal line, the AZ player rolled the leg. This used to be common practice in football, so I’m guessing it still is.
    Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

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    1. That’s not what I meant by targets. I meant the number of times they throw to him or run some dumb running play for him. It’s like mileage on a car.

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    2. Drake is always targeted because Drake is the only receiver that can catch the Slovis throws regardless how off target they are. Drake has been the USC OFFENSE. Opposing teams know that although harrell has not caught on. Regarding trash talk, it’s been part of the game since the game began and there is no way in the heat of battle high testosterone young men are going to allow themselves to be belittled.

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  4. It’s obvious that none of these coaches ever stepped a foot in Heritage Hall to appreciate what a storied football program has. They have done nothing to respect the program.

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    1. What has the current administration done to respect the program???? They kept an incompetent in place for two years despite his destruction of SC’s tradition and heritage. If we want respect we need to get it on the field and not in some display case in Heritage Hall.

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  5. Someone on the medical staff or with that info about Drake leaked the news to a pro scout earlier today. The fracture is apparently not nearly as bad as it could be, so there is that. He gave so much to the university – I hope they find him the best medical care. Better than what the USC docs did for Porter Gustin, and better than they did for Markese Stepp, who was out for over a year after surgery that was supposedly a 6 week recovery.

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    1. I shared with you all last night that he was out for the season. As an orthopedist, my opinion is that not only is he out for the season but also in danger of never being same as an athlete. He has a nasty fracture in that ankle joint capsule. Compounding the difficulty is that he has torn the most important of all tendons, the dreaded Achilles tendon and also the posterior tibial tendon as well as the Ankle Ligaments. He has damaged the 3 of the most important ligaments of the ankle capsule.

      His in for a long rehabilitation process and prognosis is not good that he will ever be the same.

      Sad news for for sure…

      New MG, I think you owe me an apology for doubting my diagnosis last night.

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      1. torn achilles and ptt? That would be terrible. That wasn’t part of the announcement of his injury. If that is the case, then I am assuming this would be around a one year rehab process.

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    2. He’s signing with an agent tomorrow if he’s smart. This is why I’ve been saying the Slovis should do the same. Quit and work on getting ready for the draft. They don’t owe this shitshow of a program a damn thing. Get as far away from this USC as you can. The fans have it figured right based on the lack of attendance yesterday.

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  6. jon says alot but dont now what he says, happy he gets to go to rehab but they don’t let u drink in there, but what is that, why go to rehabilitated servises if u gonna be mean?jon now what i’m saying, then they say ed u cant smoke in here cuz of the nakid kids and nones and stuff but like they all see mike bohner and make him touch his feat and eat the pine cones, smdh!

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  7. Like imagine you’re the Slovis; you’re coming from being coached by Super Bowl winning Hall of Famer to Dumbass Helton and Hayseed Harrell. How does that make sense? Quit. Run away. It’s so bad Pudly even bailed*.

    *his Mom may have eliminated his Internet time.

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  8. They are going to get their butts kicked against ASU no matter who plays QB so I think that you will see both of them. When they are behind by 3 TD’s I think that they will try something else so I predict that both will play. Changing QB’s won’t help. I can see a scenario where they lose their last 4 games. To me, the only one in doubt is California. But California has not played all that bad all year. Their worst game was against WSU where they lost 21-6. Other than that, they haven’t lost a game by more than 7 points(including Oregon). Going into the SC game, Cal will have won 3 in a row.
    But who cares. Get the right coach and we’ll be on a new path going in the right direction. The problem is that the only good coach that we have had since Pete Carroll was Kiffin and he was about 30 and had the maturity of a 12 year old. Sark should have never been hired(he’ll be fired after another 2 years) nor should they have hired Helton. Garratt was a good AD(not everybody agrees with that). He hired Carroll and Kiff. Then came the 2 wonder boys(‘charity boy Haden’ and ‘golf boy Swann’) under the supervision of ‘hate USC football Nakias’. Nobody has done more to damage this football program than those guys(not even the NCAA).

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    1. AD Mike Garrett is my favorite, a Heisman trophy winner and a strong advocate of USC who didn’t kowtow to the corrupt NCAA. They, in turn, gave SC the draconian sanctions to “show him” who is boss. The ND member of the panel wanted to destroy SC and her comments were stupid and incorrect. After trying to kill SC, they gave Ohio State a light punishment even those Tressel lied ON TV about the tattoos and other benefits the team was receiving. I agree the rest of the horror story is haden who was too busy enriching himself and his family as well as promoting his personal programs and poor old swann who was still trying to regain his fame with all the autograph signings and appearances. That was the fault of Nikias who was too busy doing something like covering up the problems in their medical program.
      Will we every recover from this ongoing level of poor management? What does the BOT do to protect and advance the USC heritage and tradition…….????

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      1. Alabama and Georgia had players ruled ineligible for bowl games because they tested dirty for PED’s, that’s the highest form of cheating and the NCAA never sanctioned them.

        There is no level playing field in college football.

        USC had the NCAA dead to rights with evidence that the NCAA had pre-determined sanctioning the Trojans and Nikias and Haden let them off the hook. WTF?

        Nikias and Haden are just as corrupt as the NCAA.

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      2. Mike Garratt wasn’t a country club boy and therefore he didn’t fit into the “woke” educational elites cocktail parties. He was a no-nonsense guy but I think a good AD. That’s the same reason why they didn’t want Orgerin. He talked like a redneck, not a Harvard grad. He just didn’t fit in. I’m not a big fan of Orgerin as a HC but I think that he would have done a better job than Sark or Helton. The administration can’t just ignore the fans. They own the Coliseum. They can’t just allow getting 35,000 per game. Then there will be the outrage(after this poor season) from the fans if they bring in another mediocre coach. I know nobody agrees with me but I do think that Bohn and even Folt want to bring back the glory days. Caruso may not want to. I don’t know anything about him. But Folt and Bohn are head and shoulders above Nakias and the sunshine boys(Haden and Swann). Nakias was definitely not a fan of the football program. I think that they will get a good coach this time around. We’ll see.


    2. A well coached offense and defense can beat Sparky in Tempe, 007.
      We will see if Orlando and Harrell may come up with THAT game plan.
      Being home for three weeks WILL HELP Sparky on game day, however.

      Neither the ASU offense nor defense have done well WHEN TESTED.
      Three of their first four opponents were truly terrible FB teams–amongst the worst. A lot of their good looking stats were accrued during that opening. They lost to BYU, and BYU is not as good as advertised.
      ASU is still a very average team.

      I’ll be rooting for my boys on Saturday Night.
      I’ll leave the hating to the rest.

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      1. We are the bigger mess [by far]—but we still can win the game.
        Lots of little indicators that team is coming together —now we have to do it for 60 minutes.

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  9. There might be good news for USC, TCU needs a head coach and Harrell can claim disability due to Heltonitus.
    Adam Grosbard ended his column today with this telling line, “Same song different verse.” (About penalties )

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  10. hello fans, use plastic heel cups ! very reliable in shoes ! heres pro football petes double suffers head laseration injury!? carroll takes apart urban with geno smith at qb thats amasing in it self!!!!! sincerely, E

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  11. For Drake’s sake only, I was hoping that he had not fractured his ankle.
    (You knew he was functionally out for at least a month–just with a sprain–so you knew he would never play at USC ever again. Really didn’t care if he could have suited up for a “worthless” bowl game.)

    A strong, motivated, talented YOUNG athlete will recover from this injury, albeit slowly and likely with altered mobility to the ankle. Here’s to hoping the young fellow still has a successful professional career, as he has earned it!

    Any doubt that Drake will take that fire that burns in his belly and fight through a tough rehab?

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    1. Drake was at the team meeting on Sunday in good spirits. FWIW, the leaked info yesterday was that the fracture was not all that bad. No mention of torn achilles and/or posterior tibial tendon. Fight on young fella! Bourbon is 100% right, go to a great foot and ankle specialist, and send the bill to Heritage Hall.

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    2. I’ve been worried about Drake since last season. He’s such a warrior out there —& plays with such abandon. That TD against UCLA last years was the beginning of one of the most magnificent streaks in USC football. It’s such a shame that he played on a Helton-built team. Nobody was blocking for him on those bubble screens he’d take for first downs (let’s see how much luck they have with ’em now). Even after Donte got the run game going, Drake was absorbing way more hits than any one player should absorb. Every time I watched him run after the catch with 3, 4 or 5 defenders clawing at him, I wondered how long is it gonna be before he gets hurt?
      Drake London is a hero. He tried to make up for all the deficiencies on offense. By himself.
      Hope the team dedicates the Arizona State game to Drake…and kicks some Sun Devil ass.
      And I hope the Arizona player who who rolled over on his ankle is coming back next year. And I hope we remember.

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      1. Football is a team sport – offense and defense. It’s true “the Drake” is a great player but he isn’t great for the TEAM. Other players want to be involved – utilized, as it were; other player don’t want to constantly huddle up to hear “the Drake’s” number called for 60 – 70% of passing plays.


  12. The AZ player who did a dirty trick on Drake London was #4 Jordan McCloud from Tampa, Fla. Watch the video. McCloud tries to tackle London around the waist but fails and London breaks the plane with the ball then as London is going down McCloud uses his feet to hook London’s feet sort of rodeo style and inflicts an intentional injury. But, once again, no call of unnecessary roughness.


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