Some Are Held Accountable, Some Are Not

Donte Williams said kicker Parker Lewis was benched Saturday because he needed to be held accountable after missing a field goal and extra point at Notre Dame.

Lewis has made 11 of 13 field goals and 18 of 19 extra points, so it seems a little harsh to me.

But I’m all for accountability. So when do these coaches — including Williams — get held accountable for a 4-4 record?

14 thoughts on “Some Are Held Accountable, Some Are Not

    1. Charles, they will only be accountable when the BOT awakens from their long sleep and see their beloved school is now not a respected Blue Blood, but instead, an insignificant program to be seen late at night on TV channels that get only few hundred viewers….and then the donations dwindle. I stopped donating when they first hired helton. I won’t give them a cent until I see better management and greater respect for the university’s history and traditions.

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      1. YES…where is the ‘really like’ so I see sc is demoted to a tv time 2230e/t when I am asleep… they are gonna’ get trampled anyway. Pac 12 has replays too.


    2. They are accountable. They cannot just continue to ignore the fans and alumni and the boosters. The BOT’s…..yes I agree. They are a bunch of liberal educational elites who think that they are little Einsteins of the world and everyone else is a moron. That’s why they want to tax you so much. You’re too stupid to know how to spend your money so they will help you out and spend it for you. They think that they can do what they want. But I’m sure that Folt and Bohn know better. Then again, I’m not convinced like everyone else seems to be that Folt and Bohn want us to remain mediocre. I don’t think that they are trying to fix this football program. The Football program(when it is run correctly), whether you like it or not, is a source of a lot of money that can help the other programs, both athletic and academic.

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  1. Although I like accountability and have been sympathetic to Donte between loss of dad and the mess he was flung into which includes no mentoring and a lack of support from his subordinates, I think this is over the top. It’s draconian and bad, bad, bad management.

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  2. Held accountable for missing a field goal? You think that was lack of effort? What about all the unnecessary penalties that are just players letting their emotions get them in trouble?

    This is horrible team discipline.

    Donte doesnt have the ability to change either the offense or defense so he basically is just busy with a bunch of things that are trying to impact team culture. But you cant impact team culture when the players see the coaches are incompetent.

    Bohn/Sosna better hire a really good head coach and stay out of his way, because they have proven they are not good as “coaches”.

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  3. Bench the kicker who misses a kick? How about the linemen who whiff blocks almost every play? And dropped passes are pandemic on this team. Benching the kicker was like starting a bucket brigade with a handful of Dixie cups.

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  4. So mad at his shitty secondary and garbage linemen and the rest of this crap team , he benches the place kicker lol That will show them Donte ! you tough Lombardi like legend (sounds more Kiffin like)
    Good God just end this nightmare … Bohn tell the Pac everyone might have covid

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  5. the kicker has to hurry like the q/b’s and is dependent on the center snap and holders positioning of the ball… PLUS same ‘O’ line q/b and r/b depend on… that is Dontes example to ‘this’ team, punish the kicker who is at about 95% ???
    I figure sc is lucky if they finish 5-7…probably 4-8.

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  6. Wow, Donte. Wielding a heavy hand there, huh? I guess it’s pretty safe to bench a kicker for making physical errors, but you’ll keep one of your jackwagon DB’s on the field after numerous Pass Interference, holding, and unsportsman like conduct penalties. This is exactly why you’ll never be a D-Coordinator or Head Coach. Let’s face it, Bohn brought you in to bolster recruiting. I.E. That means you’re a good bullshitter. Another way to look at it is that you’re all style and no substance, which is exactly what USC is right now.

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  7. being held accountable …does it incl MLB big shots moving all star game out of atlanta because Georgia wants to verify ones right to vote, like the right to drive, right to buy alcohol,etc…etc…etc… ATLANTA BRAVES WIN WORLD SERIES…glad I don’t like pro sports, but I do love my Constitutional Republic, where laws still matter except when democrats /totalitarians run things.


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