Clay Helton To Georgia Southern?

I don’t care how small a program Georgia Southern might or might not be, I find it crazy that Clay Helton will apparently be unemployed for only two months.

Yahoo and other media outlets are reporting Helton is finalizing a deal to become the new coach at Georgia Southern.

Will this reduce what USC has to pay him? Helton will reportedly make $800,000 per year in a five-year deal.

Will he take some coaches with him? Maybe John Baxter, whom he said was the best special teams coach in the country until he fired him. He can hire Clancy Pendergast!

It might only be Georgia Southern, but it’s still failing upward in my book.

Which reminds me, how is Steve Sarkisian doing?

69 thoughts on “Clay Helton To Georgia Southern?

    1. Hey wolfman(bark @the moon) you have a MASSIVE hardon for all things(and related) “USC”…. relax, it’s beyond pathetic. Go have a few boxes of donuts. We all know USC is a shit-show right now, but your constant hammering is getting really old. People have no respect for you, it’s quite obvious.

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      1. Hey pudly, you have a MASSIVE hardon for Clay…have fun in Georgia.

        Bye Felicia and Good Riddance!


      2. I would not state no respect…he is spot on the last few years,for those believing hellton will change,keep his promises, he warned…he has hellton pegged, as I do…the 24×7 LIAR…totally incompetent as a head coach.

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  1. They’ll hire Clay Helton to fire before that contract is up. This is a perfect example of how some athletic directors have no idea what they’re doing.

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    TEXAS does not fool around on overpaid/losing football coaches. If Sark does not win the conference next year………………he will be fired. I believe next year Texas moves to the SEC so his tenure at Texas will be short term, and then back to the pills and booze.

    Helton, better get this job as there will not be too many more offers, and he can retire in Georgia.
    He will be a hero there if he goes 3 wins and 9 losses every year.

    I am sure he will bring all his buddies with him including Kim Helton his father, Clancy, and probably Graham Harrell. However, some that were stabbed in the back by Helton will never want to work for Helton again period.

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      1. And you, MG, want me to remove my Trump on the Cross pic. The Trump pic doesn’t use a gay sexual slur as a joke. Please MG, don’t stop with your towering intellectual humor.


  3. I’m shocked SHOCKED that Georgia Southern would even get close to Gomer. I thought he was going to get a detox rehab assignment (like Kiffin & Suckissian with Saban) with his brother at Western Kentucky before a small school would even talk to him. GA Southern Administration must be even more clueless than the USC Athletic Dept. And those hayseeds are actually going to pay Gomer $800k per year for 5 years, reducing USC’s payout to Gomer by $1.6M.

    And no Wolfie, GA Southern is not failing upward. To go from PV to Statesboro is a big drop.

    As for Suckissian, the Tx vultures have been circling him since the 2nd loss of the Season. But it serves the Longhorns right. What in Suckissian’s head coaching resume indicates he will be a successful head coach? Same question for the Hayseed administrators at GA Southern. What in Gomer’s resume indicates he will be a successful head coach? It’s the same question the Bohner should ask while looking for our next coach.

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      1. I’d probably send a video of Neil Calloway’s infamous interview to the local newspaper, along with some Baxter gut photos, and various f’ups, ranging from wasted timeouts to failing to score on 1st and goal on the 1 inch line.

        Georgia Southern is better than I thought he would do. They have no idea what they are getting into…

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      2. 67 — I just wrote that Georgia Southern will realize the size of the mistake they made right around the same time as their 2022 opener…. [nothing more] and got censored…..

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    1. Charlatons only seem to be nice guys. Helton leaves a path of broken hearts – go ask Coach Folt or better still all the players he convinced to come to SC so that he could take them to the next level. [they thought it was the NFL but he mean In-N-Out burger].

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  4. That super agent Jim Sexton has sex pictures or something of these ADs … how can he keep selling his colossal loser clients Goat Kiffin, Gomer, and that proven fraudulent mental midget junkie Suckisian. This MF can talk a pack of dogs off a meat truck !

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  5. As far as Sark is concerned, Tom Herman was a good coach. Texas gave up on him too soon. Ohio State won the NC in 2014 because of Tom Hermans Offense. Then he went to Houston and he was 22-4 in 2 years at Houston. He is 5-0 in bowl games that he coached. SC should take a serious look at him. As far as CH going to Georgia Southern…..good for him…..just as long as he doesn’t come back to SC.

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      1. Hope his dad’s coaching doesn’t spoil things…


      2. That Helton kid would be lucky if he went on to be 3rd string QB at El Camino College.

        You’ve seen him play?

        His completion percentage is barely 50%, he has 10 td’s and 9 int.



  6. I’m surprised Clay committed to Georgia Southern so early. Wait a month and see if any SEC or other Power 5 offers come in. It should be obvious to everyone that USC didn’t Clay enough time.

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  7. If this is so then shithead Swann overpaid by more than 500%. The U should investigate whether they can take action against such serious derelict of duties. Of course he may plea insanity.


  8. So sad to see Sark sinking. Texas must be in deep bevo chips over Sark’s coaching. He needs to channel Helton’s inner platitudes.


  9. Clay Helton has the greatest agent in the world! That guy deserves mad props for getting Coach 1.) an undeserved contract extension at a top 5 football program and 2.) another D1 head coaching job after completely driving the top 5 program into the ground. Kudos to you, super agent! Absolutely nailed it! Recognition is well deserved.


  10. The lies continue with Clay Helton.

    In a video posted on Georgia Southern’s social media, Helton introduced himself to fans and heralded “grit, toughness, and discipline” as tenets of the program he now plans to build in Statesboro, Ga.

    Does Helton EVER feel any shame for his constant lying?

    They say that people learn more from failure than success, so maybe Helton has learned more than any other head coach. He might actually try to build that type of program. I bet he doesnt hire an air raid offensive coordinator.

    So Helton destroys one program and then gets a job at another. In Japan, he would have needed to commit seppuku or lose face.

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  11. Why not hire Clay Helton? Georgia Southern must believe that Helton can tap into the anti-Helton outflow of California high school players (!?*%).

    It will be interesting to see if Helton hires his old cronies as assistant coaches once again.


  12. cincinnati at #6 gives Fickell a reason to leave

    baylor at #12 shows what a great coach Aranda is. If we get Aranda as HC, he will be able to out-recruit Texas and Oregon for some key players. We need to grab Kingsley (transfer portal), Devon Campbell and Greene for the o-line. And steal T-mac away from Oregon. It might be best if Baylor loses to Oklahoma (narrowly), so there is no chance they get into squeeze into the CFP.

    i hope we can get a coach to leave at the end of the season, so they can recruit before early signing period.


  13. Clay Helton is a small town country boy nothing wrong with that except USC is a big time program so he never belonged here in the first place. I still look at his resume before he came to USC at Houston and Memphis, and he did very little that is impressive so why was he ever brought here in the first place.

    Yes, Clay will fit in that small town where Georgia Southern is located, but will he do enough. If you look at the history of the program lately they have gone through a very high turnover rate in head football coaches in a very competitive conference.

    A successful season at Georgia Southern is 5 and 7, or 4 and 8. Clay probably is still telling people including his new employer that he did a great job at USC, but in reality he ruined the culture, and the program.

    Clay good luck in your new position. Please make sure you bring some of your buddies with you including Clancy Pedergast, Neil Calloway, Todd Orlando, and Graham Harrell. Your a small town country boy you belong at Georgia Southern, but remember you must still win some football games. USC will be back on top soon I am not sure I can say the same about Georgia Southern under your leadership as head football coach.

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    1. Georgia Southern fired HC Mike Sewak after a 10-2 season. Two bad AD’s later made 2 really bad coaching hires that set the program back ten years. Even with all that they have won 2 of 3 bowl games since moving to the FBS in 2015. They had 6 Nat. Championships in FCS under Erk Russell, Tim Stowers, and Paul Johnson from 1984-2000. Helton is expected to last only 3 of the 5 year contract then probably get another P5 job. But, he has to win 8 games per season minimum beginning in year 2 to keep the GS job.


  14. BEWARE OF GLOATING at anothers problems…in a first yr, transitions always incur some problems. SO I guess whomever SC hires will get the same ‘wolf’ treatment; I wish hellton a lengthy tenure …and I feel sorry for the athletes there.

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    1. Our new coach will get the “Wolf treatment” from day one, book it. It’s the only thing he does. He’s good enough to pivot and actually cover USC football, but he chooses not to.

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  15. It’ll be fun if Georgia Southern is ever on College Football Final just to read Helton’s lips on the sideline once again as he says, “You gotta be kiddin’ me!!” A Helton staple here for years.

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  16. Glad Clay got a head coaching gig somewhere. Good luck to him. Thanks for your time here. While Clay was left in place here for too long, he did make 2 NY6 Bowls, which nobody else has done since Pete. And he was a responsible and great representative of the university.


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