USC-Arizona State Live Blog

Graham Harrell scripted a bunch of pass plays in the wake of USC running the ball well vs. Arizona last week. Naturally, Kedon Slovis gets intercepted.

USC offensive tackle Courtland Ford and defensive end Nick Figueroa are out.

Former USC cornerback Jack Jones is not dressed for Arizona State tonight.


106 thoughts on “USC-Arizona State Live Blog

  1. Lets see what sort of bs Donte has to say this time (he is almost as good as Hellton). Even when we lost a few it is we still can win the South, then its we’ll go to a bowl game, now what. Where has Bonehead been hiding these days.


    1. Dave Aranda, his 7 – 1 Bears lost a game today to 3 – 5 TCU.

      At least the bozos lost to a Devils team with a winning record.


  2. I told you what would happen and it did. I told you anointing King Dart after a game against trash Washington State was dumb.


  3. I never thought we could get any worse but honestly Williams is stupider than Helton. Just pathetic insipid stupid football played by the Fauxjans.
    I cannot wait for Bohn to be gone he’s the architect of this Fauxjan team and he needs to go!

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    1. Maybe, parcelman. My concern is what Rod Gilmore was saying about how so many people don’t think USC is a good place to coach. Even though he said he disagreed with that kind of talk the fact he felt he had to rebut it was sobering.
      I’m not sure any coach with NFL plans wants any part of USC under the current circumstances (Folt and Bohn).


      1. The things you need to win are still there. Where do all the other pac-12 schools(as well as schools all over the country) all get their players. SoCal! Was it Gilmore who mentioned that ASU had 40 players from SoCal?


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