Pick The USC-BYU Score

With all the coaching talk, I briefly forgot USC has a game tonight.

OK, BYU is motivated. USC is unmotivated. BYU appears to be well-coached. USC is poorly coached. I was told BYU has questionable cornerbacks. USC has a poor defense.

I’m taking BYU, 45-31.

28 thoughts on “Pick The USC-BYU Score

    1. Speaking of not caring, is it possible the Alabama players took a vote and decided they wanted to miss the playoffs this year? They’re sure playing like it through the first 3 quarters (usually it’s best to score during the first three periods as a sign you’re into it)…….


      1. They’re down this year (relatively)…but laying like a snake in the grass to ruin yet another Georgia season? Wouldn’t be shocked…and then with a foursome of Bama, UGA (the SEC will pull it off, we all know it’s coming), Michigan, and Cincinnati…I sure hope Oklahoma State wins out and then gets left out as a 1-loss Power 5 conference champion so that Mike Gundy will provide us with entertainment (i would prefer Okie Dokie State w/the Mad Mullet to get in rather than SEC weaseling)

        How low is the tide…pardon the punny…for USC fans to contemplate such matters?

        Think Cal-UCLA will be far more of interest than BYU-usc (there, buffoons…that’s how I will childishly lash out!)…Arizona State was (hey, Jack Jones to the house!).


  1. i keap checkin the moron santa traker and he didnt sho up last weak,probaly cuz he got sic or some thing,or it got to do with the inflation price sense that is ruwining every thing,smdh

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    1. Ed –I’m afraid this year is gonna be a pretty bad mess for kids like us. I was watching a documentary on Santa Clause called Miracle on 34th Street and it looks like he got his feelings hurt over some mix up with Robert Wagner’s wife …and purposely flunked a “mental test” (which actually seemed more like a history test since they asked him questions about the names of U. S. presidents) and he got committed to an insane asylum —(right at this moment he’s sitting around in a robe…but not a cool one like Hugh Hefner used to wear in front of his 14 year old wife…more like the one Sonny Liston used to wear before beating up Floyd Patterson).. .


    1. Hope Bohn does it at halftime… and hope Sitake screams out a big “Yes” in front of his team…. and then sends them out to play 2nd half w/o any adjustments ….


  2. Casey Lundquist, writing for BYU Sports, says “all we have to do is punch USC’s defense in the mouth early and they’ll fold.”
    Isn’t it grand when EVERY single sportswriter and coach in the country says the EXACT same demeaning thing about your team?

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      1. Ha!
        [That kind of talk could lead to our players not putting in 110% today, Tim]……
        P. S.
        Can you imagine being a player & meeting with your coaches today (1) knowing they are ALL on their way out and (2) Bohn can’t close with ANY of the Big Name coaches available for the 2022 season? Personally I wouldn’t feel inspired to give 110% either. Hope they can dig deep and find SOMETHING to pump them up today.


    1. Poor Oregon State. They were so happy about themselves after they beat USC.


  3. USC is gonna get run over by a bunch of angry white dudes and a couple Samoans. Tell me how recruiting is actually important?

    The team


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