Lincoln Riley Press Conference Live Blog

Rick Caruso and Carol Folt are here, naturally. Success has many fathers, as they say.

Caruso credits Folt for turning around university and athletics.

Mike Bohn thanks Brandon Sosna for “securing the nation’s top coach.” Nick Saban?

Caruso, with empty Coliseum as backdrop, says it’s the last time the Coliseum will be empty.

Did you see the people picking up trash in the background?

Lincoln Riley confirms he hired defensive coordinator Alex Grinch, WRs coach Dennis Simmons, director of operations Clarke Stroud and strength coach Bennie Wylie.

Coach Bohn is as stiff as usual.

39 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Press Conference Live Blog

    1. I don’t care who they hire. USC is a classless institution. They should have included the “F–k the Mormons chant in the background… Idiots don’t even know that Jaxson Dart is a Mormon. I hope USC burns and crashes. I am so ashamed I’ve ever set foot on this God forsaken University… They just use you and discard you!



      1. Lincoln Riley said in his press conference “getting our former players so involved with this program is incredibly important to me” this statement is bull crap. I asked to be on the sideline for the BYU game and they told me to buy a ticket! I also asked if I could get a food stall at the coliseum to sale my world famous Fried Chicken with Hawaiian side dishes but was turned down! It was not as if as I was asking for a free hand out. I was prepared to offer the full cost to run a food stall.



    1. daver33c,

      We need scooter the way he is. He got us through the tough times by callling out Bohn and Folt. His reporting was spot on through that crap. Now, Sc has a decen coach, he will still call out things. He does this to let us know that there is always improvement, honesty, and integrity.

      Fight On Scooter!!!!!!

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      1. Exactly Scott Wolfman let’s us be us and our first amendments are restored on this blog. The rah rahs are still bitching about the realist on this blog. Trojan fans should be proud just like the 2011 Dodgers fans. If the product and entertainment suck on the field fans stopped going. Money and revenue lost changes we’re made. No sticking with the status quo. Proud of all of my Trojan brothers for sticking together and now we got a real coach to take USC to the playoffs.

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    2. It’ll be ‘he had two heismans in his first 5 years at his last stop, and zero in his first year at sc – it’s clear he’s lost a step’


  1. The cynical side of me wants to say Bohn landed Lincoln Riley because Riley’s agent first reached out to USC to say Riley was interested in the job, and Riley sort of fell into Bohn’s lap.

    But maybe Bohn was just waiting until OU’s regular season was over.

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  2. I love that Riley mentioned changing the culture–it’s about team, not the individual. That is sorely needed at SC. The constant chest thumping and “me me me” after every play really is only excusable if you’re winning championships every year.

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  3. That was a dumpster fire of a press conference. It was a kiss-up to Carol Folt North Korean level production. Like, Carol is so tight with football she thought the season was over after the BYU game? They think we’re stupid or something.

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  4. Very important we get the OU offensive line coach also
    He is one of the best in the country.
    Sounds like he is not coming, but was yesterday so something happenned.

    Not good to see workers picking up the trash in the coliseum during the press conference although it is quite symbolic. Throw out the old in with the new.

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  5. Unreal ! What genuine enthusiasm! Bohn is a true professional. Riley all business.

    Max Browne O breakdown was superb Air Raid my arse ! Shawn Cody tearing up as CLR man hugged him during Conquest !

    This cannot start soon enough !

    Fight On !

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      1. Yeah, Wolfie getting in some snark time knowing the headwinds of euphoria are going to require him to revisit his Pete era garments of contrived hostility – but he’s a little off here…think “Coach Bohn” vanished the moment Gomer hit the road…Riley will never utter that phrase, and one gets the sense he was doing his best to do what Bob Stoops probably imparted to him in Norman in dealing with administrators and the press – let them have their occasional moment, stay silent, and they’ll eventually get uncomfortable around you and your scene and absent themselves…Folt is obviously clueless, but Bohn isn’t, just was incompetent and overly opportunistic in suffering Helton for far longer than he should have. One suspects they will fade into the background and just be satisfied with the occasional happy, happy-joy, joy Ren and Stimpie moments they were born for.


    1. The Trojans Live analysis of Riley’s offense and how it’s different from USC’s Air Raid by mainly Max Browne was interesting. But again, too much Folt and Caruso there as well.

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    2. Interesting that strength coach Wylie is replacing Bohn’s hire from Cincinnati. Director of Operations Stroud had been a University of Oklahoma lifer.

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  6. hello football fans, this bumb kelly going south to lsu well makes sence alot more hoses to suck on down there in deep south!? sincerely, E


  7. Interesting that Folt mentioned how enthusiastic social media was over the hire. Evidently, the administration and BOT is listening to the alumni, donors, and fan base. This is a good thing. It is contrary to the “new Stanford of the West and we don’t care about football” narrative.

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  8. Norte Dame called Lincoln Riley as soon as Brian Kelley signed with LSU. I had to pay this greedy biatch extra few dollars to honor his commitment to USC. No need to thank me it’s just chump change to me.

    #DoyouknowhowrichIam? #Noneedtothankme

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  9. ‘SC with the “Fck the Mormons” (not a single student but a whole damn stadium and no apologies except some tepid insincere tweet directed at BYU’s team?!?!)…

    Going after the professor with a blue lives matter flag at his own office (keep in mind the university sponsoring BLM as official policy and silencing others POVs)…

    All while having a race coded scheme to use the prestige of the university and manipulative sales tactics to empty the pockets of needy people trying to get an education to better their lives…

    And let’s not forget the USC Lez Mafia working with a corrupt politician and department head to give money and goodies to the politician and his family for steering government spending to the university and right departments…

    And it is of course the same little mafia got to stick around for the most part with the admissions scandal which was far bigger than the Athletic Department…

    And Haden for his part was in the know and is now trying to duck law suits, while Caruso and his creepy yacht parties with students some how slid right by…

    And the school Dr. Rape which everyone knew about for decades but have escaped accountability just like the Dean Rape and Drug Parties…

    And the Athletic Department since we are speaking of it- knowing that drugs were being administered to student athletes entirely against any proper use to the point of causing near fatal heart conditions and ruining students’ careers and shortening their lives most likely…

    I could go on and on, but there is rot that’s set in at the heart of USC, its administration, student body, culture, etc. Bringing on Folt, who ripped down “Silent Sam” to win Antifa/Postmodernist credentialing, yet being the same president that guided UNC’s largest academic and funding scandal in modern major university history is exactly the sort of slimy direction ‘SC is headed toward. Having worked as an upper level university administrator I’m not naïve, but ‘SC is really gone down a dark path, though there’s still some sort of struggle going on at the BoT, among faculty, etc. But def stoked that our new coach may reverse his record of choking in the postseason.


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