USC Defensive Lineman Enters Transfer Portal

Defensive lineman Jake Lichtenstein announced he has entered the transfer portal.

He has two years of eligibility remaining. Lichtenstein had 28 tackles, including six for loss, four sacks and one QB hurry this season.

The transfer portal will be busy, especially when Lincoln Riley starts grabbing players.

21 thoughts on “USC Defensive Lineman Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Clay Helton’s Open Letter to Players:
    “Beware: No one will receive hugs or kisses from Coach Riley or his staff—they save that stuff for their real families. So….Anybody looking for fake love, cheap talk & tackle free practices has a home at Georgia Southern!”

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  2. Scooter,

    You have mentioned this before about needing linmen, however, have you heard anything postivie about new recruits or transfers coming to Sc and who will be the oline and dline coaches? We gots to know.


  3. Jacob always seemed like the type of spoiled brat who didn’t want to put in the hard work and would constantly miss time with ‘injuries’. We don’t need guys like this so it’s good he’s hitting the road! Scrub the program of these entitled chumps ASAP.

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  4. See ya, Jake. The poster with the Georgia Southern comment made me laugh, and it’s kind of true. I hope Riley gets rid of 30 or more players from this current roster, particularly on defense, and brings in his own players through the transfer portal and recruiting. Time to rebuild.

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  5. A good player. Sorry to see him go. But it must mean that he thinks that they are bringing in a lot of star D-Linemen so, in that sense, it is a good sign.


  6. He absolutely stinks. Good riddance. He was one of the 21 players on the roster who I wanted to see Portaled. Yet another injury prone 3 star recruited by Helton. He will be replaced by a much better player who is not injured all of the time and does not abandon his team because of COVID. He was a weight room champion who could not play a lick. See ya. Thank you for creating space for a real football player who actually likes to play the game of football.


  7. hello football fans, mc kenzie is leaving? well having a terrible season who cares go quitley into the night good bye you wont be missed,another fat guy will take your place without any ado ! you can join chubby mamaa down in the unemployment line !!!!! sincerely, E


  8. Get this gang banging thug out of here. I remember his late hits on kickoff after the whistle

    This guy is a classless thug. Not the type of men we need representing our proud university. Riley needs to purge the program of scum liberals lazy thugs unmotivated goons and coaches blasting rap music

    Good riddance. The purge begins!


  9. hi football folks, usc football what a bunch of screw balls slovis lists a transfer ? when riley sees notices of those problems he will not be around to long?? usc nut ball city u! its alcohol and drug problems galore!!!!!! sincerely,E


  10. hi sports fans, well bowl games they are aaahhh not having? all you boston college, east carolina students must be dam proud!!! game cancelled too much cock sucking goin on there!!!!???? regards, E


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