USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Jaxson Dart

In an awful season, he emerged pretty much unscathed.

Miller Moss

He finally got a chance and made the most of it.

The McKay Center

There’s a real chance to clean house the right way and rid the football program of some of the characters that helped Clay Helton create this mess.

USC recruiting

Elias Ricks, Domani Jackson and Malachi Nelson were among those at USC on Sunday night for a recruiting dinner.

Chip Kelly

Can you believe this guy is getting hyped for the Oregon job? UCLA probably has its fingers crossed.


The truth is hiring Brent Venables is probably better for the program. He’s an elite defensive coordinator and things were getting a little stale under Lincoln Riley.

The strength program

Mike Bohn hired a new strength coach last year, who then hired a bunch of assistants. Are they going to just get rid of everyone?


Donte Williams

He thought he would take over for Clay Helton and plow through an easy schedule. Instead, he plunged the program into even further depths.


The coach quits nine days before Signing Day. Crazy.

USC water polo

Do you think Jovan Vavic would have lost to Cal?

College athletics

We had all these schools cutting back and dropping sports during COVID-19 but now paying football coaches $100 million?

Coach Bohn

That press conference was one for the ages. He said “jooner” instead of journey, still has people wondering what “sports sorts” is and delivered the decibel-crushing line, “Are we gonna have some fun with a guy like Lincoln Riley or what.”

It reminded me of the Mike McGee press conference in 1986 where he said, “Jim Rave, George Raveling.”

Listen here

Carol Folt

Does she really need a TelePrompter to speak? She used one at the track building dedication and the Lincoln Riley press conference. Remember how she got irritated when the script was moving backward at the track ceremony?

The media

The hyperbole surrounding the Lincoln Riley hire is amazing. It’s a race to see who can suck up the most.

Blue flu?

Why did USC have only 47 scholarship players for the Cal game? Were there a lot of injuries? Or did some people take the weekend off?


31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Coaches are whores, they have zero allegiance to any school, look at Kelly, Cristobal even Riley, throw enough money at them and it’s see ya.

    Riley should in numerous PAC 12 titles at USC, will he win any NC’s is the question.

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    1. You’re right, karma —The NC is maybe outta reach for a while…
      But lots of Pac 12 titles and Rose Bowls (and Rose Bowl “W’s”) would be a hell of a lot better than what we’ve been getting……

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      1. Better start shooting free throws better or their going to lose a game they shouldn’t, and Scott will be all over it if that’s the case, it’s just who he is, you should know this by now.

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    2. This Riley guy was making 7 million or more at Oklahoma, if you can believe sources, and now will make 9 million or so at SC. After making a million or two, how much money does a person need to be happy and secure, and would making an extra million or so be much of a motivator to quit a dream job in Oklahoma and move on to problematic SC and LA

      No, it was a line I believe from the movie “Chinatown” when an actor playing “Mulholland,” as in Mulholland Drive and millions of dollars, was asked why
      he needed more money since he already had $10 million or so.

      “It is not the money, young man, it is the future.”

      In other words, Wiley Riley does not lust after the extra million or two, but he does want the future i.e. possible championships

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  2. Moss looked great. Hope Dart recovers quickly from that hit. QB shouldn’t be a problem next year.

    The coaching stuff has become nuts. Why not push signing day back? Why does it have to be so early? That would take care of some of the craziest stuff regarding the coaching carousel that occurs at the end of the reg. season.

    Any word on getting the Oklahoma o line coach? I am assuming that Clay McGuire left to go to Wazzu because Riley told him he wouldn’t be retained.

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    1. Have read various things on the OL coach. He’s coaching the bowl game as a favor to Stoops but gone after that. Read that he wants to stay at OU. Their 4 star recruit from Nevada is staying committed. Your guess is as good as mine.

      Riley just got another one of his buds to come, Tulsa offensive line coach Zach Hanson. He has strong ties to Riley; Hanson served as offensive analyst on Oklahoma’s staff in 2019, and his wife Annie served an assistant athletic director and Riley’s director for recruiting strategy. She is expected to join the USC staff as well.

      24/7 thinks he’ll be the new TE coach, we shall see.

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    Will Bru McCoy return to USC next season after being shipped out to Alcatraz.

    Will Kenan Christian return to USC next season after also being shipped out to Alcatraz.

    Both are needed next season especially McCoy.

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    1. If Bohn lets Enfield go it’s not about basketball —it’s cuz Carol had a holy vision while hiking in Santa Monica that Andy violated NCAA rules….

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      1. If Aranda is the family man he says he is, why would you rise your kids in Eugene ? Not to mention Texas has no state tax and Oregon’s is like 9% or more.

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    1. Oregon is really and seriously contemplating bringing back Sir Kelly for the Chip Kelly Part 2 act as the Oregon coach?

      Well, as was said with the remote possibility of Pete Carroll returning to SC for his version of a Part 2 act–‘ much as a picnic with a feast-full of food available for the takings, firsts usually taste better than seconds’


  4. Yes, Scott — Carol DOES need a teleprompter to speak…


  5. Justin Wilcox to Oregon rumors will also be a great hire for USC not for Oregon. Wilcox, although he is a fair good defensive coach his teams are a disaster on offense.

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    1. Steady 11 win seasons would sorta be a step up…..

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  6. I think they should move the signing day back to February. That will help. Also, I don’t think it is fair that a coach like Reilly, who recruited and coached for Oklahoma, can then accept Oklahoma players who go into the transfer portal to be coached again by him but with a new team. The NCAA should impose a one year moratorium on accepting transfers from the old school.

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    1. Dear Plow Horse —
      With all due respect (sincerely): All’s fair in love and war.
      Keep repeating what Lola said in Damn Yankees: “Never feel sorry for anybody.”

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      1. MG:
        With all due respect, I hope you didn’t prosecute cases with the “all’s fair” attitude. Ever turn over exculpatory evidence to the defense? Just kidding. I understand your point but the NCAA should impose some rules so that a team does not get screwed over by a departing coach. USC
        will do fine with Reilly even if they do not get any Oklahoma players from the portal. In two years, Reilly should be getting every major recruit from Southern California and in four years our talent should match that of Ohio State and Alabama and exceed Oklahoma. Reilly know this is true and that is why he accepted the USC job.


    2. Wait just a bloody minute, Plow Horse, you telling me SC and Riley cannot cheat or move the “morals-bar” just a little in SC’s favor?


    1. Good luck with that. Aside from Utah, no team in the PAC 12 plays big boy football, well Stanford does once in a blue moon. We’ll see if Riley plays big boy football soon enough.

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    2. Hey Trojan ZZZ, I remember you, you fell asleep during my last posting. Well, I am not going to hold that against you, because I have the same problem with my 2 girlfriends falling asleep on me. I have thought of bringing them together (but will not) because then they would have someone to talk when I prematurely fall asleep on them.

      But stating that SC needs “to be in a conference with some very good coaches with strong teams,” is mutiny in my mind. SC does not need anybody, and it especially does not need or want strong teams in the Pac-12 Conference.

      SC needs weak teams in the conference so it can stomp them, win the Pac-12 Conference Championship most years, and finally get into that National College Football Championship round of 4 (soon to become 8, and maybe one day ’16’).

      That is SC’s best chance of bringing home the No. 12 SC Football National Championship.


  7. Scooter,

    I do know if you have mentioned this, but the refs were losers on Saturday night. Whe Dart was hit, the db came in with the crown of his helmet and the refs did not say a word. That was a joke of a non-call.

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  8. If Chip Kelly goes to Oregon, it’s not going to be the same as the first time that he was there. When he was there the first time he put in that new offense which he pretty much invented while an OC at New Hampshire and nobody understood it. It was kind of like when Barry Switzer put in the wishbone at Oklahoma and nobody understood that offense and, at first, they couldn’t stop it. But once they caught on, they learned how to stop it and, today, nobody uses the wishbone. Although people still use Kelly’s offense, they do know how to stop it today. So it will be altogether different than the first time he was at Oregon.

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  9. I’m really sorry old Marion left Oregon. I wanted him to stay. I just don’t think that he is that good of a coach. Thank God that we didn’t end up with him

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