Lincoln Riley Denies He Didn’t Want To Play In SEC

Lincoln Riley finally got asked about bolting from Oklahoma because he didn’t want to play in the SEC.

He denied it.

Money quote: “Those people that know me know I’ve never backed away from a challenge. That had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

My reaction: Did you watch the Alabama-Georgia game? Did you watch Oklahoma-Texas or Oklahoma-Kansas this season? I did. Riley wanted no part of the biggest and best conference in college football.

Also below is his reaction to Oklahoma hiring Brent Venables.

41 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Denies He Didn’t Want To Play In SEC

    1. It would be SO disastrous to all InsideUSC stands for if Riley took USC to the playoffs and beat Alabama….

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      1. PLAYOFFS!,, reminded of Jim mora. Win the PAC-12 & hopefully within 2-3 years CFP. Man o’ Man when will Basketball get recognized for 8-0 tied for 1st- I am truly excited for my team. $3250 is season tickets for 2022 football. I’m done with my celebrity client and I’m going to Disneyland ( Matterhorn here I come) take my kids with me and my secret is that I am more sanguine than either my kids or fiancé.


      1. New shtick: Half Fan Boy…
        Half Snark…..
        Be happy when we win, and blast the shit outta us when we lose….

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  1. Scottie is the ” glass is 1/10 of 1 percent empty” guy. You think the toughness of the SEC is the only reason why a guy would leave OK for USC? Nice clickbait, over the top even for the Wolfman.

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    1. Over the top for Wolf? You just made Scott smile, 67…..

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    2. Wait a minute pal, you are talking nonsense about my buddy Wolf, and I will not stand for it. “Over-the-top’ you accuse my Wolfie of, unbelievable.

      OK, I will give you a little leeway and agree with you halfway.


    1. I was thinking the same thing as I read it. Guy’s like a week behind just to go Snark like we wouldn’t catch it. I guess he wants to ride that negativity train for another week. Ridiculous! Instead of being grateful we don’t have to deal with the village idiot lying to everybody and sabotaging the team, anymore.

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    2. SC basketball?– You mean the SC sport that trails SC football and SC women’s lacross in popularity. I am not sure if our Wolfie has ever attended an SC basketball game.


    1. Dominate the Pac-12?– I hope trojnfn4 that you do not expect that to happen in 2022 because SC football has a bit of catching up to the likes of tough Utah, crazy Oregon, and even crazier sucla


  2. Who the fuck cares why he left the god forsaken city of Norman Oklahoma!!! The only people complaining are those individuals pissed that he left for a bluer blue blood program in one of the most fertile recruiting areas in the country. Everyone knows that with Riley at the helm, USC will quickly return to being one of the top 3 college programs in the history of the NCAA. It was not until the NCAA criminals illegally took down USC that the SEC started to dominate. Pete Carol’s USC teams use to bitch slap the SEC so bad that they stopped scheduling the Trojans. Well guess what? You are about to experience the pain of being bitch slapped 2.0.

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    1. #AfterWinningTheNationalChampionshipFromAlabama…

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    2. Well, to be fair Trojan 5, the Okies were pretty upset with Smiley-Riley’s midnight escape from Oklahoma-land. They thought Riley was one of their own, but oh boy did Smiley have one in store for them.


    1. Well, pooh on Wolf. I have always loved SC basketball, and if Wolf does not see the potential of this 2022 basketball version, then I put a hex on the rest of his SC writings.


  3. WOW!!!!! Hey, wolfman, the guy has yet to coach a game for USC and you’re already talking shit. It’s petty stuff like this that’s earned you the respect of no one. You’re a total embarrassment!

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    1. Agree SCALLDay.
      So tired of “conference is so tough” as the reason they schedule 3 shitty directional schools. Schools whose roster is worse than not only 2nd & 3rd string, but that of the scout team too, might as well just give three byes. If they, the SEC, are that good, why schedule these walkovers every single year?
      On a side note, wish the NCAA would come out with rankings after 3rd week before artificially pumping up rankings of teams before a game is even played.

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    2. That is why I get on my hands-and-knees each night,
      and thank the Lord-of-earth that Wolfie allows you and me
      to ride Wolf into the ground, all the way to Hell(ton) and back,
      if that is what it takes.

      My Wolf is no thin-skinned moron like most of these SC bloggers are,
      whose names shall be locked in eternal secrecy,
      but instead Wolfie tells it like it is, not caring what the reaction might be.
      (Although Wolf is more times wrong than right).

      I don’t care what you all think or call Mr. Wolf. He is my little Wolfie and
      you cannot steal him from me!

      (Oh boy, I am getting perilously close to be getting kicked off a second SC blog, but with Wolf, I think I am covered)

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  4. Snark master Wolf has to stop with this media myth that the SEC is the toughest conference. Aside from Alabama and Georgia, the rest are middle of the pack to crap teams! ESPN and the national media do everything to hype LSU, Auburn, Arkansas and Texas A&M when they’re average teams. Also, the SEC knows how to manipulate the playoff system and the media supports them 100%. We should do like mighty Bama and schedule Western Carolina, New Mexico State and Southern Miss so we can blow them out by 70 points to show how dominant we are. Such a joke with those SEC schedules how the top teams usually avoid playing each other during the season so they can either match-up in the playoffs or in the National Championship game such as this year.

    Lincoln Riley made the best decision for him and his family and that’s all there is to it. USC is back and the haters know it. FIGHT ON!

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    1. Agree with a lot of your post (some average teams being inflated, stupid cupcake games, good move by LR, SEC marketing) but winning a conference title and CFP consideration by beating (previously) Cristobal’s Oregon and Utah is way easier than going through Georgia, Saban’s Alabama, and inconsistent but dangerous Jimbo. If the SEC isn’t the best conference right now, who is? Big 10 would be the only consideration but IMO, they can’t/wouldn’t beat Bama or UGA.

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    2. Well, I do not know much, but if my team were in the SEC and had just finished being pan-caked by Georgia and especially Alabama, I would be saying, “I want to return to the Pacific-12, and I mean ‘right now’!


  5. Not suprised that Scott is clinging to his “Riley’s a pussy” narrative, but am definitely stunned that Jim Rome is still on the air. Stopped listening to him in the late 90’s when I got tired of his mocking SC mercilessly only to turn around & kiss Pete Carroll’s ass like it was the Western Wall in Israel.

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    1. The SEC lol … the conference of fired failed USC coaches Oh no I bet HCLR is sooo scared of Kiffy and Suck.
      SEC has one good team and Saban is 90, he is about done

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  6. If the opportunity to step into a great spot like SC was there, I would leave too. Going into the SEC was a bad move for both Oklahoma and Texas……especially Texas. If Texas couldn’t beat Kansas this year, how well will they do against Alabama and Georgia. I think that Sark will be gone after 2 years. It’s a lot of money wasted by Texas but Texas has money and they are willing to spend it.


  7. Overall, the top of the SEC is better than most of the other conferences.
    The kids who feel that they have NFL talent are smart to go to the SEC.
    Bryce Young?

    Bowl season offers some chance to compare “apples-to-apples.”
    While I will only be watching 3 games this New Years week–CFB games and the Rose Bowl–I’ll still be “hoping” that the Pac 12 does well in the bowl games.

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  8. There are other reasons to bolt the Big 12-2 (and minus 2 more very soon) ASAP:

    The schools are academically jokeworthy.
    The cities that they play in are not pleasant to visit.
    Recruiting savvy So Cal kids to come to Norman is a very tough sell.
    The conference is in terminal decline. Adding some AAC schools and BYU might help the BB product, but football is going to decline.
    The Money on the table for a 38 year old man sounded pretty good.

    Here’s to hoping that TCU and Baylor leave the Big 12 (-2-2+3) and join us in the Pac 12 (+2)

    Getting to 16 teams in the Power 4 conferences will immediately expand the CFPlayoff to 8 teams and make the Conference champ games “matter.”

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  9. A lot of people are stuck in wanting to vindicate SC because of its recent failures, like they were responsible. Outside of cheering on mediocrity as a whole, and buying tickets, etc. they had nothing to do with that, that’s on the administration. But if people are going to not look at what’s transpiring critically and honestly as a whole, they’re going to get the same thing. Sure it was a good time to run from the SEC expansion. Oklahoma was already statistically on a downward trajectory, they benefitted by being in the shittiest conference (a distinction that the PAC 12 for its failings can’t claim), and Oklahoma under Riley failed in all their college playoff games vs the Big Boy teams, not winning a single one. Texas is Oklahoma’s recruiting ground as is the California. The SEC is now raiding Texas more than ever, and with the expansion SEC teams were going to play and set up shop in Texas and make Oklahoma’s life harder.

    As the so called “Air Raid Killer” defense that supposedly started with Iowa State’s coach (not accurate but he’s credited), was spreading and having increased effect as seen this year, and the Oklahoma defense continued to be suspect, only a fool would have not done the calculations and got out of dodge for an 8 figure payday in one of the top hotbeds of talent and the most historically successful program in all of college football with every imaginable advantage…

    That’s not to say that Riley simply wanted to move and do the same thing he was doing in Oklahoma and hope for better results against more competition. I’m absolutely sure he’s evolving, planning, thinking of how to make his offense and defense better, how to get more talent, etc.

    Riley’s feelings aren’t hurt to hear the questions that began to dog him in Oklahoma, about not being up to par in the trenches, and the pressures that his offense put on his defense by scoring but not always converting and sustaining the long drive, field position and rapid change of possession, and maybe some inadequacies in what Grinch himself was doing, etc. But hearing about his shortcomings, real or imagined, will help light a fire under his a$$ and make it clear USC fans won’t accept that. Don’t get me wrong, I want Riley’s name to be burnished and other teams to be in fear, and 5 star recruits to flock to him like the Pied Piper.

    ‘SC right now has everything aligning in its favor. Some people point out that the class is ranked near the bottom of Power 5 programs but that’s because they don’t realize SC has like 3 or 4 commits, all of very high quality, because kids were waiting to see what the coaching situation was going to be like, but kept SC on their list. Now SC can solidify its wavering prospects and raid Oregon and UW’s top prospects, Oklahoma’s prospects and ND’s Cali prospects and all the teams raiding the West… All the teams that had commits from the West should be watching them peel off on December 15, and t tight end Kyle Pitts and flankers Kadarius Toney and Trevon Grimes — announced they will skip the Cotton Bowl. transfers should be flocking to a program with everything in its favor.

    This has been a uniquely positive turn of events for USC, and for Riley. The bar should be set at its highest and Riley should feel like with the advantages he has now should demand new heights from him immediately, just like in the future SEC culture he left behind. I welcome Wolf and others being on Riley’s a$$ and Riley proving Wolf and critics wrong.


  10. By the way, our new Commish let it out that he wanted to expand but got pulled back by our lovely presidents, and now is setting his sights on playing the Power 5 card to ensure the P12 is always represented in the playoffs. What also came out was some political intervention against the services academies joining the Big 12, which was unfair to them but good for us, since it harmed the Big 12, and leaves the possibility of near future Big 12 implosion and another bite at the apple possibly, as the presidents and MSM seem to be backing off their anti CFB wokeness. We don’t have Larry Scott with his pipe dreams of selling PAC 12 college football to China and to Netflix or a nationally seen P12 network that was to magically materialize without any plan. FFS, what a dimwit. Scott Wolf’s lack of coverage of any of this, or USC hoops, or wider SC athletics in general is pretty sad. He teases us with a bit of the history and politics and scuttlebutt from Heritage, Bovard, and the PAC 12 and NCAA office, and alum stuff but it’s just to show us what we’re missing. lol


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