USC Winners And Losers Of Week

Josh Henson

He gets hired as offensive line coach and gets new title (offensive coordinator) and doesn’t even have to call plays.

Andy Enfield

USC is ranked No. 8, its highest-ranking in 30 years. So why didn’t Enfield bet on his team by playing some marquee teams? UCLA does it every year.

Donte Williams

It looks like he will keep his job and he doesn’t even have a position to coach. Good thing he doesn’t want to be known as simply a recruiter.

Carol Folt

This has to be her favorite time of year based on all the holiday cheer she spreads in videos.

Jake George

The grandnephew of former USC great Bob Chandler signed a letter-of-intent with Arizona.

Jedd the Fisch

He got Servite wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan. Now the bad news: People are going to expect him to actually win games.

Lincoln Riley

He’s overhauling the roster with a ruthless attitude. That’s what happens when you want to win.


The Pac-12

Loses to a Mountain West team in first bowl game. Utah State beat Washington State and Oregon State.

Kenan Christon

Did Lincoln Riley tell Christon he did not want him to stay? Or did USC’s administration say behind the scenes it did not want him to stay?

Drake Jackson

Has anyone heard a word from him since before the Cal game?

The Pantry

The landmark L.A. restaurant isn’t even open Monday and Tuesday and closes at 3 p.m. Wednesday-Friday.

Mike Bohn

He didn’t want to give Andy Enfield a contract extension but eventually did. Maybe Enfield’s threats to go to Arizona State scared him.

USC athletics

It no longer announces contract extensions for coaches? Talk about a lack of transparency. It’s also a way to keep fans from getting angry when they know Clay Helton still had a lot of years on his contract.

USC athletics, Part II

What exactly is USC transparent about these days? It doesn’t release presidential papers; reports on any of its scandals; coaches’ contracts; ticket sales or anything else.

84 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. In what universe is Mike Bohn a loser this week? Does anybody follow the blogger’s logic here?

    And where was “Inside USC” missing the Enfield contract extension? Isn’t that what “Inside USC” is supposed to be? Getting the inside info?

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    1. He had Enfield as a winner, take what you can get.

      I think it’s pretty obvious that Wolf doesn’t like Bohn or Enfield

      And give Wolf some credit for this quote

      “He’s overhauling the roster with a ruthless attitude. That’s what happens when you want to win. ”

      Now when Riley goes 8-4 for 2 years, Wolf will fry his ass, lol.

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      1. The Trojans may go 8-4 next year but after that we expect 11 win seasons after that, Rose bowls or playoffs. This is freakin USC, a blue blood, and the village idiot is not around here anymore. No more excuses! That’s why Lincoln Riley was hired in the first place. 55-10 at OU as head coach. We expect results and LR knows that since he was handed the reigns 3 weeks ago. Let’s see how USC is doing come February with recruiting. Time to build a program.

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      2. OK was getting recruiting classes in the 8-12 range with Riley, about as good as it could be there given OU is nothing special outside of football, but at USC he should be in the top 5 regularly. And that should translate into playoffs.

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  2. Losers of the week:
    everyone on this blog who lost Pudly76 this year.
    You could count on Pudly to scour the twitterverse, metaverse, etc to get us all the above answers. My guess? Pudly76 knows what’s up with Kenan and with Drake J.

    In my world, Grinch and staff coach up Drake and Kory and Tuli and build a strong D front. The LB’s will be the problem in 2022, though Raesjon could break out (?). BTW, anyone check recently on Gaoteote’s progress at tOSU?

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    1. he’s over on ‘we are sc’ one can get a 1 yr spcl price like 1/2 off, or better and read some articles for free, comment on the free articles …sorta’ like 24×7 when they run spcls, just better.

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      1. If you want to pay for propaganda have at it. I’ll pass. You do realize that their whole claim to fame was being tight w/ Uncle Pete. They leveraged that through the relationships they already had with Lane and Sark. Helton because he was brought on by Lane and a moron gave them access too. Tessalone is gone, Heritage Hall had almost entirely turned over. Riley and his crew ain’t giving them the slightest mind. You want to pay for that, have at it!


  3. Bohn is the one signing the checks to get top position coaches, like raising Henson’s salary 50%. And yet somehow, Bohn is a loser. Go figure.

    Congrats to Jake George. Bobby Chandler was a tremendous fellow and taken way too young.

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  4. I’d have Tashard Choice as a winner and a loser.

    He probably got more money to go to Texas, doesn’t have to give 13% of it to the Nazi state of California, live miles from his job with a 2 hour commute, each way, plus all of the other wonderful shit that LA provides these days.

    He’s also a loser for going to work for a philandering drunk who will probably be out of a job in 2 years and playing USC, which seems to get played a lot, for more money. Kinda glad he went to work for Sark.

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  5. Winner of the week…
    USC hoops fans:
    1. Who’ve watched the Trojans slowly march up the BPI rankings–#22 now. A strength of record of #4 in the country. Winning games they should win by a good margin.

    The #10 ranking is overly optimistic considering the Trojan’s strength of schedule at #205. Okie State on the road was going to be a good test for the Trojans–cancelled due to the VID.

    2. Who don’t have to hear from Owns on a daily basis about how weak has been the USC MBB schedule.

    3. Who are watching steady, mature play from two TRF–Drew and Chevez! Boogie had a good game vs GTech also. Hope his 3 ball returns to form.

    4. Wolf, who is leveraging the good news for Trojans into some serious clicks! Happy to oblige.

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    1. He’s the only consistent winner we’ve had in my lifetime. We are now a top 20 program. Basketball has always been an afterthought, but no longer is. He deserves the extension.

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      1. He’s not an elite level coach. The Gonzaga game was explained in every way in which he is flawed. Gonzaga new exactly what USC was going to try to do and they schemed to stop it. Just look at the start where USC did there dribble into the middle around the free throw line to imitate their actions. Gonzaga was bringing a dude from the blindside and punking them for the ball and running down for an uncontested dunk. It happened like 5 times in a row and the game was over after that.
        Also, explain to me why when you have the leading rookie of the year in the NBA Evan Mobley you don’t run plays for him. Just the same boring double post motion they run every time down? The year before he did the same thing with Okongwu. He kept Rakoceviv in with Okangwu and clogged up the lane all in the name of the motion offense. His recruiting is all courtesy of Tony Blamd and the Mobley dad who happened to run an upper echelon AAU team in the Compton Magic. So yeah, he’s not a championship caliber coach.


  6. Here is new OL Coach’s starting lineup at T-A&M

    LT – Jahmir Johnson, 300, 3 star, 0.88 rating
    LG – Kanyon Green, 325, 5 star, .99 rating
    C- Bryce Foster, 325, 4 star, .97 rating’
    RG – Layden Robinson, 320, 3 star, .88 rating
    RT – Reuben Fatheree, 320, 4 star, .93 rating

    USC Prospective Returnees

    LT – Courtland Ford, 305, 3 star, Casey Collier, 300, 3 star, Andres Dewerk, 3 star, 310
    LG – Justin Dedich, 300, 4 star, Max Gibbs, 390, 3 star, Ty Buchanan, 3 star, 295
    C – Brent Neilon, 295, 4 star, Andrew Milek, 305, 3 star
    RG- Andrew Vorhees, 320, 3 star, Jason Rodriguez, 325 4 star
    RT – Jonah Monheim, 295, 4 star,; Mason Murphy, 315, 3 star, Caadyn Stephen, 3 star, 310

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    1. If we just count the stars of the starting 5 we get this:
      Texas A&M– 3, 5, 4. 3. 4 or a total of 19

      SC- 3, 4, 4, 3, 4 or a total of 18

      So If A&M has only one more star than SC, how come they play as if in a different galaxy than SC’s?

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      1. I wish we had some better choices at tackle. That’s where we’re gonna have issues next year.


    2. I saw that too. On paper it looks like a lot of depth, 4 or 5 4* players and some high 3* with experience (for good or bad– there’s something to be salvaged there, including as a blocking TE). And some TE quality– we got Epps as a 4*… The OL hire was the best hire by LR so far. The way TAMU seriously struggled early with young linemen and TEs and became lot better as the season went on says something. Josh Henson as an experienced OC / OL / TE coach could really mean good things if (unlike what Scott suspects) LR really let’s Henson have some say.

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  7. USC no longer announces contract extensions for coaches!? That’s OK, I never bought the buyout excuse for not firing Clay Helton which should’ve and could’ve been done two years ago.

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  8. As an aside, you ever notice that when a player comes off an injury he often is not the same guy anymore, that he lost a step or two?

    Well, our Wolf is coming off an injury and surgery, and he looks as if he is still in mid-season form.

    The only criticism is that he has not used the term “Thanks Enfield” one time so far, but that is Enfield’s fault not Wolf’s. However don’t worry, Scott will eventually make up for his lapse.

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    1. if enfield won the ncaa title , wolfie would not acknowledge it; he would say the schedule was weak , everybody had the china virus or some other asinine thing having zero to do with the facts, he despises others success instead of admiring…andy has had 1/2 dozen 20 win seasons…long time since sc bsktbl did that, and good recruiting classes too…but he is correct about once formidable baseball team no longer competitive.

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    1. 67 –Maybe Scott’s personality is rubbing off on me a bit too much …but…. however many times I read that article all I see is: Bohn rooting that Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State so he can make a phone call to Lincoln Riley. Riley’s overblown account of the drama connected to picking up the phone notwithstanding, it doesn’t sound like the most brilliant deal making ever. It sounds like USC was the beneficiary of 2 miracles in a row — Oklahoma losing and Riley taking the phone call.

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      1. There is a reason that the Sooners and Okie State Cowboys call the game

        Nice to see Bedlam pay off for the Trojans.
        Secretly, I was rooting for the Fighting Gundys–and not KNOWING that OSU was gonna help us land Riles. Way to go “I’m a Man! Gundy.”

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  9. Scooter,

    Losers: When you are gone, we lose.

    How can Utah St. play Washington St and Oregon St? Are you referring to once bowl game between the three of them, Utah St. played in two bowl games, or did Utah st. play on team during the regular season and one in a bowl game?

    In the LA Communist Times they announced Enfield’s extension and they thin he is making around $3-4 mil.

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    1. I read in ‘we are sc’ article that is about current salary before extension,close to 4 million…so ext is for 3 more yrs current through 2023? (so ext 2026?) and an increase over current …they write several bsktbl articles.

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  10. You said….”Lincoln Riley. He’s overhauling the roster with a ruthless attitude. That’s what happens when you want to win”.
    Yes….That’s what they are paying him 10 million a year to do……WIN. So really he’s earning his money.

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    1. lotsa’ hellton boys never have manned up and developed or even complained…they just love not working ,but that’s todays environment ‘money for nothing and chicks for free’

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      1. I won’t mention HC CH ever again, as I am “moving on.”
        However, along the “money for nothin…” line:
        you gotta admit that Helton’s wife IS very attractive.*

        *So was Layla Kiffin, and where did THAT get Lane?


  11. I’m beginning to wonder whether the 2022 season is going to be another 2020 season. They are already cancelling basketball games like crazy. The globalists want to destroy america. If you want a world government you must get rid of nations. One way to do it is to shut down and destroy its economy by whatever means necessary(like a flu epidemic). Destroy the middle class. What you have left is 2% filthy rich and 98% poor and dependent on the government. Now the government is in control and that’s what it is all about……CONTROL. Maybe I’m wrong…..we’ll see….but I wouldn’t be surprised to see half of SC’s season cancelled in 2022.

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    1. It appears you’ve suffered brain damage from inhaling too much nitrogen.


      1. ya’ cdc estimates over a new head cold…so astute…been there done that…have they outlawed penicillin yet? after all anything that works is no longer allowed

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      2. As of December 13th, nobody in the world has died of Omicron. Those figures come from the WHO. I read some well respected authorities say that it may be more contagious but much less fatal. One doctor that I heard said that the more contagious it is, the less fatal it becomes. We have viruses every year. We have never shut down our economy and locked people up like birds in a cage before. Why are we doing it now?
        I often wondered why are all these people losing their careers over a simple booster shot. Why not just take the shot. Is it worth your career? But then I had a friend and his wife take the booster shot. He’s not in the greatest of health and it didn’t effect him much. But his wife was a health nut. She was in great health. Right after she took that shot, her health fell apart both mentally and physically.
        After seeing that, they are going to have to drag me down there to get that booster shot.

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      3. Somebody actually quoted Jim Sciutto? Chief of staff to Obama’s Ambassador to China? Proponent of all the wondrous things China has done for Hong Kong? As a counter to parcelman’s concerns over globalism? As if what we call ‘globalism’ isn’t just another way of saying, ‘yea for China’? The same China that initiated the pandemic?

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  12. Riley ain’t no Honest Abe, he knows he is selling a product that was a hit a few years ago that has since been figured out by the likes of also ran programs like Baylor and Oklahoma State. He ran away when he got a whif of Saban and Kirby watching films of his gimmicky offense. He is keeping the DC that gave up 62 points to the Bruins? Can’t wait to hear how many years he swindled Bone for. That buyout is gonna be a lotta money out of the coffers that coulda went to building Carol’s new student kumbaya student center!


    1. NC State beat Clemson. Westwood better have the white flag ready by halftime in the “Holiday Bowl”. White flag is what Chip waived when he faced Riley and OU back in ’19, trailing 35-7 just minutes into the second quarter. Ouch!

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  13. This just in on Abdul-Malik McClain. The next USC Scandal to deal with. “According to the indictment, while a member of his university’s football team, McClain organized and assisted a group of other football players in filing fraudulent claims for unemployment benefits, including under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program established by Congress in response to the pandemic’s economic fallout. The indictment alleges that the claims – which were filed with the California Employment Development Department (EDD), the administrator of the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) benefit program – contained false information about the football players’ supposed prior employment, pandemic-related job loss, and job-seeking efforts in California.”

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    1. I think he was reselling high-end sneakers, which is a side business amongst young, intelligent, entrepreneurial Gen Z’s. With good
      legal representation, the defendants will likely walk.

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      1. This could be a big misunderstanding …or…. it could be that player claims of hundreds of thousands of dollars of pandemic related losses are pure B. S. If the latter is the case, I hope Helton is investigated…. and whatever institutional penalties follow the investigation attach to Georgia Southern….


  14. Scott,
    What is your deal with USC? your negative stance has been pretty transparent for years . Back in the day I actually used to look forward to your commentary but as time has gone on you have gotten to the point where you act like jilted old spouse , you would rather dwell your perception of what is negative about the University. Maybe its time for you to go find a new profession or write about something you actually enjoy. I’m out!

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    1. No, no, P. Flores, please do not leave the blog, because if you do Scott’s membership will drop 5% from 20 loyal participants to only 19.

      Besides, come on, we all are on to our boy Wolf. He complains about SC
      being non-transparent, but what do we really know about Scott? He does not advise us as to why he stopped posting on his blog, leaving it to all to surmise that he had abandoned it. And then he re-appears. And the only tidbit of information he gives us is that he had some kind of surgery. What kind– did he have a sex change or something?

      Also, remember Mr. Flores that Scott has always had a schtick of looking for the negative in anything SC. He cannot believe all that he writes, but he knows it sells. So take it with a grain of salt, and keep fighting on!


    2. Since Riley was hired, the blogger has become a caricature of himself, almost desperate to find something negative about Riley or his operation. The schtick is getting old.

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      1. Scott was all ready for Bohn to make Orlando or Harrell Head Coach. Or Frankel. Or Justin Wilcox. Somebody who’d let him sing, “we’ll have fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the T-Bird away” all football season. He wasn’t ready for this Riley thing. Now he needs to turn the Good Ship InsideUSC around…and it takes time to plot a new course..

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      2. Sark and Haden and Swann and Helton and Kif and Folt and Caruso and Nikias and…were good for Scottie’s bottom line with the blog. It was a 2fer for Scottie, he got to express his resentment and earn a living. Times are changing, and Scottie is just trying that much harder to fight it, and it looks pathetic IMHO. Oh well, maybe baseball will suck again for him.

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      3. I hope Scott can give our guys credit when it’s due, too. Riley and Enfield look like the real deal for now. And that should make even Scott happy — exciting times ahead. And, as always, they’ll be lots of room for shrewd critiques when something goes temporarily wrong –which it always does, even for the best of coaches and the best of programs.


      1. Agreed. Friday Notes is always Scott at his best. The Wolfman’s writing style automatically grows warmer when he’s discussing the Golden Age of USC Sports.


  15. Wow loser this week, myself and my family of four. We left Rialto CA to Drive to San Antonio TX. Our stop over is Deming NM. When we got to Deming after a full day of driving, and a stop to see the “Thing” in AZ, we arrived at a closed hotel. They’ve had our reservation since July and didn’t bother to tell us they had closed the OYO hotel. Shades of national lampoon. We will be in San Antonio today I hope our Air B&B hasn’t been sold or squatters are not living there.

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    1. “The times they are a-changin'” Nobody. Where I work in the San Gabriel Valley it seems half the stores on some streets are closed. And my girl in Chinatown has had a chain ripped off her neck and this week she was stalked by a homeless gent. It was not this way back in 2007 when we moved into downtown L.A. And just wait until the rent moratorium is exhausted and you have another 50,000 folks joining the other 50,000 unfortunates living on the streets.

      Good thing we have the Lakers to take our minds off all the world’s troubles. OK, the Lakers are a bad example. I’ll try again later.

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    2. That is SO crappy. Sorry to hear that. Another of the growing number of amazing but not surprising stories being told these days.
      #NextStop –WallyWorld?


      1. P. S.
        Replying to ‘Nobody Scott Knows’….
        P. P. S.
        Probably best not to stop off at Randy Quade’s house….


  16. I would prefer Maui-World, MG, but the easy break in Waikiki won my heart years ago, although Honolulu probably now has its share of unfortunates.

    Thank goodness the U.S. corporations had a bountiful 2021 as evidenced by a rising stock market. What would we ever do without the corporations?


  17. Congrats to new Arizona signee Jake George. I played with his family member, Bob Chandler, on my 1969 team. He caught the winning TD against Michigan (10-3) in the 1970 Rose Bowl.. He was a fantastic receiver for our team and passed away at a very early age..


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