USC Morning Buzz: Oregon’s Intentions Clear

New Oregon coach Dan Lanning is making it clear what his priority is when it comes to the Ducks’ coaching staff: Recruiting.

Offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, who was previously at UCLA, got a twoyear show-cause order in 2016 for arranging training services and housing for two recruits worth $2,400 that he paid for outside of NCAA rules.

Defensive coordinator Tosh Lupoi had “issues” at Washington and was accused of allegedly paying $4,500 to an associate of a recruit. The matter was ultimately dismissed. USC refused to let Steve Sarkisian hire Lupoi because of the allegations.

Lanning has an “SEC mentality” according to one Pac-12 coach. Oregon might think it is the only way to properly combat the money and glitz of USC/Lincoln Riley. There’s obviously no cause for pause when it comes to hiring Klemm and Lupoi.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Oregon’s Intentions Clear

  1. May I just say re Mr Lupoi,

    A jackal doesn’t change his color. Keep an eye on this guy. 50/50 he will cause havoc for Oregon.
    Rarely welcome back at his former employer. And he’s had a lot of them.

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    1. Oregon is basically saying to the NCAA, “We’ve laid down the gauntlet —now won’t you oblige us by fucking our program over?”
      #NCAA: “No,WeWon’t—Cuz….You’reNotUSC”…..

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      1. The NCAA isn’t gonna do dick. The answer to Oregon’s Big Plan (continual recruiting violations) is: offer a better program & grab all the talent ourselves….

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      2. ….How the fuck did I get away with that? Where the hell is the monitor? Christmas/New Year’s vacation?


      1. Owns admitted to choosing a sober life.
        I hope that he continues on that sobriety an that this is not the cause for his departure from your witty repartee.

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  2. Someone wrote the hiring of Lanning was done to counteract Riley. Lanning’s supposed to be this defensive guru and Kirby Smart’s a defensive guru … so is Lanning such a guru or has he just been riding Smart’s coattails!? Lupoi was at Alabama for 5 years including 1 as DC. These guys could be formidable … or not.

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    1. Really tough to say with Lanning, but I think too many USC fans are dismissing him too fast.

      But Riley is really doing things right, so Oregon is going to have a hard time recruiting the West Coast.

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    2. They will be tough.
      So will Wazzu.
      Here’s to hoping the UW dogs pull a full on Neuheisel/Ty Willingham and go on a long, well-deserved losing streak.

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      1. Yes. I’m hoping Washington will officially adopt Ty’s last season as The Model Program…..


  3. ben reeding abuot this so called grate resination where every one gotta quit there jobs,all reddy ben hard gettin a job cuz there aint none out there,but know i gotta quit the job when i get one, dont seam fare to poeples like me who wants moneys

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  4. Scooter,

    Riley has to flex his muscles and use SC’s influence to get the top recruits. He has to go after Oregon’s recruits and take them if he wants them. You need to knock oregon’s knees out from them. And then you just shoot them in the knees to permantely crippple them. Riley has to beat them by 30 points every time they play. He has to destroy oregon and keep all top recruits. This is not a knife fight. This is cluster bomb and amybe nuke time.

    Destroy them. They have to go back to the dark ages where they were cock roaches.

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      1. Oregon makes it a condition of employment that all their coaches come or, at the very least, leave with “Show Cause” orders attached to their names….

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    1. Let’s not kid ourselves, given Phil Knight’s money and influence with the NCAA, all Oregon will ever get is a slap on the wrist. SC\s BOT/Admin on the other hand, skillfully selected cap-in-hand Haden to defend trumped-up charges.

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    1. We have been getting a taste of Oregon’s weather the past couple of days here in L.A., and rain certainly does not beat out sunshine for favoritism.

      Southern California kids have been migrating away from their L.A. to Oregon because the Ducks have been getting the best of the Trojans for a decade now.

      That is about to change (I hope)


  5. Lupoi is a terrible coach. Saban fired him after only one year as his defensive coordinator. Klemm is also a terrible coach who was run out of Pittsburgh. The offensive lineman and assistant coaches hated him. Great job Lanning. You hired two imbeciles to coach your defense and offensive line. Lanning is also a fraud because just like being the defensive coordinator for Nick Saban, Kirby Smart is the real defensive coordinator for Georgia. Lanning is no more than a figure head and will fail miserably as a first time head coach. This is what happens when you are the only one left standing after the music stopped. Thank you Cristobal for screwing up the entire program on your way out the door.

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  6. USC #19 academic university in America with 11 or 12 CFB natties.
    Oregon #350 (out of 780) academic university in America with 0 natties.

    Cool unique uniforms and a harley riding mascot? Sure. Otherwise, a school of losers in a State for losers.

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    1. Not to put to fine a point on it —but they really are an entire state chock full of losers…. I wish ESPN had the courage to refer to them that way when they broadcast Oregon games ….. it would be more honorable….


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