USC Morning Buzz: Caleb Williams Coy About Future

Oklahoma QB Caleb Williams was cagey last night when asked about his future following the Sooners’ victory over Oregon in the Alamo Bowl.

“The whole transfer portal thing and Coach (Brent Venables) going up there and saying (I’m the future of Oklahoma), I was focused on finishing the semester off strong, being with my guys, making sure that all my guys that won’t be here next year — I have the chance to be here.

“All my guys that won’t be here next year, they go off on the right note, we go off 11-2, and I’m about to go on vacation with my family. I haven’t been on vacation in a really long time. After all these ups and downs I want to go on vacation, spend time with my family and focus on that, and that’s it.

” I think Oklahoma chose the right guy (Venables) to come in here and be the head guy, and we’ll see how Oklahoma does and how I decide.”

So he is still undecided? I’m sure Lincoln Riley is talking to Williams too. With Oklahoma fans already furious at Riley, imagine their reaction if Williams transferred to USC?

44 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Caleb Williams Coy About Future

      1. I’m guessing Ed understood Caleb’s line about “I’m going on a vacation with my family” to be an example of Caleb’s “coyness”……

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  1. Incidentally –Coach Dave Doeren isn’t sparing UCLA or the NCAA in his comments today. To summarize: He thinks they both suck. [At least Helton gave timely notice USC wouldn’t go to a bowl –what UCLA did is beneath contempt –but, then again, saying UCLA is beneath contempt is probably a tautology]…….

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      1. The only way UCLA removes the stench is ….terminate program, start over in a year or so…


    1. Are you talking about the number 1 ranked academic public univetsity in the usa? 1 o 2 most national championships in the usa? Top 5 medical center. Really .


      1. …and the #4 or 5 ranked University in the State of California, after Stanford, Cal Tech, and USC (and maybe UC Berkeley). I think UCLA ranked #35 or so of all Universities in America. The WSJ algorithm weights the first 40% to how the graduate actually does in their first 10 years after graduation–not on how many Nobel Prize winners are on staff, etc. USNWR rankings are staid and fluffy.

        As an academic center, UCLA is on that slow, interminable slide into comfortable faded glory, resting on prior accolades. I can’t wait to see how the school declines even further as they stop using SAT/ACT scores to find the most talented, competitive students.

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      1. Ha!
        It’s all beginning to make sense, Dr. Evil: the poverty in UCLA’s coffers is causing them to act poorly when given something for nothing… which they can’t hope to repay due to their lack of money …


  2. Caleb Williams has spoken to the new OU OC every day since he got hired. Yet, he’s undecided!? Good chance CW is coming to USC.

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      1. Maybe Riley can also bring Pitt’s entire veteran O-Line to USC — kinda as a parting gift to Slovis…..


  3. Vacation planned in Southern California, except it isnt too sunny right now. I would think that if Caleb were going to stay at Oklahoma, he would have said it right there. That sounds like he is headed to USC to me.

    I assume Dart would transfer out. Maybe Moss decides to stay put as the backup. And will some other Oklahoma players decide to come to USC as well?

    Riley has made it clear that they will be going to the transfer portal for nearly any position. Got to think that there are some players who might want to come to USC. It seems like the players that played for a coach that came to USC are more likely to transfer, so probably not any offensive line players. Maybe some receivers?

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  4. “I think Oklahoma chose the right guy (Venables) to come in here and be the head guy, and we’ll see how Oklahoma does and how I decide”
    The fact that he refers to “Oklahoma” rather than “We” speaks volumes. He’s checked out already. But is he really better than Dart? Not from what I’ve seen.

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  5. Are you talking about the number 1 ranked academic public univetsity in the usa? 1 o 2 most national championships in the usa? Top 5 medical center. Really .


    1. …and #35 or so nationally. The fact that public schools no longer rank in the top 30 of Universities in America is a clear indictment of their inability to compete, and inability to faithfully serve the taxpayers upon whom they are so dependent.

      I’m saving money to send my grandkids (if I’m ever so lucky) to private school.

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    2. #1 academic school in the country? Where did you get those facts? Have you ever heard of Stanford or what about the Ivy League. Oklahoma has won 6 national championships and been in the running for the NC(by different polls) 17 times. SC has 11 NC’s and has been in the running 17 times.


  6. If Williams leaves Oklahoma for USC, all those people in Sooner Nation who had such nice things to say about him last month, will turn around and call him all 31 flavors of the “N-word” on every social media platform until forever.

    Don’t believe me? Just watch.


  7. I wish Riley would have gone out and brought in the best DC available instead of going with Grench. I watched the Oregon game last night and if that is Grench’s defense, they were terrible. Oregon gained 500 yards against Oklahoma. Oregon gained just 15 more yards in 2 games combined against Utah. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grench only lasts a year or 2 as USC’s DC.

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    1. Well, that was a strange game in that it was 30-3 at halftime, effectively game over.

      So the Okie defense probably gave up points they normally would not have because it didn’t matter what Oregon did on offense after 30-3 It was garbage time for Oregon’s offense and they were able to score some meaningless points.

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      1. Makes sense.
        Hopefully you’re right
        We’ll see how the defense turns out next year in the coming Omicron short season. I did like Oklahoma’s offense.


  8. Scooter,

    I think Dart stays if Williams comes. he is the number 1 qb at Sc right now and Williams has to earn the spot and earn the respect of SC and its players. NO gimme here with William being the #1 qb coming in.

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    1. P T –I agree. Caleb wouldn’t become number #1 until a day after spring practice began….


      1. Agreed. I don’t think that they would bring him in here to sit on the bench. I think that he would probably want some serious encouragement from Riley that they were bringing him in to be the main guy. If not, I don’t think that he would come here. That’s probably why Spencer Rattler didn’t come here. They weren’t willing to give him that encouragement.


  9. I think he is fine where he is.
    I think SC has 2 fine q/b’s that can be further developed and be just as good or better.
    SC has the potential to be ,with ‘O’ line development , Pac12 champs and 10-2. Spring ball will tell a lot. If it is the usual injury laden BS,forget about,and fall will be the same and season will be 8-4 or worse. SC used to have tough resilient athletes…used to have…used to have.


  10. Williams need to also think about how hard he’ll have to work academically at USC VS OU – especially if he loses out to Dart


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