Vic So’oto Gets New Job

Colorado has hired former USC defensive line coach Vic So’oto for a similar position with the Buffaloes.

Colorado defensive coordinator Chris Wilson is also a former USC defensive line coach under Steve Sarkisian.

I love going to Colorado for games but the program is such an enigma. Cornerbacks coach Demetrice Martin just went to Oregon and now the Buffaloes’ have a corner (Christian Gonzalez) and safety (Mark Perry) in the transfer portal. Don’t be surprised if at least one ends up at Oregon.

Colorado said Wilson will no longer coach the defensive line but coach an unspecified position. That sounds odd.

26 thoughts on “Vic So’oto Gets New Job

  1. Nowhere to go for the Buffs except up. Something like 1 winning season in the last 15 years or so. Far cry from a program that at one time was considered to be just slightly outside of the best.

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    1. From here in Colorado (for 33 years now), I believe that that DECADE in the Big 12 (1990 or so to 2000 or so) was a “one off” for CU, and that it really is a lackluster athletic department.

      That said, I’m still amazed that Helton/Donte did not break the winning streak vs CU. Some day USC will lose to CU. Some day. Won’t be Riles, however.

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    1. low rent and classless being the operative words for westwood. Ironically, Dorrell probably the best coach they have had in last 20 years, certainly the one with most integrity.

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      1. As Owns USED to say —13-9.

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      1. “Baby steps”, my man. I’ll take 11-2 (MSU 2-5 last year) in 2022. Tucker worked the transfer portal hard and turned over the roster like Riley is contemplating.

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  2. NEWS UPDATE: Graham Harrell the New Offensive Coordinator at Cal State Los Angeles…….


    Perhaps Uncle Fester will hire him as the Quarterback Coach at Georgia Southern.

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  3. Conner not Steve

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  4. hello football fans, editorial, jackson drake ,cant play football at all needs counciling, hes making a complete fool of him self ?slow in the head mental retardation !! regards, E


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