USC Finally Announces Coaching Staff

The USC coaching staff is official. The big disappointment is Donte Williams is not only coaching the cornerbacks, he got a fake title: Defensive passing game coordinator.

Lincoln Riley is doing a lot of great things. This is not one of them.

“I truly believe we have put together an elite group of coaches that will help build this football program back to national prominence,” Riley said.

There are quite a few titles. Dennis Simmons is assistant head coach and offensive passing game coordinator. Roy Manning is assistant head coach for the defense. And nickels coach. Dave Nichol is associate head coach of the offense. Brian Odom is associate head coach of the defense.

Meanwhile, Graham Harrell got hired as offensive coordinator at West Virginia. Poor Mountaineers.

The 10-man USC staff and their coaching responsibilities:

  • Dennis Simmons, assistant head coach, outside wide receivers coach and offensive passing game coordinator, has coached some of the collegiate game’s elite receivers.  
  • Alex Grinch, defensive coordinator and safeties coach, is regarded as one of the nation’s top defensive coordinators and secondary coaches.
  • Josh Henson, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, has 23 years of coaching experience primarily in the SEC and Big 12 and has been part of a national championship staff.
  • Donte Williams, defensive backs coach and defensive passing game coordinator, remains on the USC staff after serving as the Trojans’ interim head coach last season and is considered one of the nation’s top recruiters.
  • Roy Manning, outside linebackers coach, nickels coach and assistant head coach for defense, is a former Big Ten and NFL linebacker who has coached in three Power 5 conferences. 
  • Dave Nichol, inside wide receivers coach and associate head coach for offense, has a long background in the offense that the Trojans will employ.
  • Brian Odom, inside linebackers coach and associate head coach for defense, has a dual background in coaching linebackers and sports performance.
  • Shaun Nua, defensive line coach, is a former NFL Super Bowl-winning defensive end who has coaching experience in the Pac-12 and Big Ten.
  • Kiel McDonald, running backs coach, has tutored some of the Pac-12’s top running backs in recent years. 
  • Zach Hanson, tight ends coach, is regarded as one of the game’s top young coaches.

21 thoughts on “USC Finally Announces Coaching Staff

  1. Well, maybe now Donte will have more time to actually coach up the corners. And if not, there seem to be plenty of associate/assistant head coaches to fill-in.

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    1. “Donte will have more time to coach…”
      Just like up at Oregon….where he did such a bang up job w/DB’s….


  2. The SUCC coaching lineup sounds like too many chiefs and not enough Indians. I mean, isn’t it possible SUCC coach fights breaking out on the sideline over what title/rank supersedes another.


    1. No—they went through 19 ballots before everybody agreed to accept their and everyone else’s title…


  3. Good lineup of coaches. Only Scotty 2 snarky would care about their official ‘titles’. I only care about winning a National title Scotty! Give these guys every designation they ask for in a coaching title as long as they get the job done on the football field.
    So glad Graham Harrell wound-up all the way across the country. Keep him as far away from SC as possible!

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  4. Scooter,

    We will see how Donte Williams does just as a db coach. I will give him the beneift of a doubt because he was the interm head coach. However, he won’t have that responsibility and he can learn his craft by going and talking to other db coaches so he can improve.


  5. hello football fans, the transfer portal is just plain mass histeria !? over reacting to current events! its better somewhere else!? well its not! its probably worse more likely!? suck it up! stick with it ?! Regards, E


  6. It’s a really good coaching staff. There are a lot of guys on this coaching staff that CH could never had brought in. He just didn’t have enough clout.


  7. Kiel McDonald coached special teams at Utah and other places. He didn’t handle kicking though. They will need a grad assistant to coach kickers.


  8. “Alex Grinch, defensive coordinator and safeties coach, is regarded as one of the nation’s top defensive coordinators and secondary coaches.” Ok.

    Harrell is supposed to be a “Co-Offensive Coordinator” with an HC / OC and another OC… Go figure. As it is being reported, Harrell sold it as a package deal with potentially bringing Dart and / or some other guys to the Mountaineers. Meh… Typical of Harrell and his type trying to play the angles.


  9. hello football fans, riley busy man offering a scholarship to a player breasher h s in pittsburgh well heres the thing brashear is for juvenile deliquents and gang students ! you may want to avoid those problems Coach . Regards , E


  10. hello football fans, well bellichick goes down with a Thump !!! along with his mcdonalds qb mack !!!!!hey its sunday a little time for truth the pittsburgh steelers and there current fans suck donkey dick big time ! so does belichick ?????? Regards E


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