Jaxson Dart Enters Transfer Portal

I wrote last night that Jaxson Dart was looking at other colleges and this morning he has entered the transfer portal.

What a shame that he is leaving, even though I believe Caleb Williams is a game-changer at QB. And Dart obviously has been told Williams is coming to USC.

What happens if Miller Moss leaves? Who’s left?

37 thoughts on “Jaxson Dart Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Looked like a great young QB, with great leadership qualities. Wish him the best. This is the new landscape of college football.

    Welcome to Caleb Williams, he will be a game-changer.

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  2. Terrible news, but wish Dart the best! He’ll be a great quarterback somewhere. Just hope this doesn’t come back to bite us in the a$$ if Caleb flips to another program. There better be a press conference soon or we’re in trouble.

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  3. Well, entering the portal doesn’t mean you’re automatically transferring. Just exploring options. There’s still a possibility he may change his mind. (Especially if Williams doesn’t come to USC.)

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  4. I honestly feel like we’re sacrificing a rising star for another rising star. I think Jaxson could give Caleb a run for his money as starter if given the chance, though he’d definitely be behind in learning the offense. I think this one will end up being much more impactful than JT Daniels leaving. (Good riddens to him, BTW, even though his team is actually competing for a NC. Will be soooo interesting if he has to come into the game at some point tonight.)

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    1. Dart has a chance to be special if he stops throwing the ball to the other team. He got lucky many times this year where stone-handed DBs dropped easy picks. Did USC even win a game he started or played most of the game?


    1. Sorry ESPN –this guy looks faster than your posted 4.5 40 speed….

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      1. I have NEVER seen anyone throw on the run like this kid….

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  5. Their OL was supposed to be the problem in Oklahoma even vs their sht opponents– the worst conference of the Power 5 and two tomato cans to beat up scheduled each year and nothing of the likes of ND annually… they still struggled, winning what in conference by a TD and losing two to much less talented teams. Where was boy wonder Caleb with that in that Air Raid??? Putting up stats? The blame was put on the OU defense but we’ve brought the same guy here.

    Meanwhile SC was coachless and a clusterfck even while there are a number of 4 stars and boat of 3 stars, and SC has put OL into the NFL in recent years, the coaching system is crap, the Air Raid and sht defensive coaching. And let’s not pretend Hugs wasn’t a play away from a perfect season and conference championship in his last full seasons– SC is the bestest at 7 on 7….

    We get it, the multiculti Side Show Bob kid (it’s the new alternative to the Thor/Surfer look that’s popular) that ran out on his team because he said it was all about him is going to put up numbers, win a bunch of games (Oregon lost a bunch of talent and SC is still by far the highest per star ranked talent…) And everyone will say it’s an improvement, and they’ll say the kids that we are running away with this sort of no loyalty, favoritism, entertainment instead of NCs program just “didn’t want to compete”. The best things that have happened so far is LR not getting his first choice in staff or them running out on him… Doing the same thing and expecting different results…


    1. The amount of racist trash on here is astounding. This board should be clipped. Came back to hear thoughts on Riley and new direction of team but it’s still the same garbage.


      1. What an idiot. Saying that media markets image is “racist”? The word multiculti is racist? You’re the racist for having that perspective. Don’t make it so obvious you POS “Mrs Helton”. The irony is that your saying this to ME, and I’m sure you’re white and obvs racist-woke. Lol What a POS trahsh.


      2. What’s the kid’s name, the SC QB who used to insist on wearing two big diamond earrings and a headband and had neck tattoos. He transferred (his loss he didn’t wind up doing much). But he said he didn’t like that USC told him to keep his hair cut and no more very visible ink, and to drop the earrings and/or headband. He went on to do the biggest no-no with braids then some sort of dreadlocks at Arizona. That’s traditionally not been what USC is selling, whether White, Black, Mulatto, Chicano. The QBs have been so media friendly and mass appealing that you weren’t sure ‘SC was grooming them for Heismans or Rhodes Scholars or political office. That’s because that’s what SC uses sports for, whose biggest reason for existing is to market the school. That’s also ‘SC’s excuse for tossing kids out even when they are innocent, so that ‘SC’s image is kept clear, (even while low profile athletes can have their real BS swept under a rug). Tbh, JT Daniels had the door half way opened to be pushed out with the flabbiness and skanky facial hair and kind of whiny demeanor on camera…

        It’s great when the kid has a run of the mill name. If God forbid, the kid has some strange made up or ethnic name, you give him a nickname, like Rocket! All the schools do it, or at least the schools that care about using their image.

        ‘Bama has picked up on the same marketing, with CA kids no less which makes it easier, as these are kids that tend to be articulate an without perhaps some of the serious Southern regional accent or patterns, good looking clean cut kids that never forget to thank “Mom and Dad, the brilliant Coaches, the team that’s like a family, the University, the fans, and most of all Jesus”… I still know Reggie Bush’s GPA til this day. And I also know that part of the reason SC was targeted was that the clean cut, articulate, high GPA stuff was grating on some schools and fans down south. Those schools and fans would actually rather have, say, a black kid that might have some baggage and not speak the King’s English, but is a supernatural athlete… because that’s what they’re comfortable with.

        It isn’t incidental otoh, that OU has been recruiting and marketing a line of biracial kids with the same (Sideshow Bob) hairdo… They aren’t selling what they can’t, OU isn’t cracking the top 25 in academics or being that sort of university that SC is/aspires to be. They’re not trying to pass their QBs off as geniuses or future leaders…. These are guys that I think as a whole are extremely intelligent young men, but the marketing is different, especially with Riley. He’s not the type that wants to promote a kid as smarter, more polished and better bred than him. Thus… And that talk by Caleb about not having any particular loyalty to schools, just being in it for what the school can do for him? That’s a coach choosing a QB to reflect himself.

        The guy had him and his staff recruiting for much of season for him to solidify his grab at the USC job, running from the SEC beatdowns awaiting while he and his coaches were working for OU! Dirtbaggg! lool Aw man, we might as well kept Kiffin.


  6. Prediction I hope not comes true: Williams will be knocked out of action for the year in the first PAC-12 game due to the leagues “whack a mole” permissiveness of allowing oppenents to take down USC QB’s to reach parity with the rest of the league; leaving SC without a competitive replacement. Witness evidence: JT Daniels, Kenon Slovis.


  7. it is a fact…if you do not want to compete against other sc players for your position and run…you sure as hell will not ever come close to compete against a BAMA / GEORGIA, etc… player

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  8. I don’t think Moss will leave. He wasn’t scheduled to be the starter even if Williams didn’t come and after the Cal game, they asked him if he intended to come back next year and he enthusiastically said “absolutely”. If he wasn’t concerned about being 2nd string, he will come back. He knows that this is not badmitton. This is football. People tend to get hurt and if he is 2nd string, he will get his shot. How many times did Slovis and J.T. Daniels get hurt?
    If they get Williams, I really think that will give a boost to recruiting. It’s just another sign that things are changing at SC.

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  9. In eight games, Caleb Williams pass for 1900 yards and 21 TD’s with 4 INT’s. Prorate that over 13 games, you get 3100, 34, and 7. USC needs to upgrade its talent some more, but these numbers (or better) doable for Caleb in 2022 at USC.


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