Michael Trigg In Transfer Portal

What else can happen today?

Tight end Michael Trigg, who was viewed as a key part of the future under the previous staff, is in the transfer portal. He could return to USC but is exploring his options. Maybe he wondered how much a player like him could be featured in a Lincoln Riley offense?

Jaxson Dart and Trigg would be a nice duo for someone to pick up in the portal.

When Riley said he would turn over 35 roster spots, who thought Dart and Trigg would be included?

32 thoughts on “Michael Trigg In Transfer Portal

  1. “ Maybe he wondered how much a player like him could be featured in a Lincoln Riley offense?”
    So he comes to SC when it was common knowledge that Helton and Harrell didn’t feature TEs, but he’s leaving with Riley having featured and developed TEs. One example is NFL All Pro Mark Andrews.

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    1. Ed, Clay could use the missus help at Georgia Southern. He has been shilling for the Georgia Southern booster’s club, at a special price of $5 per month! That’s right, just $5 per month! Trying to get to 6,000 boosters!

      Clay is now where he belongs. Mercy.

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      1. “Clay is where he belongs…”
        — James Bond To Ernst Blofeld In “Diamonds Are Forever”..
        –Georgia Southern A. D To Clay Helton in “3rd Tier Coach Forever”

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  2. While for the Quarterbacks it may be about competition given that there is only a single QB who plays, entering the Transfer Portal is the only (legitimate) way for these kids to know what type of NIL deals may be available to them. I am surprised that every athlete in College has not entered the portal for this reason.

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  3. Although Trigg is a talent at big wide receiver in the Mike Williams mold he is not fast enough to play wide receiver in Riley’s “new” USC offense. Trigg, has a better future as a tight end if he can develop physically, but we are loaded already at the TE position, and Trigg has to get bigger to play TE. Trigg, has some work to do in the weight room.

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  4. People throw around TEs like they’re the same and then throw in HBs with TE (though most don’t know what HBs mean at all), when they mean receiving TEs, i.e. a “big receiver”. Mark Andrew is the perfect example– he’s not in to block, he’s a pass catching TE. He alone had more catches and yards in his senior year of high school than the whole of OU TEs and HBs combined this year. He was a WR coming into college btw, OU eventually switched him but kept him as a pass catcher rather than a blocker/receiver. Don’t fool yourself, it’s the Air Raid continued, not Stanford, or even old USC or those SEC teams or even the Ohio State or Michigan, or the Big Ten teams that have been pushing us around lately, and smacked OU each time it sniffed at a playoff game. I see why the kid is leaving. Who needs 4* TEs that can block when there are still receivers and corners out there.


  5. These guys are showing their true colors. They were happy to loaf around and half-ass it with Coach Gomer. They know Coach Riley is going to have them for breakfast everyday if they don’t compete! Clear them all out and make way for real Trojans to come in and fight on.

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    1. To seal the deal with Caleb, Riley should figure out a way of bringing Oklahoma’s Frosh (now Soph) Left Tackle to USC….


    1. No… upon hearing Caleb wasn’t coming, Lincoln would say his first words to Dart: “Oh, fuck…I guess you’re it.”


  6. Breaking news

    Lane Kiffin to be named Minnesota Vikings head coach.

    Sorry Jaxson, scratch ‘Ol Miss off your list. He should transfer to BYU or Utah imho but I bet on Miami or LSU.

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  7. Somebody said Bryce Young gonna throw it… so much for the run game. That didn’t age well. Big Boy Football. TEs blocking, Fullbacks in short yards, QB under center, pounding, breaking down the opposing line, defenses living in the backfield, and play action throws. And not a bunch of 5 yard splits between offensive linemen and five receivers out (Fairy Raid), because these defenses would sacrifice gap integrity a few plays and shoot the gap to break the ribs of a QB or back blocking. Y’all gone learn today! Throwing comes from protection and you have to be able to whip azz to get a yard, and be able to lean on the other teams. The pass plays work off that, they don’t began that. Big TEs need to be able to block AND catch. GON’ LEARN TODAY! Loool


  8. Congrats to CLK. What I have to give him is that he originally learned from the best with Chow but had to go through trying to reinvent before he became humble and went back to it. Then he turned over control and soaked up a bit of what Kendall Briles was doing, and what Jeff Lebby was doing. Oklahoma may have made a big step up to have Venables and Lebby, though Lebby still has something to prove running the Offense by himself. At the very least Venables comes from a culture of loyalty.

    As to this NC game, you see a few of the teams that got big boy players, even in the passing game (TEs and HBs that can sell the block because you know they block). That’s why the can have play action…

    That’s why these teams laid the wood to OU and Riley and Fairy Raid each and every time he stepped up to play big boys, and even when he played teams like Baylor and OK ST that actually had some measure of defense though OU had 3 times the talent. Even Iowa St, Tulane type teams were whipping OU at the LOS by scheme until the talent weight overcame them.


  9. Anyone notice how big the Georgia and Alabama offensive linemen were at more than 1 position. One of their players equals two of ours in terms of size.

    For USC to compete once again for a national championship we need linemen to compete with these guys. An average QB like Stetson Bennett can look like a superstar with a good offensive line. Bryce Young, was rushed and hit pretty hard tonight so even a great QB can be limited with a good defensive line.

    I think we will be fine competing against the other teams in the Pac 12, but not against teams in the playoffs at this point even with Caleb Williams possibly coming in as a transfer.

    Mckay, got his butt kicked against Notre Dame early because in those days Notre Dame was much bigger, and more physical than everyone else. Once Mckay decided to recruit bigger and faster players the tide began to change.

    If Lincoln Riley wants to win a national championship it all starts with getting the big lineman out of the SEC to come to Troy. That was a football game tonight with not alot of scoring but some great physical play on both sides of the ball.

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    1. until the last 2 mins and that pick 6 the game was still anybody’s…Georgia ‘D’ line dominated the BAMA ‘O’ line , and their secondary stepped up to cover until ‘D’ line made Young scramble under real pressure…


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