USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Caleb Williams

He got wined and dined with trips to SoFi Stadium and Crypto-whatever arena and will likely bring Oklahoma wide receiver Mario Williams with him. I would be nervous if I was USC wide receiver Michael Jackson, who wears No. 13, if you know what I mean.

Lincoln Riley

He’s getting his superstar QB to start the USC era. But who is going to play defense? And how much coaching is Donte Williams going to do?

Graham Harrell

Somehow got West Virginia to hire him.

Todd Orlando

Somehow got Florida Atlantic to hire him.

USC women’s basketball

Upset No. 4-ranked Arizona. Does this make up for losing to Missouri State?

Michael Trigg

A promising tight end has entered the transfer portal and will be heavily courted by a lot of schools, including Texas. So he doesn’t buy Lincoln Riley’s rhetoric?


Three different schools (LSU, Alabama, Georgia) won national titles the past three seasons. And five SEC schools have won titles the past 13 years. This is why Lincoln Riley preferred the low-hanging fruit of the Conference of Champions.

Mark Ratner

The assistant to the assistant manager at the movie theater from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” has a lot of company at USC, which has an assistant head coach, assistant head coach for the defense, associate head coach of the offense and associate head coach of the defense.


Miller Moss

He just became the back-up QB with Jaxson Dart in the portal. But does he want to sit behind Caleb Williams for two seasons?


Jaxson Dart

USC could have hired just about any other coach in the nation and the program would be built around him. Instead, he has to leave to avoid being Caleb Williams’ No. 2.

Laughably, some are saying Dart doesn’t want to compete. Would he get a fair shot with Williams’ former coach making the decision? This is how dumb some fanboys can be.

JT Daniels

He got almost as much air time after the Alabama-Georgia game as Stetson Bennett. But he’s probably looking for another school this morning. He can always eat free at Zaxby’s.

West Virginia

Hired Graham Harrell.

Florida Atlantic

Hired Todd Orlando.


Open next season with Georgia on Sept.. 3. But at least Dan Lanning and his staff of recruiters will know all the personnel and schemes.


Put out a statement endorsing six models for playoff expansion. Or anything other than current system that it isn’t good enough to make anymore.

USC Village

Wahlburgers is the latest restaurant to close in the USC development. Others cited high rents and/or lack of ability to use Trojan Dining Dollars for payment as reasons for failure. Can we still blame Max Nikias?

43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. LOSER
    Petty and pitiful Skip Bayless. His show with Shannon Sharpe is the worst on television.

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      1. Baleful Skip just hates the idea of USC returning to prominence as of September…. it’s making him crazier than ever (and that’s pretty fucking crazy)…..


      2. No Vanderbilt. I’d forgotten his background … he’s from Oklahoma City and his parents owned a popular restaurant there and his brother is a well-known chef. Search Skip’s time at the Dallas Morning News vis-à-vis Barry Switzer and Troy Aikman.


    1. Bayless is just another one of the USC haters. The country is filled with them. These haters think that the SC football team is filled with sunshine worshipping beach boys who don’t deserve success in football. Football is a mans game. Lou Holtz is another one. He once said that USC stands for University of Spoiled Children. The NCAA is another group of USC haters.

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  2. The “compliments” Scott paid to the “Winners” —USC Women’s Basketball, Lincoln Riley, Todd Orlando and Graham Harrell —set a new standard for this feature.

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    1. So true, Michael, although i have dubbed this phenomenon as
      ‘The Win-Lose Delusion.’

      In a sports game the “winner” very often barely wins, was in fact a fraud, and this was evidenced yesterday when Georgia, having been mauled by Alabama only weeks prior, showed who was the true boss. (P.S. Who said defense does not win games?)

      But in a broader sense it is highly subjective to place a label of ‘win or lose’ on people or things. For example, and most importantly in my mind, is the SC quarterback situation.

      Are there any “winners or losers” here? Your opinion is as good as mine, but I try to read my feelings more than my head, and I was very saddened yesterday to hear Dart is leaving SC. I believe the kid really loved SC, but he is training for the NFL Tens of Millions like most of his cohorts, and he was not going to get game experience at SC if the Oklahoma Wonder decides to become a Trojan.

      Are there any winners in this situation?– Certainly not for Dart because he did not want to transfer unless forced to. Not sure if Williams could be labeled a winner because whether a Sooner or a Trojan it probably does not matter to him, although Oklahoma gives him the best shot at a National Title for the next 2-years at least.

      And as for SC, are we a winner in all this?– Most fans wanted the deal, the chance to get this new quarterback. But “be careful what you wish for.” SC took a hit as far as loyalty. By the same token, a new coach is entitled to bring in his own people.

      The more grievous situation is how the NIL and portal are affecting college ball. It is quasi-legal for schools to entice high schoolers to come to their college through the NIL possibilities or under-the-table.

      And disgruntled kids are demanding ‘Play me or I hit the portal.’ It is free agency that is even more free than what the pros have.

      Now that we are seeing how this is playing out, some of us might have changed our minds about the efficacy of paying college footballers, at least in the present system and fashion.

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      1. Great post, John. I especially liked your thesis on the Victory Paradox.
        As far as money and sports goes– may I offer an opinion? As you know my relatives lived in Italy during World War Two —- and it was quite the little mess. One of the prominent Italian Resistance leaders commented on what got the country into that situation: “All societies that worship money eventually destroy themselves. There has to be a higher ethic.”

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  3. Two thoughts; First anybody who thinks Dart doesn’t want to compete, wasn’t paying attention. Dart not only played with a torn up knee, he set records. It’s a shame the portal has shifted the game. Second anyone with a brain can see that businesses are in the business of making a profit,not waiting for the all clear from the school to reopen. There’s no profit being on a campus that’s closed to the students.

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      1. Scott needs to create a whole new column for Men’s Basketball — the “I REALLY hate like hell to touch on this, but….” column.


  4. How many USC QB’s have transferred ? Browne, Fox, Sears, Daniels, Dart, Slovis, I’m sure I’ve left someone out.

    Expand the playoffs to 8 teams, then the SEC can get 6 in.

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    1. Buddha,

      There is a better option that includes bowl games still being relevant or at least most of the bowl games. Have the champions of each bowl game get placed into a playoff spot. Playoffs obviously would still need to be expanded but 8 spots make sense.

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      1. I was being sarcastic. Most bowls are now a joke due to the portal and players opting out to be drafted, college football is on the brink, only they don’t see it.

        Terrapin Station
        In the shadow of the moon
        Terrapin Station
        And I know we’ll be there soon
        Terrapin – I can’t figure out
        Terrapin – if it’s the end or beginning
        Terrapin – but the train’s put its brakes on
        And the whistle is screaming: Terrapin

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      2. The Playoff Commission discussed this option —but one of the Commissioners nixed it saying, “Do we really want the Rose Bowl involved? During the course of the entire regular season as many as 400-500 bruin fans have tainted the grounds. And then there are the bruin players themselves! If the bruins begin playing games at, say, Stoner Park in West Los Angeles and return the Rose Bowl to it’s former position of honor we can take this conversation up again. At present it’s highly inappropriate. bruin fingerprints are in the lockers, on the tunnel walls, and all over the opposing team’s goalposts —which, because of the switch, are on both sides of the field.”

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    1. Yeah….a lot’s happened since then. I don’t think Kedon ever recovered from the hits he took in the BYU, Utah and Iowa games. It’s not his fault —it’s the coaches who placed him in that position who are at fault. Can you imagine being coached to ‘go thru your reads until someone gets into the green grass’ when you aren’t given an o-line worth crap? Our quarterbacks under Helton and Harrell were sitting ducks.

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      1. Slovis never did recover plus he got PTSD from Gomer’s OL and Harrell’s play calling, good luck to him at Pitt with his girlfriend, at least he’ll get laid on a regular basis now !

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      2. Mike Bohn tells me the last words of your reply were lifted from an actual Slovis quote. He wants to know how you found out what was in Kedon’s “goodbye letter” to President Folt?

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  5. In two years the NCAA needs to make some changes in the transfer rules. The problem is not the Portal it is allowing athletes to transfer 1 time without having to sit out a year which is already creating a circus. NCAA football is not the NFL. Colleges invest alot of time, manpower, and money recruiting, and offering a kid a 4 year “scholarship”contract”, and if a kid decides to change schools that’s fine, but athletes should be forced to sit out a year otherwise college football is going to be in big trouble.
    The new rule was put in place probably because of the pandemic which created many hardships for athletes and their families. I say keep the portal that is fine, but if a kid wants to transfer he must sit out a year unless there is an extreme hardship.
    Certainly, USC will benefit greatly this year from the transfer portal as will Arizona and many more weaker programs. Kids should have the right to transfer, but the 1 year penalty should be brought back in all fairness to the university who orginally signed the athlete to a written/signed agreement. . I see very bad things happenning if this new portal/immediate elgibility program continues. Short term it is ok long term it will damage college football greatly.

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      1. ….all of which goes into effect 24 hours AFTER Caleb comes to USC…


      2. I actually think that a fine for breaking your contract with the school is an interesting idea. Schools spend a ton of money on these athletes in recruiting, scholarships, and room and board only to have the athletes leave without playing out their eligibility. It isn’t fair to the school.

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  6. Why is Dart a loser for going to the portal? Was Joe Burrow a loser for transferring? Was Jalen Hurts a loser for transferring? Is Scottie using Ed logic here?

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    1. I think Scott is taking a shot at Tim & me for stuff we said yesterday about Dart. [Actually, upon reflection, I have to agree with Scott: Dart proved his stuff many times over –especially the performance he put on with what turned out to be a busted knee]…

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  7. Good one Michael! I said two years and then the Transfer rules add the penalty. Secretly, USC can rebuild it’s reputation by then, and won’t need to use the portal to rebuild. The “fish man head coach” in Arizona is really fishing the portal for a quick fix, or he loses his job. So far he has a good 1 year plan with a few rejects from SC, and pretty good QB from WSU.

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  8. USC Village is failing because it lacks: Khan’s Mongolian BBQ, CA Pizza & Pasta Company, 32nd Street Cafe, Notrica’s 32nd Street Market, Spudnuts Donuts…Tam’s, the Village Cobbler, six ATMs at BofA and Record Retreat!

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