Not Everyone Swooning Over Lincoln Riley Apparently

The fans and many recruits are fully invested in the Lincoln Riley era.

No news there.

But what’s interesting is some others seem surprisingly unswayed. For example, tight end Michael Trigg thinks he is better served to look elsewhere. Who saw that coming? He looks like someone who could thrive in Riley’s offense.

There’s also been some transfers who visited and then decided to go to another school.

Riley’s doing fine with ex-Oklahoma players and ex-Oklahoma commits. But it looks like there is still some skepticism.

I’d love to know what his conversations with Jaxson Dart were like? Did he tell from Day 1 that Caleb Williams was coming? Did he slow play it?

The bottom line is Dart heard the buzz in the McKay Center, just like I did. So he knew early on but last weekend probably sealed it.

44 thoughts on “Not Everyone Swooning Over Lincoln Riley Apparently

    1. Billingsley … the “Caleb Williams Effect”!? (which I much prefer over the “Clay Helton Effect” which I coined)

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  1. So not every player that Riley comes in contact and any current players that Riley may or not want, do not commit or stay at SC, is a cause of concern?
    Slow news day…

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    1. I thought today’s “Winners & Losers” was better…..

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  2. Is there a scenario that makes sense for Dart to stay at USC with Caleb Williams starting?

    For example, if Dart got some NIL money to stay a backup at SC and was in a John David Booty situation where he got a shot but it was 1-2 years tops, towards the end of eligibility. Would that affect Malachi Nelson coming to SC? would love to hear the insideusc community’s thoughts

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  3. Stanford is doing the same thing to Enfield that Gonzaga did. Every time they dribble to start action below the 3-point lane Stanford is sending a dude from the blindside and they’re stripping the ball. Enfield will not adjust. He gets out-classes by all the smart schools.


    1. Stanford 75 – Clown U 69. As Andyain’twinning continues his ninth year as the bozo HBBC, he still sports a sub .500 WPct in conf. games.


  4. Scooter,

    Dart is still the starter. Williams has not won the job, yet. However, if Williams does, then Dart should stay with him mnowing how the line blocks and how qb’s get injured. Now a days, qbs don’t play the enitre season due to injuries. It could be that Williams starts and gets injured. Dart and plays the rest of the way and wins the Natty. It could happen.

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    1. It could. But I’d rather see the line improve so we can enjoy the luxury of having a 12 game QB again….like we mostly had under Pete (and a 12 game running back would be nice too)……

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    2. Pasadenatrojan… what the hell do you know about it? You were probably one of the so called fans that were shouting “FU@K the Mormons” during the BYU game. Riley is just like other power happy coaches that treat the player like dirt… I told Jaxson to get the hell out of there! Go and live your life! He is going to land at UTAH or BYU and kick Riley’s ass!



      1. Fake Damien (used to be Damian)
        Damn, I knew you were behind Echols, Slovis, Lichtenstein, Parker Lewis, Liam Douglass, Kenon Christon, etc., but not Dart?!?!

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  5. Surely there is still some scepticism. There probably will be scepticism until SC has a 10 or 11 win season. But if they can bring in Caleb Williams, I think that will help recruiting. A lot of recruits will start really believing that things are changing at SC. So getting Williams will not only result in them getting a better QB but it should result in them getting a bunch of other better players. This team is really never going to take off until SC starts getting great O-Line and D-Line and LB’s.

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    1. No. I do know that whomever runs the USC Hoops is wildly in love with him. 80% of the posts and vids are of him. Enfield blew the game. Would’ve been nice if Jason Hart was still around to save him from himself same as Tony Bland did.


  6. hello football fans, well the cold weather in indy had to hurt sabans red and green pill sales along with the fact that referrees were not on his payroll!!?? so saban the skunk and skinny bryse went down with a thud!! The walk on stetson is on top of it all!? Regards , E

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  7. Maybe the skepticism over Riley is because of the defense.

    It’s still a big question mark. The roster on the d-side is still somewhat slim and Riley hasn’t addressed yet how he will re-build that side of the roster.

    All the hype has been on bringing on elite offensive skill guys. But there hasn’t been much news on d-commits coming and being excited to come and play for Riley and DC Grinch.


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    1. It might come down to player development on the defensive side of the ball and that could be scary. We are going to have some young, unproven players on the defense – Calen Bullock, Ceyair Wright, Domani Jackson, Raesjon Davis, Julien Simon, Korey Foreman and a whole bunch of potentially talented DBs that were brought in last year. These were highly rated players but they were not developed under Helton.

      I’m also curious whether Brandon Pili will be back and whether Sopsher can become a force in the middle. And will Maximus Gibbs put in the work to trim down and which side of the line will he be on?

      I really like the fact that our Henson had alot of injuries at A&M this year and managed to deliver a decent o-line with very young players. That might speak to his ability to develop.

      At least the defense will be practicing against a real offense, not a 2 page air raid offense.

      I think that there is plenty of athletic talent still on the USC roster but it really is going to require massive development, both S&C and skills.

      I read that they started workouts one month earlier than under Helton. Finally, a coaching staff that is serious.

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    2. Building a stout defense is way easier than building a high scoring 0ffense. Grinch can get it done–esp if he has some speed on the edges.
      Maybe Korey Foreman has a breakout year?????


  8. Not everyone is “swooning” over Wiley Riley, but then again not everyone is swooning over Scott Wolf’s blog.

    Can you imagine?– Some folks just have no taste.

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    1. I’m glad he’s not talking like Clay (who learned how to talk like that from Coach O) but let’s see how this translates come September….

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  9. Riley has been at SC for all of a month. He has been making massive changes and there will be some fall-out. You dont change culture without big changes.

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      1. DC Azzinaro resigned … Kelly’s agent Jimmy Sexton will parlay that into a Clay Helton-like 5-year contract extension for Kelly. Welcome to Hell✌️hahaha


      2. Clay has been advising Chip all the way. Chip ready to pack it in 2019 as this picture shows, but Clay talked him out of it. How do you like those apples Bruins?


      3. The stench of Clay Helton’s failure now sticks to “Clay” Kelly and UCLA through their mutual agent Jimmy Sexton. Jimmy anxious to get back to the Southeast …can’t keep his calories up while in Southern California.


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