Son Of Jerry Rice Transferring To USC

There was a lot of excitement this morning that Caleb Williams would announce he was transferring to USC.

Instead, wide receiver Brenden Rice of Colorado announced he would transfer to USC. He caught 21 passes for 299 yards and three TDs for the Buffs.

Another receiver.

Meanwhile, former Missouri defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo, who visited USC last weekend, committed to LSU.

16 thoughts on “Son Of Jerry Rice Transferring To USC


    The problem is offensive, defensive linemen, and linebackers, and the only solution to turning this program around. For some reason we continue to miss out on these recruits time after time, year after year.

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  2. You must understand the big picture. Despite the complaining, we are good at offensive line next year. Hopefully we can close on the two 2022 prospects out of Washington. The offensive and defensive line recruits for 2023 will be one of the best ever at USC. You are wrong about being loaded at wide receiver. It was a concern of Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley that the wide receiver room dropped off quite a bit after Gary Bryant and maybe Kyle Ford. Bringing in Bynum, Rice and Mario Williams and possibly the RB from Oregon will give USC one of the most explosive offenses in the country. The goal is to win at least 10 games (11 with a major bowl victory) which will set everything up for the Trojans to make a serious run at a National Championship in 2023 when Caleb will be a junior in his final year. That is the plan and I believe it will work. Just sit back and understand the big picture. By the start of training camp in August, USC will have a completely revamped and very talented roster. The future is very very bright my fellow Trojan fans.

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    1. I can’t look past the big picture if it means ignoring an effective interior line on both sides of the ball. Whatever that efficiency rating gave USC was bull shit. Do you really think any CFP team or NY6 team would trade their line for USCs? Our biggest deficit is OL and the defensive front 7. Talent is there but development needs to happen yesterday. LR is doing what he does on the offensive side of the ball very well but the defense is still kind of meh. Maybe 42-38 type wins.

      USC Football has a much better future with LR but we need big uglies to compete nationally.


    2. Right now I think that they have all of the receivers that they need. They have
      1) Taj Washington
      2) Gary Bryant
      3) Kyle Ford
      4) Malcolm Epps
      5) Michael Jackson
      6) Lake McCrae
      7) Jake Smith
      8) Brendan Rice
      9) Mario Williams
      10) Terrell Bynum
      From now on in they need to concentrate on other needs.


    3. Nice analysis.
      I do think the O-line was “better” in 2021, and some of the stats support this. To my eye, a fair bit of the “sacks” were attributable to WR unable to get open and Slovis holding onto the ball “too long (and not being mobile).


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