Sunday Buzz: USC Adds Auburn Linebacker

Romello Height, a linebacker at Auburn, is transferring to USC.

The good news is that is definitely a position of need.

The question is how good is Height?

He played in nine games last season and had 18 tackles, four quarterback hurries, no sacks and no interceptions.

So USC is not getting a for-certain impact player based on what he did at Auburn. But maybe he will develop. And the need at linebacker is dire.

Also: He was a edge defender at Auburn. USC really needs more inside linebackers too.

50 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Adds Auburn Linebacker

  1. Look, anyone who did not play in Helton’s demoralized and disorganized teams and picked up bad habits, would be a positive. Last year I got the impression that players were hiding on the injured list to avoid playing. Players who malingered are not the type that Riley and Company want on their team, even if they are four or five star players (I could name names, but won’t).

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    1. Good point. [But] maybe some of the guys who were ‘hiding’ were hiding from Helton. Maybe they deserve a chance to show they’ll play for Riley….

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    2. 80M+ voters rewarded an old man with dementia who hid throughout his campaign. If it works, why not? The best job in the NFL is the backup QB. Make a million dollars a year and never get hit!

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    1. Yup T67. This is the type of player SC needs. A LB that addresses a position of need, played in a highly competitive conference, and with 2 years of eligibility remaining. I bet he pushes out some starter from Orlando’s toilet paper defense. Welcome to Troy and please ignore the snark.

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  2. who cairs???we nead line mans,and more line mans and more line mans,we nead to get all the line mans so no one else can have any,thats why line mans r like cookies,u want them all so no one can get any,

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  3. I’ll just ignore that Grinch had one of the worst defenses in power 5 football despite having all the talent in the world, just like Orlando, and pretend that it was the fault of the talent, the same talent that was one dropped ball short of a perfect season the year before at USC, but were suddenly bad when they were left totally without coaches.

    I’ll also pretend that every player even with less talent and less performance, that comes to USC is an improvement.



    1. Simple grammar school math, GC:

      Pendergast < Orlando
      Orlando < Grinch

      USC D will be better than most in 2022, but the defense will lose us a few games–maybe ND, maybe Utah.

      If Grinch can recruit some So Cal/Nevada (and Wash) HS talent, then USC defense can steadily improve over the next 4 years and get back into the CFB playoff contention.

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      1. I don’t know that to be true. And Oklahoma in terms of recruited talent was stacked on defense, it just wasn’t to be seen on the field. I don’t actually blame Grinch entirely, I think that it’s a system on the other side of the ball that creates a bad defense. Don’t forget USC was stacked with talent and produced the same results as Helton continued the push toward what we set in place with Harrell, and in fairness, we did (prior to Helton) have some good results vs teams we seriously out manned, just as OU has. That’s what kept Helton around so long– and why people were pissed off that Helton and Harrell and Orlando pulled off a 5-1 season and was just shy of a perfect season due to a dropped pass by a WR that usually never does that; we knew our talent could win our poor conference but get clobbered by the Alabamas and Clemsons and Georgias of the world and even lose to ND and drop one or two vs crap P12 teams, even with our talent. That’s been the m.o. of our new coach, all the way down to the same offense. The talent level is there and it’s to the specs of our new HC, and it’s a continuation of the same schemes, plus we’ve reduced the talent of P12 teams by raiding them… AND ND and Oregon have new coaches, and we’re told that we’ve won the transfer portal game… AND we should be having LR’s old QB arriving any day, with many of his receivers and he was apparently recruiting for SC while at OU…

        So we should be able to do better than Helton, Harrell and Orlando did in their last year at the helm, i.e. win the conference and win in the post season. It will be sickening to hear any of the lame old excuses to be brought out with any other outcome.

        As for Grinch, he knows what he’s getting into and he knows that anything like what we’ve heard at OU (see below) should be heard here:

        “The Sooners are worst in the Big 12 and among the worst in the Football Bowl Subdivision in passing defense and have given up an average of 325 yards through the air over the last four games, more than 100 yards per game more than they allowed over the first four.

        Grinch’s defense has also allowed nearly double the rushing yards per game it was allowing early, giving up 144.25 yards on the ground over the last four.”


      1. …and that, of course, would NOT be UCLA….
        [But, fuck it all, Owns has a point —there’s a difference between what Steele thinks about the value of a player and what his coaches think]…

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  4. Urban Meyer hired Grinch as DC a few years ago at OSU, figure he could hire almost anyone. Then Riley hired him at OU with a huge raise, the guy was paid $1.8- $2 million last year. Sounds like he will deliver.

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      1. I don’t know about the rest of you —but, for me, the Bette Davis routine is starting to wear thin….

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      2. The only positive that could come outta this car trip is a video of Caleb driving at 109 miles per hour thru the LSU campus — tearing up their practice field and slamming through the front wall of their Athletic Department —before arriving at USC ….in uniform….

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      3. I don’t know how far we want to take it –but a white horse loosed from Caleb’s trailer shitting on & then stomping out the LSU logo in their endzone might make a nice video…

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  5. Memo to: ’67

    So Romello Height xfers from a 6-7 SEC FB team to a 4-8 FB program in a weak Pac-12 conf.

    Pull your head out ’67.


    1. No offense –but we’ll have a better idea as to who has had their head up their ass [and who hasn’t] on November 19th, 2022…..

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    2. Owns, you must be one of those guys who always looks in the rear view mirror when driving. Some of us move forward, others remain stuck in the past.

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  6. USC cop-killer romanticizer mega-donor Andre Young Super Bowl mother-effer! F you #MaxNikias and F you #CarolFolt! #USCBloodMoney


  7. It’s all in how the coaches develop the players. A video just surfaced that had Helton teaching the strength and conditioning coach this maneuver: “Palms pressed together, elbows out, pushing against yourself. Repeat ‘we must, we must, we must develop our bust’ – if that don’t develop our players I don’t know Bohn wants.

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  8. The NFL is a different animal of football than the college brand.

    Kansas City looked out of it after a Buffalo touchdown and only 17 seconds to play. But KC gets 45 yards in 2 plays, has a couple of seconds left and makes a tying field goal.

    That 4th quarter duel between Mahomes and Josh Allen was some of the most sensational football I have ever experienced. And Buffalo had the Number 1 defense in the league, but Mahomes figured it out for over 500-yards.

    Now, can the Rams ends a losing steak of 6 in a row against the 49ers. Probably does not matter because it looked like the winner of this Buffalo-Kansas City game for the ages will probably be hoisting the Super Bowl Trophy.

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  9. Could be the most dynamic offense in college football, run by the best QB coach in the country, with nobody close in terms of developing QBs. Seems like an obvious decision, no?

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    1. If Caleb comes, eccentric or not, he will immediately give USC a big edge in every game we play….except Utah. Not that I think Utah will be a better team than USC —but I do think Whittingham will go after Caleb with everything he’s got & see if he can take him out of the game. He did that with Slovis. And he sure tried to do it with Sam –who took two big hits after the whistle up in Utah.
      [If our O-Line is sketchy I almost hope we play Moss in that game —I wanna see what Caleb does to Notre Dame and UCLA]….

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      1. SC recruiting has definitely picked up quite alot of steam. It looks like it just takes time for the position coaches to be in place and then make things happen.

        I’m looking forward to seeing alot more big wins on the recruiting trail in the coming months. This really could be a totally changed roster this season. Keep the best players and add lots of new talent.

        There were alot of players on the roster who were just there, never contributed anything in terms of playing time. Good to see that Riley believes that you either contribute or you are no longer on the team. No more players who are here to only get their degree.

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      2. “Happy Tuesday” is officially over.
        Amazing that Bohn and Folt took so long to see that Slaphappy Helton’s approach was eating the team alive…..




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