Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Caleb Williams

He’s got the USC fanboys staring at their phones all day wondering which tweet will signify his commitment to the Trojans.

USC linebackers

The Trojans added two SEC transfers. That cannot be a bad thing.

USC running backs

Travis Dye is No. 1. Austin Jones is probably No. 2. And there are three other guys who can play. Good for USC. Bad for the reserves.

USC cornerbacks

Colorado cornerback Mekhi Blackmon will definitely make the secondary stronger.

Justin Wilcox

He got a contract extension through 2027. For what? Wilcox and Cal are made for each other.


Lindsay Gottlieb

Just dropped two games to UCLA in four days. Welcome back to the Pac-12, coach!

Darwin Barlow

The tailback went from possibly starting to possibly third string in a matter of two days.


Can’t replace the impact Travis Dye made last season.

Jake Smith

Who remembers the wide receiver who transferred from Texas to USC last year? He was hurt and didn’t play. At least Lincoln Riley hasn’t run him off. So he might actually make an impact next season.

JT Daniels

The conventional wisdom was he and wide receiver Jermaine Burton would be a package deal. But Burton committed to Alabama on Sunday. So that’s out.

44 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. I have heard from various sources that Caleb is packed up and heading out of Oklahoma but does anyone know how far the I-40 he went? I mean did he turn south and head for Louisiana or continue west toward Californian, (asking for Owns friend)

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    1. I’ve read both of your posts, ghost. And the second one is not only better written but it shows the kind of growth and maturity that makes me hopeful about the future of mankind.

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    2. btw, I wouldn’t be surprised if Caleb takes the old “look, I’m starting to pick up the Auburn helmet but, wait, I’m now picking up the Alabama helmet!” routine to a new level —-by starting to head to LSU….and then turning around to head to USC……

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  2. I have heard from various sources that Caleb is packed up and heading out of Oklahoma but does anyone know how far down the I-40 he went? I mean did he turn south and head for Louisiana or continue west toward Californian, (asking for Owns friend)


      1. Mr. Wolf likes the personnel changes.
        He also seems to like Barlow more than I.
        I saw a big drop-off from Keontay to Barlow.
        Maybe I’m wrong.

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      2. Barlow surprised me. But he didn’t have the cutting ability OR the strength of Ingram. Dye is better than both of them —better burst and way better hands. Some of the catches he made along the sidelines were things of beauty.

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  3. What Riley has done to Oregon is diabolical. I’m almost happier about how effectively he’s messed with their offense than I am about what he’s done for ours. Scott is right about their being no replacement for Dye. Oregon can replace him at running back…but they can’t replace him as their Reggie Bush-style pass catcher. He constantly burned defenses with his speed & good hands. That’s a combo you can’t buy at Macy’s [or get from the portal this year],,,,,

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    1. Million $ Question: Will you be disappointed if he comes to USC?

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  4. The Caleb KABOOM will go off in a matter of hours. Not days. Yes, he and his father packed up his Oklahoma shit on Friday. They are heading West to California not south to the Bayou. Caleb”s father gave us the biggest hint ever imagined “Its not about the NIL, it’s about the NFL”. When was the last time that fake southern accent fraud Brian Kelly developed an NFL QB?????. The answer is never. Folks get ready for the final piece of the puzzle to be completed. Caleb will announce very very soon The best offense in the nation is about to explode upon college football. No other team will have as many weapons at the QB, RB, TE and WR positions. With a veteran offensive line bolstered by the best Offensive Lineman in the portal, half a hundred will be raining down on fools all season long.

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    1. I’m basking in that sunshine (pumping).

      Totally true. ND has not produced an NFL-ready QB since Joe Montana.
      And Joe was a gift.

      Every time I watch Brady Quinn on Fox–and watched Smardzja pitch for the Giants– I’m reminded how futile is the ND football machine.

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  5. intresting that the stocks markets r crashing know that ol’ed investted all his moneys in the britcoin,know the banks r gonna get all the moneys,gee conspeerisy any one?thanx alot,smdh!

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    1. Dear Ed,
      It’s not too late to turn your money around and put it ALL into Pfizer —

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      1. MSNBC is pushing Monopoly money…
        #[Sorry –IWentThereAgain]

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      2. IF federal criminal charges are brought against Moderna and/or Pfizer for fraudulent misrepresentation (theft by false pretenses), they lose their immunity —and will be sued out of existence.

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  6. Jake Smith is an outstanding receiver. He caught 48 passes in his 1st 2 seasons at Texas. Don’t think that Riley doesn’t know about him having coached in the Big 12


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