Tailback Decommits From USC

Johnny Thompson, a Class of 2023 tailback from Oaks Christian, decommitted from USC tonight.

Thompson committed to USC last fall and it raises some questions about Donte Williams’ recruiting that I will address tomorrow morning. Thompson has been recruited heavily by Oregon recently.

Here is his statement, which mentions Williams.


32 thoughts on “Tailback Decommits From USC

  1. This is why paying such close attention to recruiting and thinking “stars” mean anything. JT Savior Daniels is a 3 star now in the portal and no idea what 5 star Bru McCoy is up to and what about that 5 star Mique Juarez guy USC and UCLA fought over.

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  2. Thanks Enfield!!! 0-2 against Stanford. Crazy how he doesn’t adjust even the slightest bit after getting beat by them earlier. He can’t coach for shit and USC can’t shoot free throws.


    1. He coaches just fine –he told the players “do the same stuff as last time but win this time!”


      1. Blows my mind that his whole thing is we have to do what what we do better while not realizing everyone in the PAC12 knows what you’re going to do and schemes to stop it. Sad! This is why Bohn eff’d up when he extended Enfield.

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      1. So Evan Mobley is more or less wrecking shop in the NBA and 1/2 way through rookie of the year. Why didn’t Enfield ever run any sets for him? He did the same thing w/ Okongwu who was a #6 pick. If you’ve got a huge wildly athletic player that’s better than almost everyone in all of the NCAA why don’t you give them the ball every single time? His dumbass insists on running the dribble motion offense instead of coming up with a way to play that emphasizes his best players. You give your best guy the ball until the other team gives up and switches to a zone then you can run your dribble motion to your hearts content all the while your superior big has carte-blanch on the offensive glass and then the other team has to make another decision.

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    2. Enfield is pure crap. Lousy court coach. He got an extension for doing
      what. Expect to lose all four to the ‘ruins and wildcats.


  3. Tough loss tonight………..The USC Basketball team played a very sloppy game, and what in the world is Issiah Mobley taking the last shot when Boogie Ellis was wide open from 3 on the baseline. USC has a huge weakness at the guard positions This one really hurts we are now in the middle of the Pac with 3 losses, and the toughest part of the schedule coming up so……. a.4th place finish might be where we end up now at the end of the season. No way we should lose to Stanford at home which is a good indication this team has little chance to win the conference now, and probably middle of the Pac at the finish line.

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    1. It’s not so much that they played a sloppy game as it is Stanford knew exactly what USC was going to do and schemed to stop it. That’s why they looked sloppy. Enfield didn’t put them in a position to succeed. Everybody in the P12 has his playbook. They know what he’s going to do. Sometimes he does some cool inbounds plays but other than that, predictable.


  4. I truely believe Lincoln Riley knows the type of players he wants to fit his offense. Uncle Fester Clay Helton just recruited players to fill holes. I believe this recruit was told he is not the type of back USC is now looking for, and so he decommitted. I look for USC to recruit a higher quality player that simple.

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  5. Tim Floyd would take this team along with the last 2 to the Final 4. Drunk Pat Haden only hired Enfield b/c he was pounding doubles and watching the tourney when Enfield’s Florida Gulf Coast team had guys that did cool dunks and were the media darling of that tournament.

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  6. Earlier in the season I said USC was better than UCLA. That is no longer the case. I’m guessing they’re going to go 1-3 against UCLA and Arizona. It’s weird how UCLA has gotten better despite a bunch of there dudes getting hurt.

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    1. Good catch Tim, I didn’t see that “respect my decision” Fact is I didn’t read past the third word. But honestly after reading comments here and in other places, I think this kid is running away from home like a toddler. He didn’t get any attention from the coaches lately and he’s packing a bundle sack and is leaving. He’ll probably be looking over his shoulder all season to see if anyone noticed he’s gone.
      Sorry kid Daddy Lincoln is focusing on the here and now, not the future. Change your own diapers.


  7. What happened to all those Trojans who were fighting for space on the SC basketball bandwagon a few weeks ago?– Now, much as a cramped night club during a fire, they are risking being suffocated as they all try to jump off at the same time.

    Such is life (sports life, that is)


  8. This endless criticism of Donte is just unwarranted.

    He was trapped in the Helton regime and was coaching under Todd Orlando. How can you expect more from him?

    With Donte as the major recruiter, the Trojans were able to land some really talented recruits – Korey Foreman, Raesjon Davis, Ceyair Wright, Prophet Brown, Calen Bullock, Julien Simon, etc.

    I can hear Scott’s reply that none of those guys have lived up to their expectations (except for Calen), but that was a result of the horrible coaching leadership and schematics of Orlando and Helton.

    So how does the recruitment of one guy, Johnny Thompson, create a rationale for disparaging Donte’s reputation? It just doesnt. This is the same kind of ridiculous coverage that Scott is known for.

    Is Donte a great position coach? Who knows. His cornerbacks didnt distinguish themselves last year. But given the whole culture at SC, it is hard to pin this all on Donte.

    The SC football program wisely chose to keep Donte and both USC and Donte will be better off for it.

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  9. USC Basketball needs a point guard, and another outside shooter which is the weakness of this team. NCAA Tourney bound yes…………..Sweet 16 highly unlikely especially with the poor free throw shooting.


  10. Kind of funny how the readers take the initiative to start their own discussions about the basketball team under non-basketball posts from Wolf, since there are usually no basketball-related posts from Wolf.


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