USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Live Blog

Lincoln Riley: “I still feel deep down a majority of the players from around here” want to play at USC. But “USC has to give them a reason to follow through with that.”

Riley said talking to Caleb Williams after he entered transfer portal was like talking to a “long, lost friend.”

“We want to add as many good players as we can. We want to build this roster as much as we can. Caleb fits the bill like a lot of these players do where we feel like they can come in and upgrade the roster.”

On transfer portal: “There’s not any position we wouldn’t consider right now. We’re open for business on all accounts.”

Riley: “We have a lot more answers than we have holes right now, but we know there’s going to be another surge of players in the portal after spring camp.”

“You don’t bring in a staff like this and set the bar low. The bar should never be low at USC.”

Lincoln Riley says “a lot of this roster is going to turnover.”

Riley said he will not “compromise speed” while signing players. Riley said he wants “explosive . . . reckless” defensive line that will make an impact.

Riley said he and the coaches had to decide on whether to sign 20 players but they decided it would be better to wait and be choosy over who to sign.

Riley wearing his favorite “cardinal and white” Oklahoma-lookalike pullover.

USC coach Lincoln Riley is holding a Signing Day press conference and we will be live blogging it starting around 10:30 a.m. You can watch it here.

Riley was on ESPN this morning and emphasized that he is trying to bolster the defense on through the transfer portal.

33 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Live Blog

    1. In a surprise move (especially for Caleb) Riley is going to announce that a certain starting QB for Alabama enrolled at USC last Friday……

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  1. Well –looks like the “bad news” of Caleb going to LSU or Wisconsin sparked a lot more interest than the “good news” that he picked USC….

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  2. Scott,
    Good to see you covering USC in real time. Hopefully you will be at Spring practice. You seem to have turned a corner and are reporting things straight up. No snark or minimal snark Scott is a good Scott.

    We all know you aren’t afraid to give a less than stellar report on camp if it is the truth. so it will be interesting to hear your thoughts on what you are seeing.

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    1. If USC will let Scott within 500 feet of spring practice [which they should for their own public relations image] Scott will be there…

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    2. Scottie’s double secret probation ended with the complete housecleaning of the coaches. Scottie, dust off that old press badge and get in there.

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      1. Hope you’re right.
        Love to see another post practice presser cut short when Scott asks about a player’s injury status….

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  3. Very interesting that there are 35 spots still available. That is an immense number. I assume that means that there is another round of cuts on the roster after Spring practice. So I assume there are some players still on the roster who are going to be transferred to academic scholarships.

    I think Riley makes these statements to encourage players from other schools to enter the transfer portal with the hope of coming to USC.

    I really dont see another 35 players entering to play by 2022. That is the far limit maybe.

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      1. Not sure you’re counting the # of scholarships we’re unceremoniously taking back…


      2. P. S.
        Bohn: “Coach, I don’t see my parking place.”
        Riley: “You don’t have a parking place.”


  4. The rich got richer today, and we’ll probably see the same teams in the college football playoffs for years to come. USC hasn’t done anything special other then sign receivers , running backs, and quarterbacks… sound familiar? Lincoln Riley is building the Trojans to win the PAC 12, but they’ll get smashed into the ground if they get into the playoffs.


    1. Bill,

      It is very improtant taht SC picks up 5 linemen around 4 to 5 star or jc players that are developed physcially. O and d line are immenent, unless Riley washes this season away and gets ready for 2023 and goes tot he playoffs


    2. You think he should be able to undo 13 years of stupid in a couple months? God damn dude, get a fucking clue. This is kids football not the NBA where one player can turn you from an also-ran/ nobody into a title contender. What would have you done that would instantly vault the Trojans into the playoff? I’m genuinely curious as to the sorcery you’re expecting USC to employ.


  5. Now that was refreshing, listening to Riley, who I will now rename Smiley because he is obviously a people person, and a guy who will tell you the truth whether you are ready for it or not. He’s a coach, but treats the vocation as a businessman would

    And such a change from the gruff styles of many football coaches:
    Harbaugh– “I am not going to answer that– next question.”

    Or the cliche riddled coaches such as sucla’s–
    “To win this game we have to block better and tackle better, and get some turnovers and not turn the ball over ourselves.”

    Or the salesman types such as the guy SC let go–
    “You guys are judging us in September. Wait until November to see where this group of fine young men are.”

    So it appears SC did alright by Smiley Riley, and you can see where Prez Carol (Without) Folt would have swooned over the guy.

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      1. The fired SC coach was not much of a coach, but the personal attacks on him for supposedly being a hypocrite about ‘family, faith and football’ were misplaced. There are millions of Americans throughout the midwest, South and southeast who think and believe like he does.

        But he was also a used car salesman type, and with a $5-million per year contract at stake he did not find it difficult to smooch up to the power players Folt and Bon-Bon, and tirelessly inform the loyal Trojan fan base not to be impatient, that the Trojans would be better in November or next year at worst.

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      2. John — There ARE millions of people who believe in faith and family —but something tells me Clay isn’t one of them….


  6. Riley may run more players out program after spring practice; opening up more transfer spots. Maybe Riley’s trolling certain people at OU including Bob Stoops with the wardrobe.


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