USC Morning Buzz: Some Numbers Handed Out Sooner Than Others

USC QB Caleb Williams is already wearing jersey No. 13 in 7-on-7 workouts with his teammates.

That means freshman wide receiver Michael Jackson, who wore 13 last season, will need to switch to a different number.

But some of the other players don’t even have numbers yet because of the roster turnover. Once Williams got his number, what else mattered?

By the way, I may be in the minority, but I’m happy not to hear about every Williams NIL deal.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Some Numbers Handed Out Sooner Than Others

  1. Numbers are an antiquated concept USC needs to pave the way to a new system. Perhaps the team can wear their twitter handles on their jerseys. Or maybe the NIL brand. (Never their name that’s a tradition) But just imagine the refs over the PA, ” Off sides on Nike three, or Targeting on Target one.” I can see it now.
    I keep telling myself I need to stop…but this is such an important thing. The printers need to start chiseling the printing stone tablets soon.

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    1. It’ll serve him right when he’s wearing all 13 jerseys in 101 degree heat for our opener at the coliseum…

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  2. I can certainly understand why you would not care to hear about someone else financially prospering because you sure haven’t right? Sounds a little jealous. Suck it up big boy, you will be eligible for social security soon.


  3. I understand all the grousing about NIL deals. Whatever happened to just plain school pride? But let’s remember one thing: deals don’t pay off without performance on the field.

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  4. I don’t have a problem with the publicizing of NIL deals.

    I bet there are southern California high school footballers who are saying, “Who needs school. I’m gonna get me one of them SC NIL deals someday.”

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      1. For years I held out the possibility of being the U.S. president, but the idea of half the country (at least) hating me, no matter what I did or didn’t do, cooled me on the idea.

        That and the fact you give up your privacy living in a glass house.

        Aside from those reasons I would love to run this country.

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    1. Thanks for posting this, Charles. Best look at Riley yet —he’s The Guy.
      [I especially like his take on coaching talented players who are inclined to improvise when plays break down. Angelo Dundee said the same thing about training Muhammad Ali –“if your guy is special & can do something off the chart, let him do it”]….

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      1. You bet.

        If I were training Muhammad Ali, or Michael Jordan or Tom Brady, I would say, “Look man, I am the coach, supposedly,
        but my career longevity depends on you, so do what you want.”

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      2. Angie started by telling Ali (then Cassius Clay) to keep his hands higher and not pull his head back to get away from left hooks….but when he watched him beat the shit out of light -heavyweight champ Willie Pastrano in the gym he told him exactly what you said, John — “keep doing what you want to, kid.”

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