A Fluor Tower Memory

With the news of Fluor Tower scheduled for demolition, here’s a story:

Erik Affholter got thrown out of the freshmen dorm (Flour Tower) for throwing furniture out of his 10th-story window. The window was closed.

He got his own apartment and quickly became involved in the drug world around the campus.

He said it eventually became part of the football program until disciplinarian Larry Smith was hired as USC football coach.

“Drug use really started to affect the team,” Affholter said. “Larry Smith really saved me. We’d have never beat UCLA if he hadn’t been the coach.”

46 thoughts on “A Fluor Tower Memory

  1. Maybe Affholter would have “definitvely” caught that TD (bobbled/possession/inbounds/out of bounds) in the corner of the end zone vs. UCLA if he hadn’t been so involved in the drug world near school.




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      1. I “liked” your reply, Pudly — but I don’t “agree” with it….

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      2. Tebow-Obama is in the ER, ruptured hernia after laughing so hard. Owns is running bake sales to supplement ucla’s $40 billion athletic deficit. SteveG is back. If Pudster comes back, the band is all together.

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      3. It’s good to see Pudly76 again, I loved his point of view on USC topics. Although he is a Clay Helton Cock Sucker , Nutt swallower, he’s still my guy.
        Cockadoodledoo!!!! You Bitch!


      1. …but can you imagine that lump of a man inside a sheet of carbonite? Hint: It wouldn’t resemble Harrison Ford….

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  2. We threw furniture from the Birnkrant lobby off the roof our first night there and promptly got put on housing probation. 1985 was lunacy if you were looking for it. RA scoring party favors. The next week we got introduced to Pico/Hoov. Pure Bolivian monkey piss off a boat in San Pedro harbor. Owsley’s special tabs were everywhere. Pre-AIDS. Traddy’s opened that year and took Validine. Vertigo on Thursdays circa 87/88.. A special time that I likely came through more intact than Affholter.

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  3. MG – I left out the Tony Montana weekend at UCSB Halloween 87 – surfed Campus Point during the day and went to the parties in our wetsuits

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  4. For all of you Affholter critics out there – what about the TD they “gave” ucla’s Scott Miller in the the 1990 shootout with Tommy Maddox? That “rollover catch” wouldn’t pass instant replay either. #SC Wins Again!

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  5. During my time at USC 85-89 NO ONE had more stories about them then Affholter. After his senior year playing he moved in with Dan Owens, Gary Wellman and myself oh the stores/memories from that semester!! He was already drafted into the NFL, graduating and part of Skull and Dagger with Rodney – Affy was a great teammate and friend!

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    1. Great history Brad. Thanks.

      While a Med student at USC, I remember going to watch the Trojans Summer camp at UC Irvine (when I was not at Big County) during the Tollner years. Practice was wide open there.

      I watched this WR kid running nice routes, showing good hands, and making acrobatic catches. He had a lot of shake and shimmy.
      I asked around and was told his name. That Summer I pegged Affholter as our next star WR.

      Enjoyed watching you guys play those years.
      Great relief from Med School.

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      1. L. A. Times Headline for Wednesday:
        #”USC Board of Trustees selects Disgraced Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as Chairman”

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      2. If she lasts that long….


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