USC To Demolish Fluor Tower

This will probably hurt some of you if you lived there but the dorm known originally as Residence West and then Fluor Tower is scheduled for demolition after commencement in May.

The dorm has actually been vacant for the past 2 years because of the pandemic. USC has not said what will replace it.

The dorm was a busy area as it was also next to Webb Tower with Cafe 84 between the two dorms and the Lyon Center was in front of the dorms.

During the Pete Carroll era, the dorms housed football players during training camp.

Don’t be surprised if Webb Tower gets demolished too with more students beds eventually being built when Cardinal Gardens gets torn down for Phase II of the University Village project.

13 thoughts on “USC To Demolish Fluor Tower

  1. Sorry to hear about Res West aka Fluor Tower getting demolished!!

    Enjoyed 2 years there with the following all star group of USC athletes:

    Jack Del Rio, Duane Bickett, Randy Johnson, Joey & Keith Browner, Tony Slaton, Jeff Bregel, Dwight Anderson, Tom Cox, Lonnie White, Sean Salisbury, Cynthia Whitehead,

    I am sure there are many more.

    RIP Res West!!

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    1. Sippy was a cool chick. Lot of great convos in the training room with her during rehab for both of us. I think she was in grad school at the time training with the staff cause she was a little ahead of me. A little closer to my sisters years.


    2. Those dudes you mentioned were amongst the best, YoungDole.
      Great Trojans. Great teammates.

      I spent a lot of time chatting with Lonnie.
      He would lament that he was recruited–from HS in NJ–to play option QB at Clemson but chose to come to USC (his brother Timmy was already at USC).

      Clemson won the Natty while Lonnie labored at USC in the WR line–never really getting game reps at WR. He always had a huge smile on, nevertheless. It was really sad for me to hear of Lonnie’s passing a few years ago. Still A fine Trojan.


  2. ugh,the so called huosing crissis is geting worser know that the hegde funs and banks got all the moneys,know they gonna taik all the huoses fir them selfs and the rest of us gotta live in tents,intresting how they all ways taik the tall biuldings so they can look down on us so called little poeple and the farrer up u is,we look smaller,its not like we dont now what they is doing but we helpliss to stop them unless the guvermint maiks them give huosing to the pores poeple,smdh

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    1. Ed, I am afraid the homeless are with us forever, and when the rent moratorium is done, we might see the homeless in L.A. double. The new mayor could help out by donating his billions, but even that won’t solve the problem completely. What would you advise we do, Ed, you are our last hope.

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  3. It is Valentine’s and the day after the Rams won the Super bowl, so perhaps a remembrance of Georgia Frontiere would be appropriate. In 1995 she sold 30% ownership to Stan Kroenke and in 2008 after her death Kroenke purchased the remaining percent, setting up his plans to eventually move the team back to Los Angeles in 2016.

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    1. Spent my soph year confined to Cardinal Gardens (CG)–right in front of the sand volleyball pit. Took out the screen in the windows so friends could bypass the locked security gate and just hop on in the crib.
      For reasons which escape me, Cardinal Puff was the drinking game at the CG. I thought the game was created there–pretty naive.

      Great location–worst GPA year for me.
      I think we can build better housing than the CG.


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