USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Drew Peterson

The game of a lifetime in a sold-out Galen Center vs. arch-rival UCLA.

Ed Orgeron

His Adrian Peterson recruiting story went viral.

Lincoln Riley

He got suite tickets to the Super Bowl. Beats being a bumpkin in Norman.

The Coliseum

The NFL built a beautiful replica of the peristyle circa 1967. USC needs to bring back the scoreboard/clock.


Tam’s Burgers

The Super Bowl halftime show provided a great advertisement for the fast-food restaurant in its ode to Compton.


UCLA basketball

The fawning media placed the Bruins in the national title game before the season. What have they done since?

Mick Cronin

He is 0-5 vs. USC. Dreadful.

Brandon Sosna

The athletic dept. Mini-Me is a diehard Bengals fan. It might take years to get over that loss.

USC social media

It jumped on the Rams bandwagon harder than anyone. Shameful.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

      1. …and not even a pretty bridesmaid —the one asked to walk a few steps behind (so as not to embarrass the rest of the UC system)….


  1. Caleb Williams was a big winner this week. Luxury box seats at the Super Bowl.
    Andy Enfield is another big winner- 5 Straight over UCLA. USC is now even or better with UCLA in basketball nationally which has never been seen before. Big win for recruits I hear there are some outstanding guards leaning toward USC now over UCLA. Could be a Top 5 recruiting class coming in.

    Anyone see the video of Mike Bohn celebrating with the USC basketball team after the big win vs. UCLA. Good job Mike now keep it going and give Andy another raise so he does not go to Maryland.

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      1. Watch your tongue, Michael Guarino, I did not note any softening by Scott, or did I miss Wolfie sending Valentine’s flowers to Enfield?

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    1. Ha! [I wish our whole audience was old enough to enjoy that as much as I did, George]…

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  2. Well, there was a little bit of a tussle down in my neck of the woods, Ed, in downtown Los Angeles. But other than that, you are right, as usual.

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  3. Where the hell is OWNS?????? George Armstrong Custard never surrendered at Big Horn, but OWNS there is still time to switch colors and become a Trojan. LA is USC territory now, and we’re are building momentum without the help of the State of California. Our soon to be new Mayor is also a Trojan so it’s time to throw out the white flag, and change to Cardinal and Gold.

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  4. Nah……….his new name – IS MIDGET U IN WESTWOOD.

    Where the hell is Roman Gabriel???======The Rams should have invited him to the Super Bowl. Terrible QB -poor guy was sacked so much watching him on TV I would be surprised if he is able to get out of bed today.. Certainly, worthy of getting the chance to see the Rams finally win something in person yesterday.

    Thank you HarlanSavare former Rams football coach.

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    1. Not so, tommyd, Gabriel was considered one of the best quarterbacks in the 1970s and in an era where passing was not as emphasized as today, still compiled nearly 30,000 yards passing. Unfortunately, he and the
      Rams could not get past Minnesota and Dallas.

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  5. I grew up watching Roman Gabriel as a kid- he was not a top NFL QB but did have a great arm. Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Darryl Lamonica, Roger Staubach, Sir Francis Tarkenton, YA Tittle, Joe Willie Namath, John Brodie, Dr. Frank Ryan, Sonny Jurgensen, Len Dawson all were better than Gabriel who never lived up to his potential because pre-George Allen the Rams were terrible. Once George came to town the Rams learned how to win starting with defense.

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  6. Don’t forget ucla’s contribution to L.A. Rams folklore – Tommy (“Let’s punt on third down”) Prothro. What the heck was he thinkin’?


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