USC Morning Buzz: Rick Caruso To Step Down

Rick Caruso is stepping down as chair of the USC Board of Trustees now that he is running for Mayor of Los Angeles.

The actual date he steps down was not announced and he said he will wait until a
“transition process has been completed.”

“Chair Caruso has been an inspired Board leader and his passion for and commitment to USC run deep. Ensuring the well-being and opportunity to excel of our students, staff, and faculty has always been his guide,” USC president Carol Folt said in a statement.

“I am grateful for his steadfast leadership and have relied on his wise counsel since becoming president.  I look forward to working with the Board to elect the next Chair. This process will begin immediately, and Chair Caruso will step down as soon as his successor takes over the role.”

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Rick Caruso To Step Down

      1. CarolFolt2/15/22:
        “I remember asking Rick whether it would hurt USC to keep Clay Helton after the Holiday Bowl debacle… Rick said Clay was the best thing that ever happened to USC.”
        #L.A.Times2/16/22: “RickCarusoDropsOutOfRace…

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  1. Now Carol Folt needs to do us all a favor and run for office as well. No matter what position she’s running for. As long as she is gone. Start making phone calls trojan 67 get her out of here.

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    1. Boogs, I have been working the phones all day. Sad to say, it seems that Carol, in her own words, is “radioactive”.



  2. Is this good news? I am not a fan of how Caruso has run USC, but I wonder if they will bring in a chairman who is even worse? Can we get a chairman who actually looks at what Carol is doing and is not just a puppet?

    Caruso left USC at a good time, after he brought in Riley. I think if Helton were still the HC, there would have been alot of money pouring into “Trojans Against Rick Caruso” 529’s .


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