USC-UCLA Live Blog

The law of averages finally caught up with the rivalry as Mick Cronin won his first game vs. USC in six attempts.

The key was USC’s 15 turnovers while UCLA had only 1. UCLA ended up shooting only 45 percent and 3 for 11 on 3-pointers.

But USC didn’t get much from some of its main performers: Boogie Ellis made only 5 of 14 shots. Drew Peterson was 4 for 9. Isaiah Mobley had 20 points but for much of the game he guarded Jaime Jaquez, who had 27.

Would you be surprised if these teams played again in the Pac-12 Tournament?

USC will face the winner of Utah-Washington on Thursday at 8:30 pm in the Pac-12 tournament quarterfinals.

The comeback falls short as UCLA holds on for a 75-68 victory.

USC was down 70-59 but is on 8-0 run.

Boogie Ellis just picked up fourth foul with 7:06 remaining. And Ethan Anderson has been ineffective.

UCLA on a 7-0 run and it’s 64-54.

Isaiah Mobley having a rough night trying to guard Jaime Jaquez (9-10 FGs).

Drew Peterson now up to 10 points and USC down 53-52.

Boogie Ellis with the 4-point play and it’s 47-47.

Isaiah Mobley has 13 points and USC cuts into lead (45-43).

UCLA breaks out the Victory Bell at halftime. Of course. It’s been a few years since they could do that.

UCLA leads 41-35 at haltime. USC is shooting 54 percent but UCLA is shooting 57 percent.

Key halftime stat: USC has 8 turnovers. UCLA has 1.

Peterson hits a three to finally get on the board. It’s 34-25.

Drew Peterson had two turnovers and zero points in 11 minutes. Not quite like the last time these teams played. UCLA is up, 25-19.

Morgan with a dunk and it’s 19-18, UCLA.

The Trojans stage a comeback and it’s 18-16 after 3-point play by Joshua Morgan.

UCLA on an 8-0 run and it’s 16-9. Andy “Thanks” Enfield calls timeout.

Isaiah Mobley has 5 of USC’s first 9 points. USC trails 10-9.

Each team made their first four shots.

It’s a blue-out at Pauley Pavilion with blue T-shirts on every seat.

Johnny Juzang is participating in warm-ups and looks like he will play tonight. Isaiah White (wrist) is out for USC.

Juzang is not starting.

UCLA honoring its seniors. Almost time for tipoff.

17 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Live Blog

  1. The over dribbling in Enfield’s offense drives me insane. It works if you do it from time to time, but when you use it to start your action the other team can blow-up your offense by jumping whoever starts dribbling.

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  2. UCLA has finally gone back to the method that they’ve employed when they were most successful. Continuously foul on both sides of the floor every possession. Ben Howland was the master


  3. And then the refs decide to start calling fouls. UCLA got 3 on one possession and USC still couldn’t score.


      1. $7 million worth of emotional distress…..


  4. Issiah Mobley–maybe at best a 2nd round pick, and might be forced to come back for his sr. year. Very poor performance needs to pass the ball when the middle is clogged up. Defensively he was a disaster guarding Jaquez.

    Boogie Ellis is not ready for the NBA- he needs to come back or it’s the D-League.

    Gutty performance, but too many turnovers in key parts of the game, and poor defense for most of the game.

    I am concerned this team might lose in the first round of the Pac 12 tournament.

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  5. Typically-disappointing program going nowhere year after year that disappears in big games. This is why no one really cares or gets excited about basketball here. The games versus Arizona and tonight were awful and poor, respectively. As usual, this team is going nowhere this year. They have a loser mentality in big games, and like Clay’s football teams, they play down to their level of competition.


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