USC Morning Buzz: A Better Version Of Spring Practice

One thing I like about USC spring practice is the Trojans will practice for one month straight and not have any breaks.

In recent years, USC would practice for a week or maybe two weeks and then disappear for spring break. Then return for three more weeks.

Now it might be possible Lincoln Riley started later simply because of the roster turnover but I still think it’s better to start later and go for a month with no break.

  • Here are the dates for USC spring practice: March 22-24-26-29-31; April 2-5-7-9-12-14-16-19-21-23.
  • JT Daniels is going to visit Missouri this weekend following his recent visit to Oregon State.
  • USC women’s basketball players Alissa Pili and Angel Jackson have entered the transfer portal. Pili was the 2020 Pac-12 freshman of the year. They join leading scorer Jordyn Jenkins, who previously entered the portal.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Better Version Of Spring Practice

  1. After so many years in the dark ages of the Helton Era, it’s so welcoming to see logical and reasonable decisions being made about the program. Even if we don’t have great lines this year, watching this team perform is going to be like night and day.

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  2. If it’s going to be full pads contact practice, half those girls will be on the I.L. in a week.

    Hopefully ‘Ol Mule Shoe will steer clear of that polynesian pipeline. Huge waste of scholarships over the last 10+ years.


  3. I guess Million Dollar Baby Gottleib was not the answer for SC Women’s basketball as all of the good players have said bye-bye to her. I think Gottleib is old school, where being tough worked, but times have changed and a coach has to be extra gentle with these millenial-type girls today because they are all so sensitive about their own personal feelings.

    I am with Wolf and Wiley on this one as far as having a one-month practice with no breaks in between. You got the momentum, don’t lose it with a break.

    And boy, is Wiley in for a shock when he sees what he has inherited from Ton-o-Hel.

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  4. Helton didn’t take time off for spring break! That was when the neighborhood dogs were in heat- best time to screw the pooch…


  5. Did Mike Bohn over pay for a women’s basketball coach? When your best player, and two other starters transfer it means something is terribly wrong with the program. Why pay a million for a women’s basketball coach when there were other many good candidates that would have taken the job for half that money maybe less. The fact Coach Gottlieb has NBA Men’s Experience means nothing it’s all about recruiting in college basketball, and developing players. I say she is here one more year, and then off to the WNBA, and says thank you for the generous salary but it was not the right opportunity for me. I just don’t see USC ever overtaking Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St, Arizona, UCLA, and Utah especially now that she will have to completely start over.


  6. I’m so glad that Spring practice is one month straight. Just like it was when I played for Coach McKay 1966-1969. Helton and his inept twits did the one week break for spring which was totally unbelievable for a successful football program. We never even considered Spring break as a option. Spring football is where you make your impact and starting position. In the fall, we had 7-10 days of two a day practices in the LA smog! with minimal hydration. But. it obviously paid off. We knew that we we fitter than any other team, especially in the second half. That’s when we really won the game. We knew that these fresh air teams would be sucking gas in the fourth quarter due to the LA smog hanging in the Coliseum! Now, the NCAA has banned two a day practices. That’s probably a good idea, but it worked for my teams. I was 33-2-2 over my four year stent at USC.
    Glad to see a major culture change in the USC Football program.
    Kudos to Coach Riley and Staff.
    Bob Jensen #51 LB 1969 Team Co-Captain


    1. Not to quibble Mr Jensen, but I was a walk-on in 1966 and SC was a dismal 7-4-1 with a 51-0 ND loss. So I presume you are not tacking that year on to your SC resume.

      And the record for SC for the period of 1967 to 1969 is 29-2-2


  7. I’m curious to see how many players will sit out because of injuries during spring practice, because that was common place under Clay Helton.


    1. Seems fair. When one is incarcerated they are at a disadvantage in many ways, and their “consent” is not always a volitional, voluntary consent.


      1. so then ’66 was Jensens 1st year,but on the frosh team’trobabes’ & so he was a ’67-69 varsity player,right? and he thus correctly quoted those varsity years,right?


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